Hawks Mini-Camp: Day 1

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
By Micah Hart

Othello Hunter throws one down

The first day of Hawks summer mini-camp was about establishing comfort and discomfort. Comfort for the guys trying to turn the heads of the coaching staff, discomfort from the coaching staff putting the players through paces at a breakneck speed and seeing who can keep up.

With no full-out scrimmaging until Tuesday afternoon, it’s hard to critique anyone’s performance so far. Nevertheless, a couple small notes:

Frank Robinson, who was on the Hawks summer league team a year ago and came to training camp as well, knows the drill. The coaches like to see communication out on the court, and Robinson was one of the most vocal players out there today. In many ways, this is a very cutthroat situation with so many players vying for so few (if any) spots, but you still saw guys shouting positive encouragement to each other to help keep everyone motivated, and Robinson was particularly good at it today.

Sergiy Gladyr can’t work out with the rest of the group because of an issue waiting to be cleared up with FIBA, but he did get in some shooting on his own after the workouts ended. From watching him for only a few minutes, it’s obvious the kid can shoot. He has a clean, nearly effortless release, and was nailing jumpers from all over the floor.

Jeff Teague made a couple of nice defensive plays in 1-on-1 drills. He said afterwards it’s the first time he’s had to play defense in a few months, and you know Coach Woodson will be keeping a close tab on his work on that end in the coming months. So far so good.

A few pictures from the action:

Is John Lucas that fast, or is my camera just that bad?
David Huertas shoots a jumper

Clemente Martin drives against former Bulldog Sundiata Gaines

Frank Robinson goes for a block

Ladies and gentlemen, Cenk Akyol in the flesh!

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