Video: A-Town Calendar Shoot Day 3

Friday, August 28, 2009
By Micah Hart

Here are some highlights from the 3rd day of shooting at the Beau Rivage:

Embedded video from NBA Video

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13 Responses to “Video: A-Town Calendar Shoot Day 3”

  1. Dj

    To all those that have made very ignorant comments listed above need to grow up. The ladies selected for the A-Town Dancers are all very educated well round young women. Maybe you small minded people need to take the time to read bio’s or take the time to find out about person before you put such things on this site. For those that have made such comments need to get a life and stop hating on these young women all of which are probably out of your simple minded league. It’s really sad such comment are even posted. The ladies calendar was done in good taste so stop hating once again.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, these girls are amazing! The organization picked not only beauty this year bur over all smarts and talent. If you took a second to look at more then a image you would see that!

  3. heaven

    hi ya im a jr a-town dancer these a-town dancer are my peoples (my friends) they are some nice people that u can get along with they teach us the dances really well and theyc can also dance.They practice and perform really well.

  4. RC

    These women are glorious! They are SO beautiful and talented. Their high-octane dance routines really liven up timeouts.

  5. Marquis

    What is the hatred for? These ladies devote a lot of time and sacrifice their days and nights to entertain us! Keep up the great work, if you are that offened then do not watch and keep your comments to yourself!

  6. Scott

    Why do we send our A-Town hotties to MS to do a shoot, why not do it at some of the cool landmarks in the ATL?

  7. Anonymous

    Had to get a closer look. I Feel in love with these ladies at last nights game !
    I have my favorites ( the tall blonde and Stephanie is seriously HOT and then the girl with bangs is very attractive ) need to see more!

  8. A-Town Dancers Fan

    I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some of the lovely ladies of the A-Town Dancers and I have to say that they are as said before, well educated, well rounded individuals with a great deal of talent and class. It would behoove those who have inappropriate comments to keep them to yourselves.

  9. blake

    haha im 17 givin a shout to leslie shes my favorite dancer and she is a very gorgeous girl

  10. Morris

    The A-TOWN dancers are beautiful southern belles ao don’t hate and leslie is so ravishing Nikki C is my new favorite though

  11. Anonymous

    Hottest NBA dance team in a while! Well picked, from sex appeal to girl next door,red heads and models, the talent well is clear. Way to go Atlanta, I’m embressed.
    Go Hawks.

  12. !

    It’s clear the Hawks org has stepped it up this year when it comes to a facially beautiful dance team. THANK YOU That is what we guys want!! Is the tall blonde a model? She needs to be! Also does anyone know the mixed looking girl’s heritage? She is HOT!!!!!!!!

  13. Nicholas


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