Top Ten Plays Of 2008-09

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
By Micah Hart

File this under the category of  “fun things I get to do with my job”:

The NBA video people were nice enough to put together highlight videos for each team counting down their top plays from last season; all we had to do was give them our Top Ten.  So myself and Hawks PR-man extraordinaire Jon Steinberg sat around one morning last week and racked our brains to come up with our best plays from last year, and below is what we came up with.

Check it out!

Embedded video from NBA Video

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments…

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20 Responses to “Top Ten Plays Of 2008-09”

  1. Hawksgirl

    Wooooooh! Nice Micah! Im lovin it!

  2. Hawkette

    Well it’s about time! I’ve been waiting on the top ten plays of 08-09 for the Hawks. Those top ten plays were so fly. Now I’m even more anxious for the season to get underway. GO HAWKS!

  3. J-J-J-Joe

    Left out the Joe Johnson Three from 30 ft in Wade’s face in Gm 7 as well as Josh Smiths block against Delonte West. J-Smooves dunk contest in Gm 1 vs MIA was insane, too!!

  4. Mr. Hawk

    Micah,you missed the spin move from Teague and the 40 point game from Crawford. What about the block party by Joe Smith and the 13 assist game by Bibby or the dunk by Marvin that won the game over Boston. How about Joe and Josh in the All- Star game and the 50 plus game winning season with the 39 and 2 record at home….. my bad I just came back from the future and I can’t keep a secret!

  5. Hawksgirl

    lol. High expectations mr.hawk but i can see it now……..

  6. Swingman912

    I cant help but hop on that same Delorean Mr. Hawk was on, and check out those highlights! he forgot to mention that the Teague spin move was followed by a lob from the tom of the key to J-Smoove and he brought the house down while posterizing KG. And if anyone was wondering, yes this was the same game that Marvin dunked to win the game over Boston. Hey, I’m just tellin’ you what I saw…….CHUUUUUUUCH

  7. dollaz

    i have that number one top play poster, of josh smith dunkin on steve nash…it was smooth

  8. Mr. Hawk

    Swingman thank you, we must have the same travel agent, but for real i don’t see why we can not do a hellava lot better than we did last year. Forget about who is on what team and who picked up who, we need to think about what we have to do. We have, from top to bottom a good team, so please no fair weather fans. Oh yeah, the trade we make before the deadline is crazy great…. tell Phoenix thank you! Swingman, the fuel for this Delorean is getting expensive. And Obama comes to the Wizards game. Damn …. my imagination!

  9. D.Ross

    glad to see mario west on here! hope he can find his way onto the team this year. we could use his defense

  10. hawks25

    tooo beast

  11. dergis

    i love to see plying joe jonhson specialy when he shoots from outside and my favorite player is al harford

  12. new yorker

    my favorite player is d-wade, then Al horford, josh smith, and joe johnson, thas why i like the hawks…..i hate the wack ass knicks

  13. hawk queen aka MRS. JOE .M. JOHNSON

    Go ATL HAWKS!!! I LOVE the ATL HAWKS so much.



  14. Hawksgirl

    It looks like mo is expecting to come back. He is actually a great player and I believe he should stay. Especially if he has built up his strength. He will be a good weapon when we need him

  15. noel

    yeahhhhhhhhhh!mike alley opps passes are sick!!!

  16. Mr. Hawk

    Is it that the Falcons are playing that we are not blogging?

  17. Hawksgirl

    Something like that mr. hawk. If you have lived down south for your whole life like I have then you know its mainly football, football, football. The hawks are just being noticed here but its still a good sign.

  18. BIg Al

    nicee, love Bibby’s 3s and the JJ vs philladelphia

  19. Hawksgirl

    Oh yea, yal heard bout wade talkin bout moe on twitter? And somebody else talkin bout the hawks committed suicide by comin at wade? So, we committed suicide by beating him in the first round? hmmmmm interesting, im waitin on that matchup this season.

  20. Anonymous

    rogor xar