Ten Games To Watch – #9

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
By Micah Hart

I’m on vacation this week, but since the pre-sale is on, I thought I’d pre-load some content as we begin the lead-up to the start of training camp by counting down the “Ten Games To Watch” for 2009-10.

#9 at Golden State Warriors, Sun. Feb. 21, 2010

An uncertain offseason for Atlanta got off to a tremendous start on the morning of the 2009 NBA Draft when the Hawks traded Speedy Claxton and Acie Law to the Warriors in exchange for Jamal Crawford. Instantly, what had been two players making limited contributions (for a variety of reasons) to the squad became one with the potential to make a large one.

Slights, whether real or imagined, are a huge motivator in the NBA, and for most players, the chance to go up against your former team is a date you circle on the calendar. Hence, the meeting on Feb. 21 in Golden State (scheduled for a national TV audience on ESPN) should be an interesting one as I’m sure all three players will be out to show their former teams what they are missing. In addition, new Hawk Joe Smith makes his return to face the franchise that made him the #1 overall selection in the 1995 NBA draft.

Match-ups to watch: Anthony Randolph has been compared a bit to Josh Smith because of his youthful exuberance and freakish athleticism. Atlanta’s veteran backcourt duo of Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson will provide a sharp contrast to the Warriors’ young but talented Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Ten Games To Watch – #9”

  1. Hawksgirl

    lol. stephen curry is a beast! So is montae but they cant touch us, cant wait to see this one definently.

  2. Hawksgirl

    Oh yea, yal heard bout wade talkin bout moe on twitter? And somebody else talkin bout the hawks committed suicide by comin at wade? So, we committed suicide by beating him in the first round? hmmmmm interesting, im waitin on that matchup too.

  3. Mz. Hawkdafied/Number One Lady Fan/Hawkette

    Wade, Deron Williams, and that Heat fan was just talking trash. Yeah you betta believe the Hawks vs Heat/Jazz games on high on my list. I hope Mo Evans dunks backwards on both these guys about ten times. Wade needs to chill out before he be laying on the floor for another 5 minutes acting like he’s hurt. And Deron Williams didn’t even have anything to do with it.

    Moving on yeah Acie wants to put it on his former team for trading him away. I can’t wait to see if he accomplishes this. I also wanna see Stephen Curry in action. Acie and Stephen can do their thing, I don’t care as long as the outcome of the game is a W for the Hawks. I don’t even know if Speedy will see any playing time at all. Yes sir, Hawks vs Warriors is on my list too.

  4. Hawksgirl

    Hawks vs warriors is gonna be teague vs stephen. A major test of speed. Bibby may need to let teague handle that. Montae is good too but bibby or crawford are good if not better. Cant wait til the season starts!