Ten Games To Watch – #6

Friday, September 18, 2009
By Micah Hart

I’m on vacation this week, but since the pre-sale is on, I thought I’d pre-load some content as we begin the lead-up to the start of training camp by counting down the “Ten Games To Watch” for 2009-10.

#6 at Boston Celtics, Fri. Nov. 13, 2009

The narrative going into this season in the Eastern Conference seems to be that there is a Big Three of Boston, Cleveland, and Orlando, and then The Rest, featuring the Hawks and 11 others fighting for one homecourt spot and some scraps.

Well guess what – I’m here to tell you that I don’t see it, and I think of the three top dogs, Boston is most likely to drop.

Don’t get me wrong. Boston is blessed with a wealth of talent. Paul Pierce is great, Ray Allen is great, Rasheed Wallace is great, and Kevin Garnett is great. But they are also all old, by NBA standards anyway, and as you age you become more susceptible to injuries and wear and tear. I’m not saying they won’t make the playoffs by any means, I just wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them finish the season with less than 50 wins.

The Celtics are still the team I think the Hawks measure themselves by in many ways, and a Friday night date on ESPN will give a national audience a chance to take stock of the two franchises and assess their potential for 09-10.

Match-ups to watch: Al Horford vs Kendrick Perkins always amuses me – I don’t think there’s much love lost there. Really every match-up in this rivalry could be summed up that way – especially this one.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Ten Games To Watch – #6”

  1. Hawksgirl

    Its gettin old mainly because the dwade and hawks rivalry. Thats right, dwade not miami vs atlanta.

  2. Mz. Hawkdafied/Hawks Number One Lady Fan/Hawkette

    I feel you on this number 6 Micah. I see age factoring into the decline of Boston as well. And I was just thinking the same thing. That the Hawks consider Boston the team to beat. I really felt bad for them that they didn’t get a chance to beat Boston last season. What a bummer. I think they’ll do it this season though. I just feel it. Chalk that up to my optimistic nature. Hawks vs Celtics always makes my list. As a matter of fact it’s number one.

    Keep it Hawks yall! I can’t wait to see the Hawks beat Boston’s Lucky the Leprechaun azzes.

  3. Hawksgirl

    Celtics will always be the rivalry when we play them but dwade vs the hawks was what was hot this summer on twitter. Mainly cause we hawksfans said one man cannot beat a team in a seven game series and we proved it correct. Heat fans have a bad attitude just like wade, but of course the continuing rivalry is hawks vs celtics. Forever and on and on until we beat them in a playoff series which will probably be this season since they wont be top three.

  4. what rivalry?

    I agree this’ll be a great game for Hawk’s fans because the Celtic’s are the best and all class acts. However, I think the Hawks vs. Celtics rivalry only exists in Atlanta – definitely not in Boston! Bigger fish to fry up there!