Hawks Open Practice Set For Oct. 10th

Friday, October 2, 2009
By Micah Hart

I’ve received a bunch of questions about this via twitter, so I’ll assume this is news you can use.

The Hawks annual open practice, long a favorite of mine, has been given an official date and time.

Saturday, Oct. 10, from 11:30am-1:00pm, the Hawks will take the floor at Philips Arena for a practice that will be open to you, the fan, for the low low price of FREE!

Can you beat it?

All Hawks fans are welcome (and encouraged) to attend, as it’s really the best time to get to see your favorite Hawks players up close and personal before the season gets underway.

Don’t miss it!

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24 Responses to “Hawks Open Practice Set For Oct. 10th”

  1. J-Mill

    Will there be more than one food stand open this time? Last year I missed the whole scrimmage because off that line.

  2. Hawksgirl

    lol j mill! But atleast i know the date and time so i can be there this year. Let’s Go Hawks!

  3. Bradley

    Will ya be giving away free tickets like ya did the last few years to a preseason game?

  4. Bradley

    hey do u know if they giving away free tickets to a preseason game this year

  5. That_Guy

    Joe Johnson is playing with us he’s getting greeady, hes gambling and it might backfire, he’ll either end up on the hawks next season with a decreased salary or on a bad team with a good salary, Joe wants to get pade as much as the DWADES, and KOBES, but hes not as valuable, hes not much of a game changer. I say we trade to a Bad team like the kings for a first round and Maybe KMART

  6. Hawksfanman

    I agree with That_Guy what do yall think?

  7. Hawksfanman

    I agree with That_Guy what do yall think?

    I hope KMART is kevin martin lol

  8. Baby Hawk

    We will be there & our Hawk flag waves in the front of our home. Baby hawk, excited for the season to start. 10/30 game we are there!!

    Go Hawks and Good Luck!!

  9. RyanRage

    You are all retarded if you think you can do better that Joe at the two he balances everthing for them as it is right now the Hawks have double diget scorers at every position you cant guard us in single coverage and if you double we have pure shooting at three positions with J.J. if we loose anyone it should be next yearmaybe ZAZA,mario,mo evens in a signand trade for bosh complete the team and no one can guard us all we are missing is reliable points in the paint and put marvin back at the 4 and smooth at the 3

  10. RyanRage

    The hawks are with out a doubt the second best team in the east behind orlando just because of the matchup problems with carter and howard but if we play together they cant stop us boston with all the talent is still old we are a lot younger and create our own match up problems clevland is a joke shaq is still a liability in the fourth and he will be the last man in transition the only team left is miami and detroit which is deep but are not ready this is the year that everyone will not be able to look past us last year the leage helped LBJ through the playoffs and it still didnt help with new refs hes going to have to play wich spells the end of the king in Clevland look out clippers hes coming but that doesnt matter we are maybe 1 or 2 years away from a CHAMPIONSHIP in ATL

  11. Hawksgirl

    I disagree with “that_ guy.” JJ challenging himself will more than likely bring out a dangerous jj that we havent seen before. Especially with crawford in the mix. JJ wont screw up, and i just frankly dont believe its all about the money. I believe he is trying to prove it to himself that he is elite(which i believe he is, all he has to do is let loose)and make sure he can help our hawks. And who would we get more valuable than jj in a trade? Enlighten me because KMART doesnt impress me.

    As for the free tickets I hope they do.

  12. Hawksgirl

    alrighty then dc…..kinda creepy

  13. c-rob

    i just heard about this thing today…what all happens there?

  14. Mz. Hawkdafied/Hawks Number One Lady Fan/Hawkette

    First off do they call Kevin Martin, KMart? I believe they call Kenyon Martin, KMart.That_Guy, dude you’re getting your Martins mixed up. Kevin Martin plays for the Kings and Kenyon Martin plays for Denver. Got it! Good!

    Anyhow can’t beat the low,low price of free,huh! I plan on checking out the action on Oct. 10th. Not because it’s free though! :-)

    Getting a little tired of the JJ haters. You guys are tripping because the man made a decision that was best for him. Raise your hand if you don’t make decisions based on what benefits you. Dang ya’ll need to stop the hate and get behind this team. And according to the roster JJ is on this team. Stop dogging Joe Johnson. We get enough of the Hawks hate from those outside the Hawks Nation circle. How about keeping the vibe inside our circle positive. Stop the negativity, it’s annoying and pointless. If you get offended by what I just posted then, heck yeah I’m talking to you. And I make no apolgoies for it.

  15. Mz. Hawkdafied/Hawks Number One Lady Fan/Hawkette

    *apologies! you get my point anywayz. Keep it Hawks!

  16. tony

    I’m more convinced than ever that Jamaal Crawford is the best all-round baskeball player in the NBA. I have never seen this young man play, but after we traded to bring him to Atlanta I started my search on him to see if he could play and boy was I shock! This young man has Eddie Johnson(hawk) moves and Bernard King shooting abilities. Why isn’t this young man being mentioned amongst the elites in the NBA?

    He can’t be stopped! I have been watching the nba a for a long long time and I’ve never in my life seen anyone that can dribble to the basket like he can. He can shoot from any where. WOW! He can make you look like a fool on any given nite. WOW! In all my 47 years I’ve never been to an NBA game but this year will be different. He’s an amazing player to watch….very entertaining. I just can’t stop talking about him. Every where I go I ask people ” have you ever seen Jamaal Crawford play?” I say to them that he’s the best basketball player in the nba. Maybe he is maybe he’s not but this young man is special. I’m ready for some basketball!


  17. willie

    We have no choice but to re-sign Joe unless we are able to get one of the other stud FA’s (Melo, Bosh, etc) this offseason, which is doubtful. These guys will probably either r-sign with their current team (that can offer them the most) or they will go play on a team with another superstar. I can’t see one of them coming here unless we also kept Joe, and I just can’t see that happening. We can’t afford to let him Joe unless we are sure to get one of these other guys.

  18. Anonymous Hero/Hawksguy

    I’m with Hawksgirl, JJ will be much more effective this year because for one, they have more ball handlers and scorers on the team, which will all JJ to focus solely on being a SG (or SF at times when they are going small). He will prove to the league that he is one of the elite, regardless of what anyone says. The proof is in the numbers and every year he’s been here, the Hawks have gotten better and his numbers have been consistent or improving in different categories. The NBA is a business at the end of the day, which is why JJ is testing the market, so I don’t blame him for that. This is the last year of his contract, so if he doesn’t perform, it can hurt him in free agency.

  19. Hawk Leader

    Realisticly, The Hawks are a good team but #3 in the East will be another very very successful year. If Josh doesn’t work on his Jimmy(Jump shot) then we are doomed. Hawks have a lot of good pieces but still lack that Kendrick Perkins type of big man. They dont need a great down low presents but they need a decent defender/rebounder that can matchup with any center in the league. Its not fair to stack that much pressure on Al Horford. He can be one of our top scorers if he didnt have to work so hard on D.

  20. Hawksgirl

    In camp josh mentioned he and al will hold down the basket……I hope he sticks to the basket and not the corner. Not saying he cant shoot because the man can shoot lights out when he’s hot but start in and work your way out.

  21. RyanRage

    dsmith is at least 12yrs old because if you were older you would realize that toronta has the same chance to keep Bosh as clevland has of keeping James first the NBA is a million dollar industry and if you think that half way through next season when toronto is 14-29 and its over for another year they know that Bosh is not coming back and then it becomes get the most that you can for him Utah has the same problem coming up with Boozer you’ll see boozer will be traded before the deadline but Bosh is a contender and he will not alow aa crappy franchise to waste his prime playing years and they dont have players with trade value so he will leave toronto gauranteed I hope he will be more apt to lean toward a trade to ATL because of the roots in GA TECH

  22. RyanRage

    If you are a true basketball fan than you would know that the missing piece has already arrived in ATL but for some reason everyone seems to have forgot that Bibby was and still is Arizona High schools all time leading scorer they seem to have forgot that he went to “point gaurd U” Arizona University and took the wildcats to the NCAA championship his freshman year and WON! are you all forgetting that when he was traded to the Kings that 3 out of the next 4 yrs the kings had the best record in the west only to be screwed by the league in western conference finals every year in favor of the lakers Kobe and Shaq duo the same treatment Lebron recieved in last years playoffs star treatment the Hawks are ready they have a scoring point guard who sees where everyone is on the court his passing is one of the best in the league just ask Vlade Divac,Cris Webber,Peja Stojacovic all players who have a knack for finding or delivering the ball at the two you have a 6’8 swing man who can handle the rock with the best of them keeps it low to the ground like hes supposed to he doesn’t take stupid shots and never leaves his feet with out knowing where he’s going and like Bibby he is a clutch “shooter” who can be counted on for at least 20-25 points a night then you have a legend in the making 6’9 240 and can out jump anyone but he is a better shooter than people give him credit for and that is why Smoove has to be the 3 SF at the wing running lanes not many players can finish with ease he just takes off from anywere and being left handed work to his advantage you should want help defense coming from the wing and the opposing block wich bring me to Marvin he is the X factor but he is also our liability on defense not yet tough enough to body up bigs but creativity and a 6’8 frame will help more than it hurts but he has got to be a focal point to the offense he is a “Pure shooter” at the 4 wich is a match up problem for everyone in the league get him in stride like Ray Allen and Marvin will show everone what they seem to have forgotten what went down in UNC every game wich gave him that championship and high draft pick he didnt have to do what CP3 had to do he is right on schedule for where we need him to be ready to catch the rest of the league of gaurd you can not gaurd him on the block with a single big he will shoot lights out or dribble around him but he is not strong enough to be our only points in the paint which gives us our two time NCAA champion big AL and like the rest of the hawks he is already a winner and a stud in the post good for 15pts and 15bds easy but with out someone else to gaurd in the post he can be singled out and as strong as he is now he is still growing and is still getting stronger and he can only get better now with the exception of Jamal Crawford and the starters everyone as valuable as they are to the team they do have trade value and if the Hawks can put enough players together and get something done to get points in the paint “Amare”, “Bosh”,”Boozer” bosh would be ideal because of his versitility and defensive mind set moving AL to the bench with jamal and who ever is left gives them double digit scorers at 7 different positions a 7 man rotation that would run through the league with talent and youth

  23. RyanRage

    Also D smith if you can honestly tell me that coming of the pick and roll that Orlando was more dangerous with Hedo who I know very well because he started in Sacramento tnan with Vincanity coming off you are extremely slow vince is more of an athlete than Hedo could dream of being Hedo is just tall with good handles and good vision now Orlando has a guy who teams cant defend on the perimeter and is a proven 30 point scorer Orlando is young and ready they are our only competition Boston is old Miami isn’t ready Clevland isnt going to make the playoffs but Orlando Cant match up with us JJ cancels out VC. Smoove is twice the man but half the shooter as Lewis. jameer nelson cant stop Bibby. Bass is nothing but howard is a legend in the making Al and Marvin could not take a night of but in the end you cant double us but we can trap and double them Advantage ATL!


    I can’t wait for this!! I am so excited for this season and more for the next I want to try out for their dance team! i love the hawks…WOHOOOOO