Starters Asserting Themselves In Scrimmage Action

Monday, October 5, 2009
By Micah Hart

I was out of town over the weekend, so I didn’t see any of the scrimmaging yesterday at training camp. I understand the action was fast-paced and competitive, with Jamal Crawford scoring a basket late in OT to give the subs a victory over the starters.

I’d say the starters took it personally, based on how it went down at Philips today. Scoring early and often, the starters team blitzed the subs 45-24 in two 10-minute halves of scrimmaging on the practice court.

A few observations from what I saw:

  • Jeff Teague is fast, dude. No matter what defense the starters threw at him, he was still able to penetrate into the paint for lay-ups or kick-outs to wide-open teammates. I know it’s early, and it’s camp, and all that mess, but kid looks like he belongs. He brings a dynamic to this offense that we haven’t seen in a long time with his ability to drive and dish.
  • Jamal Crawford’s handle is and-1 caliber. If you haven’t seen his crossover move yet, don’t worry. You will.
  • Watching Mario West in training camp is just a thing of beauty. His motor never quits. It’s always fun to watch him against guys who aren’t familiar with his frenetic brand of basketball. I saw Jamal Crawford shake his head a couple of times today after bearing the brunt of a West attack.
  • There isn’t too much to report on the Hawks starters, other than to say they all look rested and ready. I’m getting a very good vibe about this season…
  • As always, some photos from the action.

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