Starters Asserting Themselves In Scrimmage Action

Monday, October 5, 2009
By Micah Hart

I was out of town over the weekend, so I didn’t see any of the scrimmaging yesterday at training camp. I understand the action was fast-paced and competitive, with Jamal Crawford scoring a basket late in OT to give the subs a victory over the starters.

I’d say the starters took it personally, based on how it went down at Philips today. Scoring early and often, the starters team blitzed the subs 45-24 in two 10-minute halves of scrimmaging on the practice court.

A few observations from what I saw:

  • Jeff Teague is fast, dude. No matter what defense the starters threw at him, he was still able to penetrate into the paint for lay-ups or kick-outs to wide-open teammates. I know it’s early, and it’s camp, and all that mess, but kid looks like he belongs. He brings a dynamic to this offense that we haven’t seen in a long time with his ability to drive and dish.
  • Jamal Crawford’s handle is and-1 caliber. If you haven’t seen his crossover move yet, don’t worry. You will.
  • Watching Mario West in training camp is just a thing of beauty. His motor never quits. It’s always fun to watch him against guys who aren’t familiar with his frenetic brand of basketball. I saw Jamal Crawford shake his head a couple of times today after bearing the brunt of a West attack.
  • There isn’t too much to report on the Hawks starters, other than to say they all look rested and ready. I’m getting a very good vibe about this season…
  • As always, some photos from the action.

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9 Responses to “Starters Asserting Themselves In Scrimmage Action”

  1. Hawksfanman

    JJ is not elite and he never will be he practices alot but he doesnt put in enough work in the exercise department you can tell becasue he hasnt lost weight since he came to the NBA. Besides that he cannot jump and is inexplosive and slow. Joe Johnson has potential to be an elite player but he will have to put in alot of (explosive/pliometric/weightlifting) work to get their because lebron, Dwade, and D howard all spent this summer working out hard. Hes an exttremely good player but the only thing stopping him from being elite is his lack of effort. Just speaking the truth ppl he doesnt deserve a cent more than 60 mill in 4 years……….

  2. Mz. Hawkdafied/Hawks Number One Lady Fan/Hawkette

    Hawksfanman, I understand how you feel and everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion but, it’s time for the JJ bashing to stop, man.

    Getting a little tired of the JJ haters. You guys are tripping because the man made a decision that was best for him. Raise your hand if you don’t make decisions based on what benefits you. Dang ya’ll need to stop the hate and get behind this team. And according to the roster JJ is on this team. Stop dogging Joe Johnson. We get enough of the Hawks hate from those outside the Hawks Nation circle. How about keeping the vibe inside our circle positive. Stop the negativity, it’s annoying and pointless. If you get offended by what I just posted then, heck yeah I’m talking to you. And I make no apologies for it.

    Moving on, can’t wait to see the Training Camp tomorrow. October 28th can’t get here fast enough for me. Thank God for training camp and preseason. LOL, so the starters came back with a vengeance. Poor white team. They’ll get the starters next time.

  3. tony

    Hawksfanman, tell it like it is sir! Back then I said that Joe Johnson was not worth the 2 first round picks and the money that they were willing to pay him. He doesn’t come close to being a elite player in this league and I hope he moves on after this season. He’s not a good leader and he’s clueless when the team needs him to step it up in tight games. Only a blind man will say otherwise!

  4. Anonymous Hero/Hawksguy

    My opinion on Joe Johnson……..

    When the Hawks first made the trade for Joe Johnson to pay him 70 mil, I was dumbfounded to see a 6th man from the Phoenix Suns get the attention and chance to become the go-to player for the Hawks. But over the first couple of years, i’ve seen nothing but improvement on the team since he’s been there. They put players around him that contribute to different factors the Hawks were missing while JJ’s game has stayed consistent.

    Every year the Hawks have improved since he’s been here and he’s earned his respect on and off the court. If you haven’t noticed, JJ doesn’t play for self, he plays for TEAM. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have the ball in his in the latter seconds of the game. Whoever is hot should have the ball, that’s what a true leader does, finds the best option at critical moments in the game! So he’s not vocal enough for you, that’s a personal issue, but if you ask any of those Hawks players in that locker room, they will tell you that it’s JJ’s team and he is the leader of the team. Talk is cheap, numbers are proof.

    JJ has deserved the right to test his free agency whether you all like it or not. The NBA is a business at the end of the day, and he is try to market himself for what he’s worth. Personally, I don’t think he’s going anywhere, but I can assure you, if he leaves next season, the Hawks will not be a better team. Hawksfanman and Tony, if you ask any player in the NBA that has guarded JJ, they will tell you that he’s an elite player and a underrated defender. But it’s your opinion so we agree to disagree.

    I’ll have to check the open scrimmage out on the 10th to see how they are looking. Good luck this years Hawks!!!!!!!

  5. Hawksgirl

    Hawksfanman…….what happened dude? Whats with all the hate on jj? He cant make a choice that will benefit him and the team? He has been nothing but great since he has been here. All he does is sacrafice his health and body for the team. As you can see he didnt leave us hanging this year, he is still starting and wanting to be reconized by the league. I like the fact that he is challenging himself. On another blog, everyone kept saying if jj leaves he has to be replaced by a kobe or dwade, so that would mean he is considered among the elite if only an elite player can replace him which is entirely true. And stop bashing him, i dont even believe he is looking for more money, he made the decision based on the team and his progress as the leader this year.

    I really thought we had some real hawksfans but then again your entitled to your own opinion. And dont forget when the season starts, be closed mouthed like the rest of the nonsense analyst………..

  6. GA Bulldawg

    JJ haters can kick rocks!!! This is a business and frankly I’m not surprised that he opted out of his contract. I expected it. What bothers me the most is all of the haters coming out of the woodworks again…he NEVER once stated that he was going to leave the team after next season. Opting out does NOT equal leaving the team. He could be doing this as leverage to get the Hawks front office to make some major moves this season. Moves that will take the Hawks to the next step: a contender that can compete with the “Big 3″ of the East. Because right now, regardless of the offseason trades and free agents, we are STILL not good enough to get out of the 2nd round. I have been saying for years that until the Hawks make one VERY SIGNIFICANT move, not just minor tweaks here and there, that we cannot expect JJ to just waste away in his prime years. It might already be too late, seeing as how we have run him into the ground with infinite minutes…

  7. GA Bulldawg

    We cannot expect JJ to just sit around and waste away while the management continues to be happy with just making the playoffs and managing to get by with a weak bench. JJ is a guy who is ready to win now and has shown that he has what it takes to be a #1 option. He realizes that the Hawks can’t make it past the Clevelands, Orlandos and Bostons with the current roster.
    The Hawks did make some strides by improving out bench but we STILL lack a TRUE center and TRUE point guard. If you think Teague is the answer to our point guard issues, think again. I like him but he is another Bibby (combo guard) waiting to happen, except with a much quicker 1st step.
    I believe JJ is sending a message to the Hawks front office by opting out. If the Hawks risk losing their best player, it will force them to make the necessary moves to keep him. Starting by getting a QUALITY starting caliber center, making our bench even deeper, getting another physical defensive minded big man and another coach. Look at Cleveland: they realize they could risk losing Lebron so they acquired Shaq, a DRASTIC move. Is it enough to win a championship? Only time will tell but this is a business and I support JJ 100% in his decision to opt out. If you’re one of those saying we should trade him anyway, then F**K you! LOL seriously…we don’t need bandwagon fans

  8. GA Bulldawg

    Another thing: Any talk of JJ leaving just because he opted out is just SPECULATION…point. blank. I have a gut feeling he will remain a Hawk even though he turned down the extension as leverage to get the management to do better…anything else is SPECULATION!

    Look at KG in Minnesota…that man wasted 12 YEARS of his prime because of the crappy GM (Kevin and scrub teammates. He remained loyal to the team but he was never going to win a championship with the lack of talent around him. Same with Paul Pierce. He was the best small forward before Lebron was drafted but he didn’t have the guys around him to get out of the East. The same goes for JJ…look at Atlanta’s roster when he came here and look at it now. It wasn’t good enough to win a championship then and it isn’t good enough now. The truth hurts but it is what it is!! I’m a true Hawks fan no matter what and I LOVE JJ to death so I want to see him surrounded with the talent it takes to get to that next level. If you’re a true fan, you would want him the same as well. Let’s hope the Hawks management hopes the same too…..

  9. Hawksgirl

    I agree whole heartedly ga bulldog