Hawks Trim Preseason Roster

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
By Micah Hart

As we move closer to the start of the regular season, we know the Hawks will have to trim some players to get at least to the league maximum of 15 roster spots.

Tuesday the Hawks got a little bit closer to that number, as they requested waivers on guards Aaron Miles and Frank Robinson.

Not a huge surprise with the depth the Hawks have in the backcourt, but we certainly wish both players well in the future.


11 Responses to “Hawks Trim Preseason Roster”

  1. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Okay the roster is down to 18 now. Best wishes to Frank Robinson and Aaron Miles.

  2. Hawksgirl

    good luck aaron and frank. So close…Let’s Go hawks!

  3. Anonymous Hero/HawksGuy

    Best wishes to Aaron and Frank. I think those cuts were necessary considering the backcourt the Hawks have and the superb play of Jeff Teague in the early preseason. Courtney Sims had a great game last night, would like to see more out of Siler. GO HAWKS, 2 WEEKS AND COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hawksgirl

    Siler didnt even lift his feet to block a shot! Dude has potential lol

  5. Hawksfanman

    Hawks should sign gerald green

    they have two spots left and
    one should be given to juan dixon and the other to gerald green

  6. jray401

    if siler is given the chance he will show his true potential. He started playin ball his junior year of high school and led augusta state to the div. 2 championoship and a final four. He is a beast and i would hate to see another team pick him up

  7. Anonymous

    john toms kris

  8. real#1hawksfan

    good luck fellas

  9. Hawksfanman

    LOL lets be real I like Garett Siiler but hes soft and unathletic courtney Lee takes his spot anyday

  10. Hawksgirl

    Juan dixon and mike wilks are gone, so that means garret siler is still here

  11. atl resource

    All i know is let’s get this NBA season started, love them hawks go atl Hawks go!! my prediction is ATL HAWKS win’s 51 game or more this season.