J-Smoove Stars in New Adidas Commercial

Thursday, October 15, 2009
By Jon Newberry

Josh Smith lets you know why he got his nickname in his latest Adidas commercial where he shows off some of his dance moves and his playful personality.

The commercial, which was filmed this past offseason at a studio in L.A., is part of Adidas’ “It’s on Me for We” series. It is the latest tweak to their long-running Brotherhood campaign. “While the focus is still on Brotherhood, it’s a challenge to the individual to step up and be faster or stronger in order to improve the team,” said Ryan Morlan, head of global communication for adidas basketball.  

Smith displays the lighter side of his personality and was given more acting responsibilities than any of the other players used in the series. “It was cool, it was a new experience,” Smith said. “They just kinda gave me the plot and the things they wanted me to do a little bit and I kinda free-styled it from there.”

This is the first time Smith has been the featured player in a full length Adidas commercial.

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8 Responses to “J-Smoove Stars in New Adidas Commercial”

  1. Hawksgirl

    Good to see the hawks gettin some publicity. This is so hilarious. And smoove has dunked on him right?

  2. Hawksfanman

    Hawks should sign gerald green

    they have two spots left and
    one should be given to juan dixon and the other to gerald green

  3. Hawksfanman

    The hawks should sign Gerald Green he has alot of potential, hes hungry to prove that he belongs in the NBA and hes a desperate free agent so he wont be expensive. Plus hes only 23, and hes very athletic. oh and im a Garett Siler fan but i saw him play and hes a bit soft and unathletic same thing with courtney sims they should both be cut, and the hawks need another gaurd so thats between Juan, Mario, and Mike Wilks. I think Juan’s got it though and if we can squeeze I think Othello should get a spot but not dress out. But Anyway Good Luck to all the invitees! P.S. the shoes look good id play with em does anybody know the Price?

    Go Hawks!


  4. Kaleigh

    I like this commercial. it shows the non-serious side of Smoove.
    No, Hes never dunked on DWight, well not the real person.
    His shoes are on the Addias website and the price ranges depending on ur shoe size.

  5. Kaleigh

    i meant adidas

  6. Blaw

    Next season sign Johan Petro

  7. Mz. Hawkdafied

    J Smoove got dance moves and some fly adidas shoes. Cool commercial. Didn’t know Josh Smith could dance and hadn’t dunked on Dwight before.

  8. atl resource

    I think the hawks is ready for the season to start and so am i let’s go hawks!! and good luck on this season mike woodson *09* *10*