Hawks Trim Active Roster Down to 13

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks have waived Courtney Sims, Garret Siler and Mario West reducing the number of players on their active roster to 13, and making Othello Hunter the lone free agent still with the team.

Sims and Siler are both centers whose services became less needed once the Hawks were able to sign Joe Smith and Jason Collins.

Siler, an Division II All-American at Augusta State last season, started in the Hawks rookie camp earlier this summer, and the upside of someone his size that had only been playing basketball for five or six years immediately impressed coaches and the media. He appeared in two preseason games for the Hawks, and always brought a noticeable contingent of fans who made the two-hour drive down I-20 from Augusta.

Mario West was also a casualty of the Hawks depth heading into the 2009-10 season. Whether it was his story, his local ties (walked on at Georgia Tech), or the intensity he brought everytime he stepped on the floor, “Rio” was always a fan favorite in the Highlight Factory. Overall, he appeared in 117 regular season games for the Hawks over the past two seasons.

We all wish Courtney, Garret and Mario the best in the future.

10 Responses to “Hawks Trim Active Roster Down to 13”

  1. jloofatl

    That was a bad move to release Mario West. I know we have a better team but to release our equalizer. Very bad move.

  2. vannmc

    we will regret letting a big 7 footer like Siler go once old a** Joe Smith breaks down 20 games in. Good Luck Garret wherever you end up and i hope you come back to throw down a nasty dunk on the Hawks!

  3. Mr. Hawk

    Mario keep your head up! man from where you came from, you did a good ass job, and plus you are not done. You got to do and still will do what most of the guys who blog wish we could. IT’S NOT OVER FOR YOU. From DCHS to the NBA. Keep trying.

  4. Mr. Hawk

    Randolph Morris must prayed 1 minute longer than Mario. Now take some of that drive that Mario had and become the player that you need to be!

  5. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    I’m gonna have to agree with jloof that it was a very bad move in dropping Mario West. He played fearless and was the most agressive defender/offensive rebounder on the team. When he came in the game, he was relentless and the fans loved him. He will be truly missed on the team, good luck Mario!

    Garrett Siler and Courtney Sims were expendable, Randolph Morris truly got lucky…..don’t know why the Hawks would keep him. He does not step up in game situations. Practice and game situations are completely different. Othello Hunter has show vast improvement and hopefully will step up to the plate and earn more playing time. Since the roster max is 15, I wonder if they are going to pick up any more players…….

  6. Hawksgirl

    he is a big thats why, but it was time for mario the energizer bunny to move onb. He will be missed but that was his only weapon, which isnt bad, but he cant score the way we need.

  7. jeff b gibson

    Sorry to hear, about cuts Many Talanted individuals.
    Also I have a problem with reception.

    The Atlanta Hawks Preseason RADIO BROADCASTS I live in Marietta,Ga;
    17 miles North of Atlanta and The Reception in car or Home Stereo is non-Existent. You can’t tune in Game. 790 AM won’t come in So I miss radio broadcast of game. You ought to consider a Stronger station Next Year. Might increase Ratings.

  8. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Othello earned the spot. Gonna miss Super Mario. Best wishes to all. Go Hawks!

  9. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    I agree Jeff the 790 sucks in Alpharetta, no reception at all. Hawksgirl, the Hawks picked up more scorers in the offseason , but did not add any defense. Mario had his role in playing tough defense on the teams best player. He was up to the challege every nite. When I was at the game on Wednesday, it showed me how much Mario’s defensive presence was needed in Earl Watson scoring 20 points, shooting 7-8 from the field and Dahntay Jones scoring 17 points. The Hawks should get him back in my opinion and Randolph Morris is not a active, rebounding big man. He just another tall gut w/o defense and a sub-par 17 footer. I would have went with Courtney Sims before Morris, just my opinion 😉

  10. Hawksgirl

    Morris is just…….i really dont know why they kept him to be honest