Opportunity for Hunter as West leaves the Nest

Thursday, October 22, 2009
By feo_admin

With the roster trimmed down to 13 after waving Mario West, Courtney Sims and Garret Siler, the last man standing is Othello Hunter. Without question the effort, intensity and aggressive defense of Mario will be missed, but Hunter could help himself and his team with his shot.

Mario West was and is the consummate hustle man, never showing a lack of passion and showed no fear in guarding anyone in front of his path. West is just an all around good story- a guy who walks on to make his college team, walks in to camp to make a pro team, and never took anything for granted. But with Jeff Teague and Jamal Crawford added room just seemed to run out. Man I will miss him!

It was a tough draw for the others released as well. Courtney Sims was athletic but had to “wow” a lot of evaluators. Garrett Siler was a big man who had a lot of potential this summer on a team that would love to have as much beef as possible, but now with a big man stable of Al Horford, Jason Collins, Zaza, and even Randolph Morris if need be at center, the Hawks have a number of big guys under contract.

Othello has spent time on the bench, hard sessions in practice and even had a stint in the D-league. But the biggest factor in his current roster spot is that he is a power forward on a team in need…of a power forward. After Josh and Joe Smith there is need for another guy. Othello has fans in his teammates.

Josh Smith thinks highly of Hunter. Smoove said that Hunter is raw but athletic, and can be “savage” in going after rebounds. Rebounding may trump Mario’s hustle, and the addition of guards didn’t do the “hustleman” any favors either.

While the guard position has Mike Bibby and Jeff Teague as the two point guards for the squad, Jamal Crawford can play the point as well, in essence giving the team three.

Did the Hawks keep the right player? Did the Hawks add to the right position? The rebounding from the bench may tell the story.

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