Blowout Not Blown Off

Monday, October 26, 2009
By feo_admin

Ok Vince Carter and Dwight Howard both shot 90 percent from the field, half-man, almost perfect, also went 5-5 from the land of three. The Hawks had only 13 assists for the game and shot 37 percent from the field. It was bad. Down by 40 points bad. 123-86 Orlando bad.

To make things even tougher Rashard Lewis did not play, and the new additions of Jason Williams, Brandon Bass, and Matt Barnes all were lights out off of the bench for the bad guys.  Orlando is the big boy on the block, and in the way.

The question is this…do you chalk the Orlando loss to being “just a preseason game,” or are there legitimate concerns about what happened inside of Amway Arena on Saturday night? Marvin Williams was clear, it was a “Horrible thing. Preseason or not, the fact is you never want to perform like that as a competitor, we took a look at the film and next time it will be better.”

The Hawks were 5-2 in the preseason and 2-1 against playoff teams and clearly were competitive.

The guys were hard at work Sunday morning working on correcting the easy baskets and looks the Magic were able to easily knock down. Bothered but not bummed out. Disturbed but not dejected. 

Jeff Teague took his 0-15 from the field as best he could. He smiled when I asked what happened in Orlando, “I had one of those nights that you don’t dream about.  Man I can’t believe I missed every shot.”  He was even teased a little from his teammates which he said made it easier to deal with.  Teague took the ribbing like a rookie has to but was confident, vowing ” ‘ll have much better shooting nights.”

The reality is the sooner Wednesday night comes the better.  A bad loss can be an eye opener, let’s see if it is.

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11 Responses to “Blowout Not Blown Off”

  1. Kaleigh

    This is just a preseason game. Everyone keeps making a big deal of this huge loss but i take it as a PRESEASON game and nothing more. It doesn’t count and this game should make the Hawks work harder next time they see Orlando in the real season.
    *They got blown out like this by Orlando last season too*
    Maybe the Hawks just have a hard time beating the Magic. This lost doesn’t mean they wont work hard for the championship and doesnt mean they cant compete with the elite teams. its just one preseason game so yea BLOW IT OF!

  2. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Kudos Hometeam Brandon Leak for this blog. I have to admit I lost it on Friday. I needed a blog like this to get me back to thinking positive about 2009-2010. It’s good to know the players aren’t gonna let this game hold them back from what they plan to achieve this season. Glad the rook was able to take not being able to score all in stride. From what you report in this blog, Jeff Teague has a sense of humor and the humility needed to learn from his mistakes and keep growing. He gotta keep that confidence intact. And the vets needed to stop cause he actually could have been teasing them as well cause their game wasn’t exactly on point either. LOL!

    Can’t wait to cheer the team on Wednesday night. GO HAWKS, CONTINUE THE RISE!

  3. Mz. Hawkdafied

    “BLOWOUT NOT BLOWN OFF”! I like that title. That’s right don’t let a preseason blowout, blow you offcourse to making progress.


  4. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    I will have to agree with itsslomotionbaby and say that it is very alarming that the Hawks performed so poorly Friday night. The difference between a good team and a great time is that EVERY game counts, no matter if it’s the preseason or the playoffs. Orlando proved that they are after an NBA championship and did not take the preseason lightly, and they even did it without one of their leading scorers in Rashard Lewis. I’m am and will always be a HUGE Hawks fan and supporter, but i’m also a realist as well.

    Teague handled it quite well, as every player in the league has had nights where they couldn’t buy a shot. If Atlanta wants to be one of the elite teams in the East, it has to start in their minds, believing that they can beat anyone on any given night. I believe they will rebound from this loss on Wednesday, but in order to win the division, they cannot take a night off because Orlando has something to prove this year after losing in the Finals that they could have actaully won!

  5. tony

    We can’t beat Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, Lakers and San Antonio with our current lineup. Two of those teams will play for the nba title so if the hawks want to be mentioned in the same breath as those teams Woodson need to change his starting lineup. Here’s my starting lineup and why:

    Jamaal Crawford-PG He is the only player on the roster that simply put fear in the opponents eyes. He can score 50+ points on any given night. This is one erea that this team have been missing since Dominique Wilkens, John Drew and Lou Hudson played as a hawk.

    Joe Johnson-SG He’s hot and cold but now that Jamaal Crawford is his teammate he will be pushed to stay hot.

    Josh Smith-SF Block shots, crash the board, rebound and play solid defense.

    AL Horford-PF He need to play solid defense, rebound and stay out of foul trouble. Playing against PFs will cut back on foul.

    ZAZA-C He need to rebound better and play smart.

  6. Just another Hawks Fan

    I agree with itsslomotionbaby and Anonymous Hawks Guy. A win is a win. If you are a competitor then you want to win every single game no matter if it is preseason or not. A win builds confidence and momentum into the regular season. I can see why Joe Johnson wants to leave (if he does), you have to play HARD every single night. They are getting paid enough to at least do that. It’s a shame and Woodson needs to address it.

  7. Just another Hawks Fan 2

    @ Tony, that’s a good starting lineup except for Crawford starting. You need someone to ge the team in some of kind of offense. Jamal is a straight scorer, and Joe is the leading scorer. Who will run the offense with that line up. I like that you have Marvin coming off the bench which is smart. Marvin and Josh can not play together. Zaza would be great for the center position if he plays the “role” player he needs to play. Sometimes he likes to do too much and turns the ball over. So play smart would be good. What about starting Joe Smith or Collins for the center position so you can have a vet helping the starters out. My starting 5 would be:
    PG: Bibby SG: Joe Johnson SF: Josh Smith PF: Al Holford C: Joe Smith or Collins or Zaza.

  8. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    Very nice felllas, Horford is a true power forward, but Coach Woodson is so adamant at keeping him at the center position that it is affect the output of the Hawks! Bibby needs to stay in as the starting PG because he knows how to control the floor and hit open shots, particularly the three. Some nights he can take off starting and use Crawford depending on the matchup of the opposing team, but overall he needs to remain the floor general and provide good insight to Teague so he’ll be ready once it’s his team to become starting PG.

    Mike Woodson is a machine and does not adapt to game situations, which in turn hurts the Hawks because the players are unable to play up to their highest potential. I won’t go into a long debate, but until the offensive and defensive strategy changes, the Hawks will not be able to beat the big 3 in the playoffs. I’m HUGE fan of the Hawks, but that’s just the facts…

  9. Anonymous

    hawks are a joke, they’ll be lucky to make it into the play offs this year

  10. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    Anonymous, that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it. Opinions are just like assholes (such as yourself, in my opinion), everyone has one. Why spend energy coming on the Hawks blog to hate? Find your own bandwagon team to cheer for and go to their page and cheer them on instead of coming to the Hawks blog to hate, you ignorant f**k!

  11. Hawksgirl

    A preseason win is technically like a taste of what is to come, it doesnt matter but it shows you what you will more than likely see when you meet them.

    But that game got me riled up and pissed mainly at smoove but the season opener mellowed that PRESEASON game out.