Blowout Not Blown Off

Monday, October 26, 2009
By feo_admin

Ok Vince Carter and Dwight Howard both shot 90 percent from the field, half-man, almost perfect, also went 5-5 from the land of three. The Hawks had only 13 assists for the game and shot 37 percent from the field. It was bad. Down by 40 points bad. 123-86 Orlando bad.

To make things even tougher Rashard Lewis did not play, and the new additions of Jason Williams, Brandon Bass, and Matt Barnes all were lights out off of the bench for the bad guys.  Orlando is the big boy on the block, and in the way.

The question is this…do you chalk the Orlando loss to being “just a preseason game,” or are there legitimate concerns about what happened inside of Amway Arena on Saturday night? Marvin Williams was clear, it was a “Horrible thing. Preseason or not, the fact is you never want to perform like that as a competitor, we took a look at the film and next time it will be better.”

The Hawks were 5-2 in the preseason and 2-1 against playoff teams and clearly were competitive.

The guys were hard at work Sunday morning working on correcting the easy baskets and looks the Magic were able to easily knock down. Bothered but not bummed out. Disturbed but not dejected. 

Jeff Teague took his 0-15 from the field as best he could. He smiled when I asked what happened in Orlando, “I had one of those nights that you don’t dream about.  Man I can’t believe I missed every shot.”  He was even teased a little from his teammates which he said made it easier to deal with.  Teague took the ribbing like a rookie has to but was confident, vowing ” ‘ll have much better shooting nights.”

The reality is the sooner Wednesday night comes the better.  A bad loss can be an eye opener, let’s see if it is.

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