Two Good Ones For The Road

Thursday, November 5, 2009
By feo_admin

Barring a disaster Friday night in queen city, the Hawks have had a successful road trip.  A back and forth battle last night was not wasted by giving the game away to the Kings, and the Hawks deserved to win 113-105.  Throw in the win in Portland and there is no question the team has offensive moxie.

Jamal Crawford destroyed a team for the second straight night and the Hawks showed no signs of being pooped from a back to back scheduling situation. Joe Johnson hit shots late, Josh Smith took smart shots, and Al Horford ate up rebounds.

Five games in, the Hawks have scored 100 points or more four times, I like it. Five games in the Hawks have outscored every opponent in the fourth quarter, I like that too.  The slow starts, and playing better defense throughout the entire game still will be points of focus, but finishing teams off and sharing the basketball seems to trump the shortcomings of the team.  Things look well a week in folks.