Hawks Focus on Defense on Road Trip

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
By feo_admin

A week is in the book and offense is no problem for the Hawks squad. For the past few days the Hawks have had time to recharge their batteries and work on their defensive execution and strategies. The Hawks go into New York City fifth in the league in scoring (105 ppg) and 17th in points allowed (102 ppg).

Joe Johnson says, “we won’t always be hot scoring the ball so playing defense is a must every night.” Joe is right. The team has given up too many layups this year and that must not happen on the this road trip. The Knicks are a young team and in the words of Josh Smith, “are dangerous because they play the same whether they are up 15 points or down 15 points.”

Hawks math for this road trip

A great trip= beating New York and Boston

 A good trip= getting a split

A bad trip= losing both or winning in Boston after losing in New York

Crawford’s first return trip

Jamal Crawford returns to one of his former NBA homes and says he’s looking forward to going back. He has great admiration for the New York fan base and respects them for their passion. He recommends Tao for good sushi in New York.

Things I’ve noticed

Josh Smith is hitting 57 percent of his shots and has taken ZERO 3 pointers year

Al Horford seems to always be in the right spot in the post

 Joe Johnson has been good in closing out games

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6 Responses to “Hawks Focus on Defense on Road Trip”

  1. Hawks Fan From Day One

    Hometown, please check and see on the NBA balloting if you see Al’s name. I’ve been scrolling and I must either be overlooking it….or they left him off.

  2. Hawks Fan From Day One

    Ah man….WTH? You mean to tell me that they have Marvin in the write-in drop down menu, but NO AL??

  3. Hawks Fan From Day One

    Scratch all of that….I found him. I was looking in the wrong area (gotta get used to that wacky set-up they have!)

    However, a new problem has arisen. We got kind of a log jam at the guard position. 2 slots. 3 guards. Hmmmmmm……dilemma!

  4. tony

    I would like to see Jamal Crawford become more aggresive on defense. That’s my only concern with him.

    Josh Smith is the best defensive player in the league and Al Horford isn’t too far behind. I just hope Josh keep scoring in the paint where he’s more proficient.

  5. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    JC has been known for not playing defense, I definitely agree that he needs to step it up in that department

  6. Hawks Fan From Day One

    I am pleasantly, happily and excitedly…….STUNNED!!! THAT win felt GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Thank you Hawks! We owe the C’s a lot more of those to make up for years of heartache, but I’m happy for this one!