Hawks Will Be in the Spotlight this Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 22, 2009
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks will the featured match-up on TNT this Thanksgiving (Thursday, 8pm ET) as the defending Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic visit the Highlight Factory.  As of this morning the Hawks had the best record in the NBA, while the Magic had the second best record in the East (10-4). Dwight Howard, Vince Carter and the rest of the Magic just had their biggest win of the season on Friday night when they beat the Celtics in Boston.

Tickets are still available for the game, and Sir Charles is calling out all Hawks fans to pack it in Philips Arena.
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16 Responses to “Hawks Will Be in the Spotlight this Thanksgiving”

  1. atl resource

    I agree all atlanta fans need to come out to the highlight factory and support our atlanta hawks, they need your support today, so lets come in and blow the roof off phillips arena this season and to let them know that we there, that we with them all the way. LETS GO HAWKS LETS GO!!!

  2. Michael Holloway

    I agree completely. As for me and my house, we shall support th Hawks. Section 119 will be rocking every night. Hey Charles, come on over and join us.

  3. Al L

    The Hawks are displaying real poise as they’ve been winning at home. I moved here from Florida, was a former Heat fan, but now since I live in metro am 100% HAWKS. I’ve got season tickets and planning on attending every home game. We have great depth in our players and it shows in our record and we’re going to beat Orlando on Thurday. So now ya know!!

  4. EJ

    I am a first time season ticket holder and loving it. I understand why Charles said what he said but I disagree because a lot of people are out of work or in fear of losing their jobs. Things are very difficult now and people are cutting back on things that they can live without. I love the Hawks and I hope they can go all the way. Charles must realize that everyone is not as secure as he maybe in his finances and job. The empty seats are not that the fans do not love or care about the Hawks because they do. I beleive that there are a lot of Hawks fans out there that would like to be at each and every game but may not be financially able. If you can, come party with us.

  5. brandon

    i am a die hard hawks fan, but i simply cannot afford to come out and support the hawks every now and then. I have been watching every game on tv for many, many years now even through the thick and thin

  6. Daisy

    Sure Charles is right but we don’t have his money. I go to games as I can afford to. Most people are struggling to just eat. How about Charles throughing out some free tickets, like 100 or so. That would help!

  7. Magic

    I sit in section 300+ and am very sad to see courtside fans keeping quiet when the opposition is throwing freethrows. If nothing, at least yell.

  8. gtbuzz20

    whatever, they quit in the playoffs last year. josh smith needs to improve his game more.

  9. Hawks_Cody1

    Saw that when he said it and I agree completly, it’s always been that way though. This city has always been a late arriving crowd..especially at Hawks games. People like to screw around at CNN…5 points etc etc. Alot of of it does have to do with traffic…I will give poeple that. But me personally, Im always in my seat before the start of the game. Happy Turkey Day everybody and GO HAWKS!!!

  10. kerpal

    Charles maybe right but this is what Charles does not know.
    -its getting harder to afford tickets due to the reccesion
    -Atlanta traffic is crazy and its hard to get into the games
    on time unless people use the subway.
    -More people want to eat with their family and watch the game on tv instead of going to Phillips Arena because they might not get enough tickets for the entire family

  11. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Speaking on the lateness:

    1. People are coming from work during the week. I am one of those people, so I can speak from that point of view.

    2. Traffic is a beeotch okay. I have arrived quite a few times at 6pm or a little after six and have gotten caught in traffic that seems to be caused by the officers directing traffic. I be dog gone if I don’t end up sitting in traffic for about 45 minutes or more and then turn around and have to wait in line to have my purse checked and then have the ticket taker say wait the scanner is acting up. By this time I’m pissed because I was at the arena on time if the stupid traffic directing cops would let me make that left so that I can go park my freaking car. But no they want to direct me to the right where I have to get stuck in more traffic just to come back around in a circle. Nevermind that I was in the left lane thinking that I was gonna just make that simple left and bam I can park my freaking car. But no wait you gotta try to get all the way over in the right lane to make that right turn so that you can make the right into more traffic that the brillant cop just told you to make. Okay now I’m cursing and acting a fool and have lost it. Cause when I look at the clock it now tells me that its 7pm when I know I was at the arena to make that left at about 6:15pm but that jerk just told me to make a freaking right.

    3. After dealing with all the traffic, you’re really even more screwed if you have to buy a ticket. Now you gotta wait in line behind people who don’t know where the heck they want to sit and hold up the line. Okay get it, you just parked your car at about 7:15 or 7:20. Now you’ve waited in line for about 20 to 30 minutes and get tortured listening to the game and excitement in the ticket line trying to buy a freaking ticket. And to top it all off it’s almost half time. Remember you actually got to the arena around 6:15 all you had to do was make that left and park your freaking car. I blame the non traffic directing cops. Let us make that left turn darnit.

    Speaking on the crowd size:

    3. Wanna know why the arena may be a lil empty sometimes. Perhaps they/we remembered the stuff went through from a previous game and just don’t want to deal with it again after just getting off work, hey sometimes work is enough stress, why add to that stress trying to get into the arena. Do you blame them/us?


  12. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Hawksgirl the arena was filled Wednesday night when Wade came to town. It was crazy. Me personally I enjoy the games when the crowd is modest. Less aggravations to deal with. Less people going for the other team or should I say less superstar fans (Wade, Kobe, Lebron). Less bandwagon fans.


  13. Mz. Hawkdafied

    gtbuzz20, what games have you been watching? With that comment I’m gonna just lump you in with those bandwagon fans. Please prove me wrong!


  14. kaih colson

    im goin to da game

  15. hawksfan714

    its sold out i just checked on ticketmaster and there were no tickets left

  16. Anonymous Hero/Hawks Guy

    gtbuzzo20, please don’t comment on here anymore if you’re not going to talk about the actual subject you idiot! Another reason why the games are not sold out is that Atlanta is a big melting pot. There are many people who are not from Atlanta, so they are not Atlanta fans. You can tell when teams like New York and Boston come to town. New York may stink thins year, but they have true die hard fans, which is what the Hawks need more of. I’ve been and always will be a die hard Hawks fan, just wish we had more…..GO HAWKS!