A New Week, Time for a New Streak

Monday, November 23, 2009
By feo_admin

The Hawks started off last week in first place. This week, the Hawks begin the week with the best record in the league. Not bad.  While no one was happy about the loss in New Orleans over the weekend or the seven game winning streak ending, no one was in panic mode either.  Jamal Crawford remained confident after the team went 3-1 last week, “let’s start another one.”

I had a chance to go to the game in New Orleans and to the lockeroom afterwards. No one pointed fingers or blamed the end of the streak on playing on back to back nights. Josh Smith who had another stat stuffing night, said that all credit was due to the Hornets as they came out and hit big shots.  Smoove was adamant that there was no lethargy from playing on consecutive nights and that the team had opportunities to win.  I love it, no excuses. Josh smith said he wanted to be an All Star this year he is well on his way on and off of the court.

Coach Woodson

Call me crazy but coach already should be in the pot for Coach of the Year (I know it’s early but hey, think big) and without question, should be the frontrunner for Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. Eleven wins in the bank with a shot at 14 for the month makes him legit.

Great boost for Marvin

After a slow start Marvin Williams has scored in double figures in three straight games.  If Mike Bibby will be banged up for a minute, Marvin’s three point shooting will help.  He’s feeling good about his outside shot as he has hoisted up 10 money ball shots in the past two games. Keep shooting.

Mike Bibby

The loss of Mike Bibby was felt in New Orleans after he left the game early with an ankle injury.  If you want to know what “Bib” means to this team, it is evident.  He is crucial to getting the team in their offensive sets early in the shot clock, helps with spacing on the floor, and directs traffic after makes and misses by the opposing squad.  Get well soon sir.

With the next game  coming up on Thanksgiving, the Hawks have time to reflect and duplicate the success of the last two weeks and should be rested and ready  for another string of consecutive wins.

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27 Responses to “A New Week, Time for a New Streak”

  1. Jason Parker

    First of all, the Hawks have given us some great basketball to start off this 09-10 season. I honestly believe we have 3-4 all-stars on this squad, starting with Joe Johnson and Josh Smith for sure. Al Horford seems to be well on his way, and even Jamal Crawford has an outside chance at a spot. This game Thursday is not a must-win by any stretch of the imagination, but it will certainly show if the Hawks can truly compete with the Magic for the Southeast crown.

  2. Hawks Fan From Day One

    Bibby’s day-to-day…..guess the injury wasn’t that bad. If I had to answer one more topic or question about us signing A.I. to replace Bib, I would have snatched my own damn head off.

  3. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Yeah, Turkey Day presents an opportunity for our ATL Hawks to begin a new winning streak. A new winning streak started against a SE Division opponent/Reigning Eastern Conference Champs. Yeah I can dig it.


    Now back to Turkey Day, just wanted to help spread a good idea going around. That idea is to come dressed in all red on Thursday and red out the Highlight Factory. If you already have a red Hawks jersey well that’s even better. If not just add red to your ensemble. Hey this lets the world and Charles Barkley know we love and do support our team. Spread the word, Thanksgiving Day 2009, is the day Phillips Arena went red. Lets do this fellow Hawks fans.


  4. Swingman912

    In the event that Bib cant go on Turkey Day, do we go with Craw or JT0? A question for my fellow Hawk supporters and blog heads………CHUUUUUUUUUCH

  5. atownhawk23

    I really hope Bibby gets better in time to start in the Thanksgiving game because Saturday’s game showed that the Hawks can’t do anything without Bibby. And Joe J, Josh, Marvin, Al, and Zaza does much better when Bibby is playing in the game.

    But at least they tried though. Lets go for a win on Thursday.

    Go Atl Hawks!!! GO JOE J!!!

    Please people, if you are coming to the game wear red; We’re going to have a Red OUT!!!

  6. Hawksfanman

    That loss last night was unacceptable, the hawks as a team need to improve if they wanto win a championship Smoove has got to work on his shootinig and dribbling, and Horford needs to work on his shooting, as well as his balance and post move. And the team as a whole needs to work on cnsistency. I think the hawks are good but not hungry enough yet, if they were then during the offseason they would work on there weaknesses and get better, the hawks ar e a good team but this is not a championship year, i think i expected to much from the hawks

  7. ThatGuy

    The Hawks should look into a sign and trade giving cleveland joe and sending lebron down here, if lebron took marvin’s spot than I think that would challenge him to get better and work on his game hes a decent player and an important part of the roster but he has alot to improve on. Then I say we sign back flip murray, and draft maybe a good C (who can shoot and has somewhat of a post move, and has a good attitude towards the game) and then resign joe smith and we will be good but the key to becoming champions with this team is like Hawksfanman said, the players on this team getting better all the areas he named were good but another player who must improve is Marvin. Good Luck to the Hawks this season !

    5:Horford/Pachulia/(Draft Pick)

  8. tony

    I like that lineup thatguy, but we would have to give Cleveland our entire team to bring Lebron to Atlanta. Also I don’t think Atlanta’s weak fanbase is attractive enough for a player like Lebron.

    This is what I would like to see happen with our current roster:

    1)I would like for M.Woodson to demand respect from all of his players starting with Josh Smith. Josh Smith has the worse ball control abilities on the entire team and he continues to try to do too much. This must stop.

    2)M.Woodson need to stop his big men from dribbling the ball up court. He should make them give the ball to their best ball handlers immediately! J.Crawford, M.Bibby and Joe Johnson are our best ball handlers. There is no excuse for millionaires to turn the ball over as much as they do. This also must stop!

    3)I would like for M.Woodson to make J.Crawford his go to guy on the offensive end of the ball in terms of controlling the tempo of the game. To me Jamaal still appear very timid when he is in the game with the starters. Jamaal can’t be Jamaal if feel that his teammates don’t trust him. After all, they didn’t sign him to watch Josh Smith turn the ball over every time he touch the ball or watch Joe Johnson dribble the ball the full 24 sec only to turn the ball over? They signed him because he is a pure scorer and he has the ability to create his on shots. I know most, including myself would like to see the ball in Crawford’s hands when we need points. Fans will fill the stands if Crawford is the MAN!

    4)Woodson need to make Josh Smith, Al Horford and ZaZa score off of rebounds and take shots inside the paint only if they have a clear shot. We have enough scorers on the team without having to depend on our poor ball control big men who tries to score points every time they touch the ball. They should focus on playing solid defense and rebounding.

    Lets get it done HAWKS!

  9. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Tough loss for the A Town Hawks last night. Just couldn’t get that statement win last night. I attribute the loss to failure to play as a team. Too much one on one in the second half. Not enough ball movement. Too many jumpshots. Basically the team just gave the game away. Heck the Magic didn’t have to do much in the second half. The team shot themselves in their own foot. SMH! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: THE ATL HAWKS HAVE TO PLAY AS A TEAM!

    tony, I agree the big men should not be bringing the ball down the court. I’ve always thought that was one of the jobs for the point guard.

    tony, I disagree with your #3 and #4. I disagree with #4 because it is my opinion that everyone on the team should focus on playing solid defense and rebounding the ball. I disagree with your #3 because you assume that all Hawks fans love Jamal, you absolve Jamal of his one on one play last night, and I think the offense should be based on who has the better shot not on who the player is. You mention the reasons why we did not sign Jamal Crawford. Well, I sure hope we didn’t sign him to shoot the ball everytime he gets it even though another player may have had a better shot. You recognized the faults of the other players on the team but present Jamal Crawford as if he is perfect. What’s up with that?

    I’m thinking the team needs to work on ball movement consistently and shot clock management. There’s still games left to avenge the loss last night and time to regain first place. Orlando hasn’t won the division or series yet. :-) It just would have been nice to get that statement win last night and stay undefeated at home. The red alternate jersey looked great and in my opinion should have been the original road jersey.

    Thanks for giving us an awesome 1st half Hawks. Now lets shake last night’s game off and get back on the winning track tonight.


  10. Mz. Hawkdafied

    What you talking about? Lebron, we don’t need no Lebron James! Hmmm I’m starting to think some of you guys show up to see Lebron play when he comes to town. And may be guilty of chanting MVP for him. That is one of the reason why I’ll take a modest crowd filled with real Hawks fans over a big crowd filled with bandwagon fans anyday. Too many cheers for Orlando last night and not enough for the home team.

  11. ThatGuy

    LOL We NEED Lebron sorry but marvin doesent get it done the leauge has really good SF’s like kevin durant, Gerald wallace,Rudy Gay, Carmelo Anthony, and Danny Granger who are elite and only getting better and I hate bandwagon fans also but still with the lebron we could sell out Philips Frequently, and thats good for everbody inclding the actual team. Joe is good and i appreciate what he does for the team but if we are offering a Max contract it migh as well be with somebody who can do something for us.

  12. Anonymous Hero/Hawks Guy

    ThatGuy, we don’t need Lebron, he doesn’t fit the chemistry of the team and to get him, half the team will have to leave, which will mess up the chemistry even more. The Hawks had one bad half and everyone is pissing on them, nothing but bandwagon fans in here. The Hawks can beat Orlando, Boston, Cleveland, Flakers, etc. They have all the talent, they just have to believe in themselves and be hungry enough to want it. I guarantee the next time they play Orlando, they will remember this game and have no mercy on them. They showed in the first half that they can play good defense and have great ball movement on the offensive end, the coach needs to know how to adjust to the adjustments Orlando made in the second half. There’s holes in every defensive set, just have to know how to find them. ThatGuy, with all the names you put out there, you seem like an all-star groupie instead of a team player, just my opinion….

  13. tony

    I agree with you ThatGuy. I think Lebron would sell out Philips on most nights. Do he want to come to Atlanta? What about Marvin Williams($7,500,000) and Joe Johnson($14,976,754)huge contracts if Johnson decides to stay?

    I think we should go BIG. I don’t think our frontline will matchup very well against the Lakers, Orlando and Boston’s frontline in a 7 game series, even with Lebron.

    It will cost us somewhere around 20 million dollars a season to sign Lebron which mean we would have to trade Marvin and not sign JJ.

    pg-Mike Bibby
    sg-Jamaal Crawford
    sf-Lebron James
    pf-Josh Smith
    c- Al Horford

    I think the owners will sign Brendan Haywood or Chris Bosh. I believe it will be cheaper for us to sign Chris Bosh and on top of that he will strengthen our frontline on both ends of the court. We won’t miss jj points and long dribbling because Chris average 25 ppg. Bosh or either Haywood makes more sense to me.

    pg-Mike Bibby
    sg-Jamaal Crawford
    sf-Josh Smith(he plays like a sf most of the time anyway)
    pf-Chris Bosh
    c- Al Horford
    I think we matchup very well with anybody’s frontline with this lineup.

    If our owners look for a cheaper alternative don’t be supprise if our lineup look like this next season.

    pg-Mike Bibby
    sg-Jamal Crawford
    sf-Josh Smith
    pf-Al Horford
    c-Brendan Haywood

  14. The Hawk

    Missed the game, but great road win last night! I agree with some of you that Zaza and Josh needs to work on their 5-10 ft jumpers. I must give it to Josh, he has improved tremendously, but I also cannot stand to see him bring the ball up the floor in transition. I just think Josh gets so excited during these moments and he often makes the wrong decision to complete the play. Overall, he’s having a break out year thus far. We need a big man who can consistently score at least 10-15 points per game. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Othello is sitting on the bench every game. I just don’t get it. Woodson’s problem has always been not developing his bench and I believe this will hurt us down the road. I’ve never cared for Randolph much and maybe its because I don’t see him until there’s a minute or two left in the game (if we’re up by 20). We still have a lot to work on. We need more ball movement and less one on one. And yes, Teague does need to play more because if Bibby gets hurt, who else do we have to run the point, but Teague. Woodson has to make sure he develops this guy unlike he did with Acie Law. I like Teague’s explosiveness to the basket. He just needs to focus on finishing and also develop a shot as well. As for Marvin, his game has definitely diminished this year, he seems a bit sloppy and out of control a lot of times when driving to the basket. Just keep working Marvin. Overall, were playing pretty good basketball.

  15. ThatGuy

    I dont get it yall give the hawks wwwaaaaaayyy to much credit first of all smoove cant play small forward he has bad foot work when he comes out of the whole to play D its Over. all it takes is a quick crossover to make him stumble playing SF would make him fall and bust his ass all night plus it would reduce his blocking Chris Bosh is not the answer. And plz someone tell me 1 advantage Joe has over Lebron the only one i can think of is that joe has been here longer, lebron is bigger, faster, stronger, More popular, better leader, more clutch, younger(that means hell be with the hawks longer, hungrier, more respected in the leauge then joe johnson, and hes even funnier! i like joe but i can guarantee that if we keep him well NEVER win a champion ship with him. PLus lebron is more versatile joe can play what 1,2,3,? Lebron ca play top 4 positions and the 5 if its a small center, Lebrons better in every way and we dont have tto lose the whole roser to get him, if we do a sign and trade with cleveland (lebron doesnt sign with cleveland unless they agree to an immediate trade with atlanta) and we can sign Mo evans and Joe and send them up to cleveland.
    Lebron will make everyone play better plus with him and J-smoove shots will be getting thrown all night and lets not get started on the dunks! PLus lebrons a better scoreer which means bigger leads and more minutes for teauge, and othello. Whom we all know never get to play. as far as woodson goes…. Hey last year rookies (Acie) werent playing because he needed the starters in so he could win games overall good decision because though I think acie would have been good teauge has way more potential, anyway keep woodson and sign lebron and flip, and othello and Joe smith, draft a good C
    If we do that I think in 2011 we could be champs.GO HAWKS!!!

    5:Horford/Pachulia/Draft Pick

  16. atownhawk23

    no, tony dummy.

    pg:Mike Bibby
    sg:Joe Johnson
    sf:Marvin Williams
    pf:Josh Smith
    c:Al Horford

    Yeah, yeah Joe J had a bad game yesterday, but Jamal shouldn’t start. He should come off the bench like he been doing. It’s not like Joe is superman and can be perfect every game. We don’t need Lebron he just lost to the Bobcats and his team doesn’t have a better record than the Hawks.

  17. ThatGuy

    Ive lived in Atlanta all my 20 years always bin a fan but if we dont do something big all theteams who have early lottery picks will become better than us (thats when Joe everyones faorite starts to decline {2-3 years} and the same thing happens to jamal then well be back to square one winnng 17 games in season.

  18. Hawksfanman

    Iz hawks(GIRL) still on this blog talking about (Mens)basketball naw JK! lol Lebron wouldbe a good addition tho…………. hes better than joe in every way he just has a bad team

  19. atownhawk23

    tony, yes the Hawks will miss JJ’s points and long dribbling because most of the time JJ is the hero in the game. Oh yeah did you see how good JJ played against the Blazers and Heat? HUH. If not; what game was you watching?

    PG: Mike Bibby
    SG: Joe Johnson
    SF: Marvin Williams
    PF: Josh Smith
    C: Al Horford

    We don’t need Chris Bosh either because him and his team can’t even help themselves out. So why the heck would we need Lebron and Chris Bosh if they can’t do a better job than the Hawks are doing? And Chris Bosh even got posterized by Princess Pierce (Paul pierce).

    PG: Mike Bibby
    SG: Joe Johnson
    SF: Marvin Williams
    PF: Josh Smith
    C: Al Horford

    Marvin had a good game two or three times against the following: Heat, Rockets, and Hornets. If you didn’t see the following, WHAT GAME WAS YOU WATCHING THEN?


  20. atownhawk23

    wait a minute.





    LETS GO JJ!!!!


  21. tony

    Be nice young man. A good spirit is better than a bad spirit-trust me. You need to speak to the other gentleman about Lebron. As for as Chris Bosh goes, I have no problem if we sign him next season. With the lack of dominant BIGs in the nba, we shouldn’t hesitate to sign Bosh if the price is right. My starting lineup next season.

    pg-Mike Bibby
    sg-Jamal Crawford
    sf-Josh Smith
    pf-Chris Bosh
    c-Al Horford

  22. ThatGuy

    Game vs pistons another reason to let Joe Go. Lebron in 2010
    Go Hawks!

  23. ThatGuy

    Lost To Detroit Without RIP Hamilton, Tay Prince, Ben Gordon, and Charlie Villueneva(for the last 9 min), and smoove did good like always so did bibby and crawford, but there comes Joe again 13 points we should of won that game, we need LBJ. PERIOD.

  24. Pissed Off Hawks Fan

    ThatGuy you love LBJ so bad then go be a Cavalier fan. The Cavs have LBJ, you are on the wrong website. This blog is for Hawks fans. There is no room for Lebron lovers here. Take your Lebron love elsewhere.

  25. ThatGuy

    Ok Joe’s better than Lebron Bcuz Our team has a better record? PLz.. I just want thee team to be better next season and joe johnson, just isnt better than Lebron. U know its cool im just going to kill the Lebron talk but hey all im sayin is that if were looking for a player who will lead us to a victory Joe wont get it done.

  26. ThatGuy

    I mean a Championship

  27. tony

    Wow! This team should not be having these problems! If JJ had Mike Bibby’s frame of mind and Josh play to his strength we would be the best team in the east.

    Joe Johnson is complaining about everybody wants to shoot the basketball and Josh Smith has reverted back to his old ways. Mike Bibby said he doesn’t care who shoots the ball as long as they win.

    Distractions kills! Joe Johnson need to keep his mouth shut and Josh Smith need to crash the board where he is most affective….