A Good Win Always Trumps a Bad Loss

Monday, December 7, 2009
By feo_admin

The Hawks did not overlook the Knicks on Friday night, who handed the birds their second loss of the season at home, they were just a man down after Josh Smith was tossed, killed by New York three pointers, and allowed easy buckets in the paint in the fourth quarter.  No excuses, just poor execution.  One of the beauties of sport is what you do when given the opportunity to avenge yourself.  An 80-75 over Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks, on the road, on a back-to-back, works fine thank you.

While it was one of the lowest scoring games by the Hawks this season, the game never got away from them in Dallas, even though they went more than seven minutes without a basket in the second quarter. Beating a good team on their home floor, on a back-to-back, is yet another sign that this team is for real.  Bad nights are going to happen like Friday but as long as you make up for them quickly, any good win will k.o. any bad loss.

Josh Smith’s Ejection

Without question Josh Smith getting thrown out of Friday’s game changed the entire scenario.  We all love Josh’s passion, it cranks him up and allows his teammates to feed off of it, however, it seems like he teeters on a tech on every foul. I don’t want Josh to get a bad rap in the league for arguing every call.  He has to realize that the refs won’t change the calls and should make his point and keep playing. Rasheed Wallace always fights for his point (Rasheed is again leading the league in technical fouls)…to no avail.

On Sunday in Dallas after being hit with a flagrant foul, Josh then had a conversation with official #38 Mark Smith, who calmly explained to Smoove what he saw. Josh nodded his head and civilly disagreed.  I would like him to learn that lesson from now on.

Marvin Banging The Boards

With Josh and Al playing with 5 fouls a piece Marvin Williams stepped up with a career night on the boards snatching 15 rebounds.  If the shots don’t rain down from Marvin, he should continue to go inside and do work. In his last five games Marvin is scoring 10 points per game and snatching nearly 8 boards.  Keep it up.

Joe Johnson Supporting a  Home Team

Joe took some time to catch some football this weekend and made it on the huge HD screens inside of the Georgia Dome on Sunday as he watched the Falcons.  He got a nice round of applause from the fans.

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7 Responses to “A Good Win Always Trumps a Bad Loss”

  1. atownhawk23

    Ooh!! First to comment.

    I shoulda went to the game. aah boo. lol.

    I SO LOVE JOE J!!! He is just so cool and beyond fine.

    I can’t wait to see him on WEDNESDAY balling on them scrubs(the bulls).

    Joe Johnson’s fav 1(not fav 5)
    Keke aka atownhawk23

  2. atownhawk23

    JJ’S #1 Head-Fan-In-Charge back on the blog.

    Even though the Falcons sucked yesterday, I would have went to go just because Joe was there. 4 real though.

  3. Crowderpeas27

    Joe Johnson seems like a really good guy. He played an awesome game with Dallas. Jamal Crawford is awesome as well. Jamal, Joe, Mike B, and Al, have very good attitudes about the game. They play with the team in mind and that’s always an awesome ingredient for success! Way to go Hawks!

  4. CaramelCutie2

    Umm…. What about Josh, Crowderpeas27.

    I agree with you comment though. Thumbs up.

  5. Crowderpeas27

    Hey CaramelCutie2,
    I like Josh and I did not want to be negative. I think they all are great and they work well but “sometimes” he acts like he needs to show a better attitude when the officials call him on something. I just got into the Hawks and I really love their games, they are my favorite team, but just brush that stuff off. He needs to think about the TEAM and not himself. It frustrates me because he isn’t the only player that gets a call that they might not agree with, i am pretty sure many b ball players can say the same but he just needs to think about the bigger picture and that is the Gold ball. I like Josh and he is from Atlanta like me but i just want him to grow up a little. I hope you understand what i am saying. They all are good tho. I only say this because I had to learn lessons the hard way so i just want the best for the Atlanta Team.

  6. atownhawk23


    OH come on already. I love him more.

    I’m just kidding.

    But its nice to see people support JJ.

    Also its nice to see some hawks fans appreciate JJ.

  7. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    This was a great defensive effort by the team! Good job containing the rest of the players on Dallas, despite Dirk’s 32 points. One person can’t win the games (in most cases, lol).