Chicago Given the Blues

Thursday, December 10, 2009
By feo_admin

Get up early, finish up strong was the objective last night. It was achieved. The Hawks destroyed Chi-Town last night 118-83 and it was over from start to finish.  The guard play was superb as the backcourt ball handlers combined to dish out 19 assists on the night, with eight coming from rookie Jeff Teague. Jamal Crawford, who used to play in the windy city and was dumped for Kirk Hinrich, went off early and boy do the Bulls wish they could have a do over. Jamal is too classy to admit that Chicago shipping him off bothers him, but as a competitor you know his juices had to be flowing.  Jamal’s 29 came with four three pointers, six foul shots, and a whole lot of energy.

It was a total team effort and clearly the good things from the win in Dallas carried over. Every starter was able to rest well in the fourth quarter due to their magnificent effort and made a significant contribution both offensively and defensively and the ball moved as it was supposed to. Good win on national television. Off to Toronto for another road test.

The Rookie Gets a Good Run

Jeff Teague played well last night in his time on the court.  Both starters and bench players loved his poise and his execution in his 22 minutes of action.  Teague was very happy about his performance and did the best thing a rookie can do under coach Woodson, make the most of his minutes. Teague loved the team’s energy and clearly had a confidence boosting night. More than 20 minutes was a nice chunk of time on the floor for him, hopefully he will have more opportunities like that in the upcoming week.

You know it’s good when…

Jason Collins gets into the box score and the team goes wild. 

Every Hawk that plays, scores.

No Hawks starter plays more than 29 minutes in a win.

Every starter has a steal.

Joe Beast’s Injury

Joe Smith left the action a little early with a dislocated thumb in the fourth quarter. He feels with ice and rest he won’t miss a beat. When asked after the game about his wound, he was more concerned with how the injury would hinder him in video game land than on the floor.  Joe with a big grin said, “The worst thing is I won’t be able to juke while playing video games for a few days.”

11 Responses to “Chicago Given the Blues”

  1. atl resource

    Good win hawks good win just keep up the good work,we doing well i see good thing coming to this 09/10 atl hawks team. GO HAWKS GO!!!

  2. Crowderpeas27

    Let’s go Hawks! They ALL played amazing last night! Great Game!

  3. Harold

    Hometeam you said it all. Utterly destroyed a team they should have beaten. What a find in Jamal Crawford, thank you very much Chicago. You knew what the Hawks needed. IM not only impressed with the unselfish play of the starting five. The 2nd five off the bench is also keeping this train moving in the right direction..GO HAWKS!!

  4. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Another victory to go down in Philips Arena history for the ATL Hawks. After last night’s win the Hawks currently sit in the 3rd place spot in the east and also hold the best home record as well. Keep up the pace Hawks. Who knows? One day probably soon you may look up and see yourselves in first place. :-) :-) :-) :-)


  5. atownhawk23

    JJ, Bibbylicous, J-smoove did such a great job, and so did Marvin, Al, JT, and whoever else there is.

    Keep up the good work Starters and JT and Zaza and Mo and J-mall.


  6. kingofkali

    the ability to rest starters and to go deep into the bench will serve the hawks greatly in the postseason

  7. atownhawk23


    Not red again.

    Caution or Warning:lets pray for this game because of the red.
    hopefully it doesn’t cause a alternate curse.


  8. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Sincere condolences to Coach Larry Drew.

    Get well soon Joe Smith.

  9. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Way to go ATL Hawks! Winning record at home and on the road is such a good look! Stay on the course Hawks! One game at a time!

  10. atownhawk23


  11. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    This game wasn’t a surprise. Considering the Bulls are in a huge slump right now and their offense is out of whack, I knew the Hawks would put a thrashing on them. Keep it up fellas!!!