Hawks Get Some Mo

Sunday, December 13, 2009
By Jon Newberry

Mo Evans flies under the radar. He wasn’t added this past offseason like Jamal Crawford, Joe Smith or Jeff Teague. He isn’t as colorful as Zaza. Let’s face it, who is? So when people talk about the Hawks depth and the improved second unit, Mo tends to get lost in the shuffle.

That was until recently. In the last three games Mo is averaging over 18 points a game along with five rebounds. During that stretch he has shot an incredible 67% (20-of-30) from the field and 73% (11-of-15) from behind the arc. When Mo has it going he doesn’t seem to miss much.

Evans filled in tonight for Marvin Williams and wasn’t shy about being assertive in the early action. He had 12 of his 22 points in the first period.

While it was the first time all year that the Hawks had to deviate from their opening night starting lineup, having to go with Mo is not something they are completely unfamiliar with. Last season Evans started 25 games filling in for Marvin and Smoove, and Atlanta was 18-7 in those contests. At one point the Hawks won 11 straight with Mo in the starting lineup.

The Hawks have won four in a row and have looked dominant offensively the last three games. Marvin should be back next game and Evans will return to his role in the much improved second unit.  He isn’t going to maintain his pace of 18 points a game (he doesn’t demand enough touches to do that) but right now the Hawks are thankful for some serious Mo.

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5 Responses to “Hawks Get Some Mo”

  1. Crowderpeas27

    Mo has been on fire! The entire Atlanta Hawks team has been playing well! They are amazing, having fun, letting the game come to them and I believe that they have everything it takes to go all the way! Great job by the coach and BRAVO on a job well done by the team!

  2. atl resource

    Great coaching job sunday by my atlanta hawks coach mike woodson & staff, the hawks players played a great game keep balling guys just like you doing, we will only get better with time as the season go on. job well done guys. THANKS FOR A GREAT GAME SUNDAY GO HAWKS GO!!!

  3. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    My hat goes off to the second starters (refuse to call them bench players b/c they play just as well as the starters) for the Hawks, those guys probably are the best second unit in the league top to bottom. When you can insert a seasoned vet like Evans in the starting lineup and he does a BETTER job that the starter? That’s just awesome to have players of that caliber! Keep up the great work fellas and bring it every game!!!

  4. atl resource

    The hawks have been lighting it up this season, bring it every game and I can only say that i am loving this hawks team, right to the playoff , man atl hawks they playing some great ball this season i’ll like to see them make it all the way to the top and stay for a few years, atl hawks #1 for real GO HAWKS GO!!!

  5. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Yes, Mo was superb!