Crawford's 'Giving Tree' Blooms in Atlanta this Thursday

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
By Jon Newberry

Many of the Hawks players have been busy giving back to the community this holiday season, with more events and festivities scheduled in the coming weeks. Check out recaps of some of the recent events in the Community News section of

Jamal Crawford, Atlanta’s newest star, is taking a different approach to giving back by bringing his annual “Giving Tree” event to Atlanta. The event, which benefits Positive Growth and the Atlanta Housing Authority, asks fans to purchase gifts in exchange for autographed photos and Hawks tickets. 

Thursday, December 17th at Lenox Square Mall from 6pm – 8pm
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Crawford’s “Giving Tree” is one of the few events that not only encourages involvement from the fans and the public, but it requires it as well. I the end, everyone wins. The fans get to interact with Jamal and take away a memory and souvenir, and some worthy causes are supported in the process.

Let’s not forget the benefit that Jamal gets from this event as well. Following the event held in New York a few years ago when Jamal was playing in New York, Jamal was quoted on

“It is a gift TO me that I can do this. Let’s face it, being a professional basketball player is giving me a chance to help a whole lot of people who are in need. In fact, next to actually playing, that is probably the best part of basketball. To make people, especially kids, happy, that’s the least I can do. Really, at Christmastime in particular, what could be better?”