More Success = More Press(ure)

Friday, December 18, 2009
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks continued success keeps turning heads among those who cover the NBA:

HoopsWorld: The ‘Big Three’ has become the ‘Big Four’
NBA TV: Will use Fan Night crew to call Hawks game on Dec. 29
Dime Magazine: Top 5 Coaches this Season (Woodson #1)

Dime’s praise of Woody leads to the next point. Team success should lead to more individual honors. Although no Hawk is on pace to be voted into the starting line-up for the All-Star Game (help change that by voting here) you would have to think Joe is a lock and Smoove is making a strong case to make his first team as well.

As we inch closer to the midway point of the season, we are going to put an early plug in for the conversation starting “Midseason Awards” that appear in many media outlets.

Smoove – Defensive MVP (Leads NBA in blocks, top-25 in steals and rebounds)
Crawford – Sixth Man Award (Top ppg of anyone who hasn’t started a game)
Woody – Coach

At the current pace, all of these seem very realistic. While the increased attention can produce increased pressure, the balance and depth of this year’s team makes them well equiped to handle it.

Note for tonight:
Take away Utah’s trouble against the Timberwolves (they have lost to Minnesota twice this month) and they are one of the hotter teams in the league. They have beaten both Orlando and the Lakers in the past 10 days and won eight of their last 11 games.

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13 Responses to “More Success = More Press(ure)”

  1. Crowderpeas27

    I agree that the increased attention can produce increased pressure but the Atlanta Hawks team is more than ready to go all the way. It’s their time, it’s their season and they are READY!

  2. atl resource

    I think coach woody should be coach of the year for 09-10 season.

  3. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    I agree slomotion, J Smoove stayed in foul trouble and couldn’t recover once he got back in the game. The six-game streak was fun while it last, although they had that game in Chicago. I hope they don’t overlook the Timberwolves b/c their team is better than what their record projects. I want to see where the Hawks are at the Allstar break before I give Woody coach of the year. They have a tough schedule ahead of them in the next 3-4 weeks, so this should determine how good the Hawks really are. In my opinion, they are the second best team in the East, b/c they can beat Boston and Cleveland, Orlando just have their card at the moment…just my opinion

  4. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Way to bounce back ATL Hawks! Now lets go steal one from Denver!

    Much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!


  5. ThatGuy

    that was a horrible game last night, one again I need to bring up the fact that we need LBJ

  6. tony

    How about you explain why we need LeBron James. The problem with this team is inconsistency on the offensive side of the ball. You got guys shooting the ball when they’re ice cold and not looking for they’re hot shooters. Jamaal was hot last night but his teammate weren’t getting the ball to him as often as Denver were getting the ball to J.R. Smith. Denver knew who their hot man was and they defeated the hawks by getting the ball to him. Someone need to remind the hawks that Jamaal Crawford can score 50 points on any given night. They shouldn’t expect Jamaal to score that many points every night, but they sure as hll should get the ball to him when he’s shooting a high % and when everyone else is ice cold.

    J.Johnson shot(FG)5-12 417% (3P)2-6 .333% M.Bibby shot(FG)2-
    8 .250% (3P)0-2 .000% Marvin Williams shot(FG)5-11 .455% (3P)1-3 .333% Josh Smith shot 5-11 .455%.

    Jamaal Crawford and Al Horford were hot! J.Crawford shot(FG)9-15 .600% (3P)4-7 .571% Al Horford shot(FG)7-9 .778%

    J.R. Smith shot(FG)15-25 .600% (3P)10-17 .588% That young man hurt us because his teammate recognized that he was shooting a high percentage and they kept going to him until they defeated us.

    We need to stop forcing bad shots and start looking for players who are open and always recognize who is shooting a high percentage on that particular night. If they do this they will be be fine.

  7. Hawksfanman

    The Cleveland Game on Tuesday is a test, i think the hawks really could win but we just neeed all the parts to work, Joes gotta have about a thirty point game with some rebs and assists, and jamal cant be to far behind Mo Evans and teauge have got to knock down those threes we need em, Josh Al and Pachulia, need to do what they do, just stay out of foul trouble and knoock down open shots, and Marvin needs to stay aggressive and knock down those open threes hes fond of missing, and the team as a whole need to make free throws if we do all of that Cleveland wont have a chance

  8. Hawksfanman

    Oh and Joe Smith who im pretty sure will be returning needs to just be joe smith, and we better not lose to the pacers today opr i might go crazy

  9. tony

    I agree Hawksfanman. The hawks better bring their A-game against Cleveland. Cleveland frontcourt is extremely big and they could do a lot of damage against our much smaller frontcourt. Here’s what I think we must do to defeat Cleveland.

    1)Josh and Al should use there quickness and versatility to create havoc against their BIGS. We must crash the boards. I believe whoever wins the rebound battle wins the game.

    2)Our players need to know when they’re in a shooting slump. Get the ball to your high percentage shooters. Assists = points.

    3)Harrass the heck out of LeBron from start to finish. Make him earn every point.

    4)Play smart fundamental basketball. Don’t allow the referees to determine the outcome of the game. Be wise and keep your heads on.

  10. joe johnson

    to win we need to

    1.get rid of joe
    2. get rid of woodson and followeres
    3. and we win

  11. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    Joe Johson, please find another site to post nonsense b/c this blog is for TRUE FANS. ThatGuy, if you can’t find a good reason that Atlanta needs Lebron besides bringing in fans, please refrain from posting nonsense as well. That loss to Denver had NOTHING to do w/ Lebron not being on the team. They cleary was inconsisent on offense and didn’t play defense on the guy that was hot. They were so focused on stopping Carmelo that the role players had great games, which is not the recipe for winning. You contain the star and shut down the role players, that’s how you win ballgames, and the Hawks did not do that against the Nuggets.

    These back-to-back games against the Cavs will be a true test for the Hawks, as both teams are playing great basketball. I think we should use our bigs (Zaza, Randolph, and Collins) to put Shaq at the line and as Tony stated, use Horford and Josh to use their quickness against their bigs to get their bigs in foul trouble. Marvin needs to step up to the plate for these next couple of games to contain Lebron, although we all know that Lebron will get his, which is why team defense is needed for these games.

    The Hawks have the better team top to bottom and are more athletic. If they play defense the way they know they can, the Hawks will win these ball games.

  12. Mr. Hawk

    What does everyone think about Eddy Curry, he wants to be traded. Do you think that he would blend in good with Atlanta? I heard he is out of shape or hurt, i was just thinking of the big body that would come off the bench.
    On Cleveland Tuesday and Wednesday Night;
    We have to come correct. Defense, Defense, Defense. Let leBron be lebron and stop the rest of the team. Take charges and be aggressive. Marvin has to step up, and Mo has to play a perfect game off the bench. TAKE THE BALL TO THE HOLE, DON’T SETTLE FOR JUMPERS. GET THEM IN FOUL TROUBLE EARLY AND REMEMBER THE PLAYOFFS.
    “two 2 two”