#1 vs. #2

Monday, December 28, 2009
By Jon Newberry

Before you start accusing the media of generating hype around this week’s back-to-back match-up with the Cavs, realize that ESPN’s John Hollinger uses a mathematical formula for his weekly NBA Power Rankings. His rankings have the Hawks sitting at the top for the second week in a row with the Cavs moving into the second spot after impressive wins over the Lakers and Rockets.

Now whether NBA TV planned well or just got lucky is open for discussion. The Atlanta based operation will host its first original broadcast of a live NBA game with their Fan Night Crew of Ernie Johnson, Kevin McHale and Chris Webber leaving the comforts of the studio to call the game courtside. (Full Story) Previously, the all-NBA channel exclusively featured feeds from team-produced broadcasts such as the Hawks games on SportsSouth and Fox Sports South.

Many around the league will be watching this “mini-series” to see if the Hawks can convince the last handful of doubters that they deserve to be thought of as contenders in the East.

Bottom line is, if you are a fan of this year’s Hawks or of the NBA as a whole, Tuesday and Wednesday are must watch games. Tickets are sold out for the Highlight Factory, so check out what’s available on TicketExchange and make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to get your seats for big games against the C’s later in January.

Note: If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Josh Smith’s new web site: JSmoove.net.

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7 Responses to “#1 vs. #2”

  1. Crowderpeas27

    I can’t wait until the game, I know the hawks are going to handle their business both days. I just want them to have fun, watch the foul troubles and continue to play as a team. They have everything it takes for them to go all the way and I am excited. I post on J Smooth blog, he has a very nice website.

  2. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    Good luck the next two nights and HAVE FUN most importantly! I know this goes without saying, but keep what they did to you all in the postseason last year in the back of ya heads, that should be motivation in itself. The Highlight Factory will indeed be ALL THE WAYYYYY TURNNNED UP tonight, have fun tonight and tomorrow fellas!

  3. atl resource

    I can’t wait until game time 7:00PM, go get them cavs, good luck fellas! ATL with you all the way. GO HAWKS GO!!!!

  4. Clay

    We need to go out and get T-MAC

  5. [email protected]

    cavs r going 2 bust the hawks just like last year in the playoffs!!!

  6. aaronl

    let’s go CAVS!!!! beat ’em like we did in the playoffs !!!

  7. Ms. V

    If the Hawks play their game they will be fine. The Hawks need the crowd support, and I hope they feel the love. This is the highlight factory not Cleveland. So Hawks fans make some Noise!!!