Double Dip With Cavs Could Be Big Boost For The New Year

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
By feo_admin

Closing out 2009 this week with back to back games against the Cavs, the Hawks need to send a message by beating the Cavs.  While winning early has put the Hawks in a great spot, beating a team like Cleveland now that they have hit their stride, could be huge for confidence and momentum. I have no doubt that beating the Celtics early this year has done wonders for the Hawks’ young season. The Cavs had some things to work out early and but winning nine out of your last ten shows that you have fixed the parts when needed. With back to back games and finishing out 2009 with the Cavs this week, the Hawks will undoubtedly learn about themselves and their opponent.

Both games take place in the toughest buildings in the conference as the Hawks are 12-2 tied for best mark at home in the east tied with King James on his court. Defending home your own court is a must

The last time we saw the Cavaliers they were celebrating here in Atlanta as they were moving on in the playoffs.  The last time we saw the Cavaliers, Joe Johnson and Al Horford were both less than 100 percent healthy.  Al said this week that if he had to do it again, he would sit out longer and may not play with the same injury to reduce the risk of long term injury, which illustrates how hurt he was. 

With Joe Smith being the only injury of note, closing out the calendar year on a good note is within reach and important as a tough road lies in wait in January.


RUN SHAQ- he is still Shaq in the post and still 37 in transition.

SHOOT THE THREE- the Hawks and Cavs both can make the long range shot.  I have no problem going inside and keeping up the good work in the paint but if we can make the money ball shots early it may force the Cavs to do the same and put pressure on them.

FOUL WHEN NECESSARY- Cleveland is 21st in the league at the foul line.  In a pinch give up no easy buckets and make them shoot free throws.  We have a lot of big bodies…and a lot of fouls to give.


The Hawks have not lost a road trip (when playing multiple games) this season and have not lost back to back road games in the process either.


I’m averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds in the past five games and am shooting 85 percent from the free throw line.  Ladies and gentleman I am Al Horford.


He plays hard.  I asked josh Smith if he changes his play when he is in foul trouble and he said he remains aggressive.  He knows his teammates feed off of his energy and he will continue to play hard and defend the paint. Let’s hope he is not sidelined by the whistles this week.

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7 Responses to “Double Dip With Cavs Could Be Big Boost For The New Year”

  1. Crowderpeas27

    The Atlanta Hawks can win this game. They need to IMO, go in with the right attitude, play as a team, relax on the foul trouble (even if they get it brush they shoulders off and keep it moving) and just have fun. They have everything they need to win. We got this one, and the one on Wednesday, I can’t wait! I know the crowd’s attendance has been an issue but i am a firm believer that if they just play THEIR game and have their focus on the ultimate goal the crowd will come. Like the old saying, “if you build it they will come”. :)

    Good luck tonight HAWKS! I am excited.

  2. Balled up yellow legal paper in the hawks locker room

    It’s time to show who we are. Go have fun, do what we do best. We are going to play hard against James and keep up with Mo Williams and match the aggressiveness of Varejo. Morris, Collins and ZaZa be ready to play hard against Shaq.

    I hope the crowd will show up and act a damn fool.
    Focus, Focus, Focus and defense. And this will be a great time to have Mario West. This is a good time to have an excellent defensive game. Take it to the hole, and don’t settle for jumpers.

    F-ck It, lets play hard. I don’t need to talk up this game you are all professionals and you know what we need to do.


    M. W.

  3. Hawksfanman

    Wow Good Game Man This team is going places Joe or Jamal Have got to become clutch and Josh Smith MUST learn how to shoot

  4. atownhawk23

    LOL, they lost how amazing.

    Well, lets just go to Cleveland just to go for no reason at all. Then, comeback to Atlanta and beat the KNICKS.

    LOVE U JOE JOHNSON AND Bibbylicous!!!♥

    Btw the crowd today was wack because you could usually hear them on TV, but you couldn’t hear nothing but BOOOOOOO anytime the crowd said something.


  5. atl resource

    We need to beat the cave in cleveland thats just all it is to that, and let them know that we are not going away no time soon. and that we will see them in the playoffs this year as well in a few months, and we can beat them. just play your game guy’s and we will be ok. LET’S GO HAWKS LET’S GO!!!!

  6. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    I love my Hawks, but Cleveland will win in Cleveland. They clearly have the Hawks card, enuf said!