Friday Night Highlights

Friday, January 1, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Six Fridays in a row at the Highlight Factory.

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6 Responses to “Friday Night Highlights”

  1. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    Hawks…….oh Hawks. WHY do you get us so excited in the season to only LET US DOWN IN THE END??? It’s SO frustrating watching a team with so much talent not play up to their potential!! Don’t think I can bare to watch the next couple of games due to frustration. GET IT TOGETHER HAWKS, SHEESH!!!

  2. tony

    itsslomotionbaby, they do have an explosive player. I hate to sound like I’m beating a dead horse but Jamal Crawford is as explosive as they come but his coach and some of his teammates have handcuffed the young man to keep him from scoring too many points. I guess in their minds he is a ball-hog because he has a reputation of scoringd 50 points. I guess Michael Jordan, (Kobe-present), and Wilt Chamberlain were ball-hoggers as well since they too have scored 50 points in their career. If I’m correct, each time Jamal scored 50 points his team won.

    Last season the hawks had trouble scoring points down the stretch espectially against quality teams. I believe Sund signed Jamal in order to solidfy their offense especially down the stretch in close games. Unfortunately, Mike Woodson would rather play mind games with Jamal instead of using him as a weapon to destroy their opponents.

    Last night Nate Robinson came off the bench and score 41 points to help his team defeat the hawks. Back in Dec J.R. Smith came off the bench and scored 41 points to help his team defeat the hawks. I believe Woodson and certain members on the team have insinuated that they do not want Jamal trying to score 50 points. If that is the case, then Jamal will try his best not to score too many points just to satisfy their(JJ and JS) ego. If they were so concern about Jamal scoring too many points, why didn’t they just resign Flip Murray? I could careless how many points he scores just as long as they win the game. The last thing a coach should do to his players is affect their psyche and I believe that’s what they are doing to Jamal.

  3. Hawksfanman

    Teauge shouldve played Nate period Jamal Shouldve got the ball more but they werent keeping it awaaay from him joe just wanted to be the go to guy and jamal crAWford IS not explosve quick but not explosive. Teauge is

  4. Anonymous

    Teauge shouldve been in the game thats all it is to that, come on m woodson let’s get it right next time.

  5. tony

    itsslomtionbaby, I never said that I wanted Jamal to score 50 points. I was only pointing out that Crawford is capable of destroying teams once he gets into a rhythm. Yes, I agree with you that he can get ice cold …..thats just human nature. However there were many times when Jamal got into his rhythm but some of his teammates(js/jj) didn’t try to get the ball to him in games when they were missing and forcing shots all night long.

    Go back to the 1st game against Cleveland. Jamal got into a rhythm but jj and js were missing and forcing shots. Jamal could have destroyed this team if they had kept feeding him.

    Go back to the Denver game. Jamal got into a rhythm but jj and mb were missing and forcing shots all night and js were taking unneccesary shots. Jamal could have scored 40 or 50 points in this game. This is the game J.R Smith scored 41 points on us.

    Go back to that Chicago game. Jamal got into a rhythm but mb and js were missing everything. For whatever reason, jj would pass the ball to them but he would not past the ball to Jamal. He may have past the ball to Crawford once in this game if any. This is the game that really made me questioned their reluctance to get Jamal involve because it didn’t make sense to me why jj would keep passing the ball to ice cold js and mb and not Jamal. Had jj gotten Jamal more involve instead of always looking to pass the ball to ice cold mb and js we would have won this game easily.

    When Jamal gets into his rhythm especially in games when they are up 10 or more points, they should keep feeding him because he can score in bunches until the last second ticks off the clock. He has proved that throughout his career.

  6. atownhawk23

    Shoot I would slap the whole team including the coaches these past 4 GAMES, if I were the owner.