Tuesday, January 5, 2010
By feo_admin

After a tough time in Miami and losing a season high four games in a row, this is the time for the team and fans to be tough.  Mired in the longest losing streak of the year, finger pointing and the blame game could easily begin for players and fans but won’t solve the issues surrounding the team at this juncture.  

While there is a difference between losing games and being beaten, the issue for the Hawks at this point is that they are having both happen to them.  The first three games of the rocky road saw the Hawks get up big, but fail to close the deal in the final period of play.  In Miami it was over after getting down 25 in the first half, which is most atypical of the team this season.

Things are not uncorrectable, but the team needs to avoid bad habits. The ghosts of bad games past have shown up too much and do not need to fester.  Standing around, too much one on one play, missing wide open shots, not running the floor and giving up easy buckets are the symptoms which need to be inoculated to cure this losing cold

The Hawks that got out to a 19-6 start, destroyed teams in the fourth quarter, ran the floor and owned the paint while putting up 100 points seemingly every night.  Now the fast break points have dwindled, the team is not winning the battle in the post, and scoring has come down.

With all that being said it is time to get back to what worked early, not play the blame game and get back to the team mantra this year: “DEFEND, REBOUND AND RUN” which is the solution to ending this streak.


The Hawks simply have not been able to score enough to put teams away.  Throwing up 100 point games came effortlessly up until this point and now during the losing streak, scoring has gone down to 92 points per contest. Much of that can be corrected by finishing up strongly in the fourth quarter, making free throws and attacking the basket.


There have been plenty of opportunities for the Hawks to snap their streak but have basically shot themselves out of games.

-Against Cleveland it was going nearly nine minutes without a bucket then blowing a 17 point lead.

-Against the Knicks it was shooting under 40 percent in the fourth quarter(and Nate Robinson going Teen Wolf , my goodness).

-Against the Heat it was shooting into a 25 point deficit in early in the game and not being able to recover.

Go to the basket!

Streak Stats not in favor of the Hawks

Outscored 188-154in second chance points

Outscored 50-24 in fast break points

Outscored 113-71 in the fourth quarter and overtime


The Hawks have been very good care takers of the ball, leading the league with the fewest turnovers per game so they are not giving many possessions away.  Cleary the execution and ball movement have been major factors but there is no need to panic.  This team is still 12-4 at home and is a top ten team in the league (7th) on the road.  It is not always easy and losing streaks come to all teams.  This is the time to rally around the birds and be tough together.

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  1. Crowderpeas27

    The Atlanta Hawks have everything they need to win but they have to WANT it as well. In the game last night it started slow and the players in my eyes looked unmotivated. I don’t know if they need a motivational speaker or relaxation tips but they need to calm down, trust in their abilities, trust their teammates and get the win. Sure we gonna loose some games but this is a slump that they have to want to come out of. I said it before, the TRUE Atlanta Hawks fan will always be there whether they are in a slump or winning. The guys need to play like they want it bad and not worry about the 6th man, dunks or putting on a show, because it will come trust me. People will come out to see a winning team. This slump is going to take serious dedication, hardwork and the guys getting focus. We will always support them because we KNOW they can WIN!

  2. Darrell

    If they take care on NJ & Boston or somehow win 2 out of 3, they can put the losing streak behind them. Folks have said “it’s just one game” which turned into 4, which has cause for concern. Later on they can go on a nice roll, like the Nov-Dec run, but it has to happen when it happensm there’s no guarantee they’d get that win % back where it was before Jan 1.

    Where’s Sund’s email so I can tell him to get on his coach for not playin Teague?

  3. Crowderpeas27

    I want to agree with Darrell on not playin Teague. I think Woody needs to bring him in more. He has the speed they need. He might make mistakes being a rookie but the season ones make them too and with the right plays Teague can be dangerous.

  4. tony

    Everybody were ice cold last night. I agree Crowderpeas27, they got to want it bad enough if they expect to become champions. There are 2 positions on this team that concerns me. The point guard position and power forward position.

    I’m concern with the pg position because Mike Bibby is not a true pg and he is getting old. I’m concern with the pf position because Josh is a terrible offensive player with a bad attitude. He is so stubborn that he will continue to make the same bonehead decisions no matter what the coach saids.

    This is what I would do if I’m gm. I would trade Jeff Teague to Charlotte for Raymond Felton because Raymond is a true pg and Jeff is not. Raymond won a national championship like Al Horford and he can get you 8 assists, 13 points per game and more importantly he is a winner.

    I would trade Josh Smith to Toronto for Chris Bosh. Eventhough Josh is a better shot blocker and he steals more balls, his inept performance on offense outweighs what he does on defense. I like Chris because he has a better attitude plus he’s a better scorer and rebounder.

    We stand a better chance of getting to the finals with this lineup.

    1)Raymond Felton
    2)Joe Johnson
    3)Marvin Williams
    4)Chris Bosh
    5)Al Horford

    We stand a better chance to get to the finals with this lineup.

  5. Mr. Hawk

    1)Chris Bosh
    2)Joe Johnson