Playing in the Snow

Friday, January 8, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Yes, the Hawks play basketball not football, so they do battle inside the controlled climate of the Highlight Factory. Still, as snow covers the ground and schools are closed we got curious about how the Hawks perform when the weather conditions outside deteriorate. A look back at the “severe weather” days when the Hawks took the court over the past two seasons reveals that we play well:

Specifically looking at the snow days –
Back in January of 2008 the snow had just begun to fall outside as Melo, Iverson and J.R. Smith were in town dropping a combined 84 points on the Hawks. It was not enough to overcome a more balanced attack from Atlanta, and A.I. and Smith were both ejected with under a minute to play as their frustration surfaced.
During last year’s annual snowfall the Hawks rallied from a 13-point deficit before King James was aided by a soft foul on a drive with seonds remaining to win the game at the line.