First Place On the Line

Saturday, January 9, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Tonight’s game at the Magic is not just another “statement” game to establish the Hawks as contenders in people’s minds around the league. A win tonight does more than change perception, it changes the facts. Sitting just one half game behind Orlando in the standings, Atlanta would jump into first place in the Southeast Divsion with a win tonight.

Similar to what the Hawks were experiencing just four days ago, the Magic have lost four straight games. While Atlanta responded well with a convincing win over New Jersey and a win over the Celtics, there are reasons to believe the Magic’s streak might not be over at four.

Atlanta’s streak including two games against the Cavs and a match-up with Miami at home, while Orlando’s has been against four teams below .500. On top of that, last night’s loss to the Wizards (who were playing without Gilbert Arenas) saw Vince Carter leave the game after a second quarter colision. His “sprained shoulder” could keep him out of tonight’s contest.

Here is a solid preview from an Orlando Blog: Howard the Dunk

10 Responses to “First Place On the Line”

  1. Crowderpeas27

    The game last night was great. The commentators had a lot to say about the way the Atlanta Hawks play and at first, I started getting upset but as I thought about WHAT they were saying, they were correct. The Hawks need to come out of the games with more energy. They need to realize that the other teams feed off of that; so, if they can break their momentum from the start then they have the game. They also are doing a good job with passing the ball but they need to continue to do that and trust their teammates. Lastly, I feel that the Hawks need to stop worrying about calls and “brush their shoulders off” and continue to play good ball. It seems like every little thing that doesn’t go their way gets them down. I thought that they ran a little slow and it was funny, that the commentators said the same thing. They need to get more speed and pick it up more. I am so glad Jamal is with this team, I don’t know what to do! He truly made the difference. Doc Rivers is working with his team on Anger and one of the things he said to them is “Whatever angers you, owns you” I hope the Hawks players heard that because it is profound. In my last blog comment, I said they seem to need more motivation, I hope Woody is giving them what they need and if not bringing in the person’s with the wisdom to help them get their spirits back. I will continue to say that this Hawks team has everything they need to make it all the way but they have to want it and work towards it. I look forwards to tonight’s game.

  2. Darrell

    I like how you got Vince’s injury in quotations, lol

    Don’t want the Hawks to make it all better for Orlando.

  3. atownhawk23

    Wow, I thought game was great, but MY JJ WAS LOOKING SAD AT THE END OF THE GAME.That Made me want to cry.

    And about the Hawks fans because I think they suck. I was at the game and Rondo had got a 3; Then the Hawks had gotten back on Offense People would barely say “LETS GO HAWKS”.

    When the Hawks win a very important game no one wants to speak on the blogs or talk about how good of a job the whole team did. But when they do all they say is the negative things.

    Why can’t y’all just show some love for your team? What do y’all want them to do? GOSH!!!

    Love YOU JJ!! GO HAWKS!

  4. Hawksfanman

    the hawks are a good team but, i think they lose alot og games becuz their plain out not better were not better than orlando or cleveland period, the players need to work on their game during the offseason Josh needs to be a deadly shooter and get stronger same as AL, Teauge will develop but he needs to get stronger, Marvin needs to keep what hes doing up this is my first season as a marvin williams fan!, then you need to get rid of the weak links i dont really like zaza but when he hustles he can be a beast he REALLY needs to get stronger and keep working on his shooting, I dont like MO evans tho i think he shuld be traded, we should really take advantage of this D-Leauge showcase thing because we arent going to get anything good out of the draft (best case another potential player like teauge but we dont have time to wait) so i think we shold call-up Cartier Martin,or Alonzo Gee, From the D-leauge to replace mo evans, Then trade Mo evans and Joe Smith (luvv him but sorry), and a 2nd round for brandon bass. And I think we should draft Solomon Alabi. then well be great nexxt season


  5. atownhawk23

    Wait. I don’t get it why should we get rid of Joe Smith? Joe Smith is a good player. That’s what I think. Oh yeah, I think if the Hawks get someone out of the D-League they should bring Mario back here.I don’t know if we are going win the CELTICS GAME, but lets handle them Celtics.

    Love YOU JJ!! GO HAWKS!

  6. TheKid2KILL

    Can we trade JJ to New Jersey for Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and Courtney Lee?

    C – Brook Lopez
    PF- Al Horford
    SF- Josh Smith
    SG- Jamal Crawford
    PG- Devin Harris

    The Hawks will be far better off when Joe Johnson is gone. He is not a top tier player, but wants top money. And he never shows up.

  7. Mr. Hawk

    I agree that Joe is not in the class of Kobe, LeBron and Wade. I believe that to be a Superstar or Star in the NBA you have to step up and be ready to lead your team EVERY NIGHT. @TheKid2KILL, Brook Lopez and Devin Harris would be great pickups for Atlanta, but I don’t know if you give away Joe for that.

    I see that the point guard position is getting out played; I LOVE the Hawks, but I know that they need to make some changes before the trade deadline.

    I know it’s a long season, but it starts with the correct personel.

  8. 808Hawk

    Let me get this straight. You want you give up the main scorer of a playoff team for 2 starters from the worst team in the league and another Mo Evans (Lee)? I love what Bibby has brought to this team but I really want to see Teague get a boost in playing time. He’s great on defense and can develop his offense with experience. Let’s not waste his potential.

  9. Mr2.5

    Point per game
    Brook Lopez – 18.6 points per game
    Devin Harris- 15.9 points per game Vs Joe johnson- 21.2 ppg
    Courtney Lee- 11.5 point per game

    Al horford moves to his natural position PF, We get a talented Center that can score we also get a PG that gives 15.9ppg more than what Bibby gives.

    Great trade for the Hawks

  10. no name

    Joe is as inconsistent as Atlanta weather. He’s also rather slow for an off guard, and his only real talent is getting space for his own shot or hitting an open one.

    he’s not a real All-star
    The real All-Star is Jamal Crawford.