Fanning Out The Flames of Losing

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
By feo_admin

A week ago the Hawks were mired in a three game losing streak.  A week later they have beaten the Celtics for the third time this season, took two out of three from best teams in the eastern conference, and are a game and a half out of first place in the division.  There were cries that the start was a fluke, the guys weren’t playing hard, the team needed to make a move…rubbish.  The Lakers have lost three out four, the Magic lost four straight this year and there was not a peep about whether or not they were the real deal.

Losing happens in the NBA, and teams find in rough spots , it’s about not letting a bad week turn into two.  The fact is a bad start in Orlando turned into an embarrassment, bad shooting in Miami led to a blow out and the Hawks should’ve beaten the Knicks at home.  They followed up  the negative with a good performance by erasing a 14 point deficit on the road in Boston on their way to victory.  A great way to put out a fire.

Even with the losing streak last week , The Highlight Factory is still a tough place for opponents as the Hawks have only four losses, and Atlanta is still a top ten road team in the NBA…the team is on solid ground.  Improvement in different areas is a must and execution of the offense has to be a focus when the jumpers don’t fall.  With that being said, this is a very good and very dangerous team on any night.

Learning how to stop a losing streak is just as important as learning to win.  As long a the team can recognize and react to the habits that are dire to their spot in the standings, it should be considered a part of the process, and something all good teams have deal with.

Huddling Up

After the comeback win in Boston the team gathered near their bench as the clock hit zero and joined together for a moment of unity.  Al said it was a moment the team will remember and was a good lesson on how to remain poised in a hostile environment. Al also waved goodbye to the Boston faithful on his way out…he said they were doing more than waving. 

No Laughing Matters

With the Wizards coming in town it won’t be the same without their star player. There have been plenty of jokes made with the trouble Gilbert Arenas has found himself  in the past few weeks but not from the Hawks or other NBA players. It is certainly unfortunate that the Wizards and the league are losing a star player for some time.  The players are all aware of the situation and are taken aback like most fans and take the gun issue very seriously. Georgia Tech alum Javaris Crittenton who was allegedly a part of the incident, is a very good friend of Josh Smith and a local favorite.  Josh said that Javaris, “ is like a little brother” to him and that he will not comment on the situation.

Mario West

The return of Mario West is certainly good news and greatly appreciated by his teammates and coach.  There will be no doubt he will get a good ovation the every time he hits the floor. Coach was glad he was back and surely his defense will help the team and hopefully will rub off on his teammates.  As an aside Mario has already played his first game. He went one-on-one with coach Woodson after practice.  Mario won and pointed out his record against coach is now 56-0.

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