Don't Look Past Bobcats

Thursday, January 21, 2010
By Jon Newberry

With a schedule next week that includes the Rockets, Spurs, Celtics and Magic it would be easy to overlook a Friday night game regardless of the opponent. Add in the fact that it is the Charlotte Bobcats, a franchise that has not finished better than fourth (out of five) in the Southeast Division and the danger of a mental lapse grows even larger.

Wait right there.

This is not the Charlotte Bobcats of 2009 (or ’08, ’07, ’06, ’05 or ’04). They have won 10-of-11, including road wins at Cleveland and Miami, and at home against Houston, San Antonio and Phoenix. They own the second best home record in the East (18-4). And, oh yeah, they beat Miami by 39 points last night, moving them into the fifth spot in the East.

The Hawks will break down game film of the Bobcats and they will be reminded of the 103-83 loss they took on the chin back in early November. That should be enough to avoid looking past former Hawks Stephen Jackson and Flip Murray. The Bobcats aren’t in the ‘Big 3’ and they aren’t the Lakers. They aren’t going to win 60 games this year, but that doesn’t mean that for a one or two week stretch they can’t play like an elite team. Streaks are powerful in sports… but they always come to an end eventually.

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