Home Again, T-Wolves Talk, and Crawford's Health

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
By feo_admin

The Hawks are back home, finally, and hopefully they will make the most of it.  Al Jefferson and Kevin Love are in town tonight and are two big men who love to do work inside.  While both big guys are a force  in thier own right, the Hawks feel that the best plan is to attack the big guys directly.  Al Horford and Josh Smith will have their hands full but should pose more of a problem to the bad guys with their athletic abilities. The boards will be huge as both teams can find ways to exploit missed shots.  The T-Wolves are coming off of a win against the Heat last night and should pay the NBA tax for playing back to back games … being dragged up and down the court.

After the collapse in Oakland against Golden State, every Hawk player appeared to ready to make that the last let down of the season.  With Dallas in town on Friday, it is important to have good carry over from the huge win in Utah on Monday and put together a nice streak as five of the next six games are at the Highlight Factory.  With the Warriors in town next Friday night, payback will have to wait.

The Hawks need to utilize this homestand as they are two games behind the Magic, who have three of their next six on the road.

Jamal Crawford

Crawford is still suffering from the effects of his shoulder injury before the All Star game.  He was very honest about its effect on his game. “As a shooter, you do have to adjust to it but I will be fine.  I think the biggest thing is I haven’t been as aggressive as I have been all season … that is going to change.” If there is a silver lining it is that Jamal’s injury comes at a time where he can figure out how to play with it as opposed to having something pop up before the playoffs begin.  Either way he looks to have a good homestand.

The Hawks had a banged up Al Horford and Joe Johnson in last year’s playoff run, let’s hope a clean bill of health is on tap this year.