Treat 'em All the Same

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
By feo_admin

The Hawks are right where they want to be and are chasing the division crown with passion.  Still two games behind the Magic for the top spot in the division, the team is taking everything seriously.  There is no need to let all of the hard work they’ve put in this season go to waste with a bad stretch of ball now, so they are treating every opponent as if it is a must win scenario.  Coach Woodson believes the team is right where they want to be, and that the division is there to be had. “We’re playing for something, there will be no nights off and there is a lot at stake.”

With two young teams coming in to finish off the week, the Hawks should be able to keep pace or chip away at the Magic before the road trip next week.


Randolph Morris says poise. Although Randolph has not hit the court much, he works hard in practice and has the mindset of a coach.   The specter of a collapse late in a game is not what this team wants, and being composed the last two games of the home stand will be key.  Revenge will be on the minds of the team Friday night as the Warriors will be in town.  The Hawks gave up an 18 point lead and lost when last they met.


After having a physical game with the Bucks, a few players say they like bang and won’t mind doing more of it. “We won’t take any mess when a team tries to play like that, and I always like to play that way.” Al Horford who has to deal with Andrew Bogut and Samuel Dalambert this week says, “I don’t mind playing that way at all, I’m all for it!”


A few of the guys attended the Jay-Z concert last Saturday and enjoyed themselves.

Joe Johnson- “I enjoyed it was great. I enjoy Trey Songz and Jay-Z, I really enjoyed my time watching them perform.”

Josh Smith- “It was one of the best concerts that Philips Arena had.  When you can get guys who are hot in the industry right now all together at once it makes for a great show. I think that Jay-Z did his thing, Jeezy represented Atlanta and Trey Songz was great.”

Zaza- “The concert was great I had a good time.  I’ve been listening to him since I played in Europe.  I could feel the energy from the first song, it was a great experience. When you see someone live you like them even more.”


Jason Terry

“It’s a totally different mindset for teams when they come into Atlanta now. Teams used to party the night before because they knew they had an easy win, now you come in here and you better get your rest!  These guys are ready, they’re young, they’re hungry, and I can see them making a long run come playoff time.”

Lewis Williams

“They are the longest starting five in the league,  they have chemistry together and Joe Johnson.  You always have your hands full with them.”

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