Short Memory for a Long Season

Thursday, March 11, 2010
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks have lost two games in a row. Fact.

Yet, as much panic as there is in the “blogosphere” the locker room remains calm. This team, even though it is still loaded with twenty-somethings, has plenty of experience on their side. Dwelling on a loss or questioning what has worked thus far is what leads to bigger problems.

At 40-23 Atlanta is ahead of pace to surpass last season’s win total of 47 games. A closer look at how they got here reveals that the numbers don’t tell the whole story. The “quality wins” this season have been impressive. Season sweeps of Boston, Utah and Portland and a road win agianst the Mavericks definitely top the list. Last season the Hawks did not win on the road against any of those teams.

 So while dropping two in a row and losing the season series to inferior teams (New York & Miami) is not ideal, the Hawks have to put losses out of mind quickly and focus on the bigger picture. With 19 games to play Atlanta is tied with Boston and three games behind Orlando in the loss column. The 2nd or 3rd seed is right there if they can rattle of a nice stretch of wins.

The Hawks have lost two games in a row. Fact.
Oh yeah, before those two games the Hawks had WON four games in a row. Fact.