Injury Bug Takes a Bite

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
By feo_admin

The injury bug has missed biting the Hawks all season long and now has shown up to nibble on  major components of the team.  Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby are a bit wounded as the Hawks face the Nets, which is new to a team with fewer than 20 man games missed this season.

Great attributes of this season have been that the starters and bench players have been able to play all season, and build chemistry without having to mix and match different lineups. Playing without Joe will reveal a lot about the team.

Johnson banged up does ring a bell of concern, but the way the team has shared the basketball all season,  should provide confidence to coach Woodson and to the fans. The team has been able to get more rest than ever before and now is the time for the team to step up and use the rested legs this season.

For the first time as an Atlanta Hawk, Joe is not in the top six in minutes played in the NBA.  As a matter of fact, for the first time in his Atlanta career, he is not in the top ten (he is 11th) in minutes played.  That shows that the bench has been able to extend the minutes that the starters get  to rest.  Coach Woodson is very comfortable in his rotations and will expect guys to step up in the absence of the floor general.

Horford and Johnson were both hurt during last year’s playoff run, severely limiting their effectiveness.  The spin I put on the nicks that Joe and Bibby have is…better now than later. Both of these guys need to be as close to “max Q” as possible when the post season rolls around and anything nagging needs to be nursed now.

The Hawks have two missions the rest of the way, continue to track down the Magic and keep the troops healthy.  Charlotte is done in their quest to catch Atlanta or Orlando, so the Hawks to don’t have to look in the rear view anymore. It’s the Magic or the 4 seed down the stretch. 


Will it be the Jamal Crawford show, the Josh Smith experience or will the love be spread around?

Will Jeff Teague get in earlier and stay longer if Joe is limited in the upcoming games?


Mo Evans could play a big role if he gets more minutes this week.  Woody loves Evans’ defense and Evans is always looking to score when he gets an opportunity.

4 Responses to “Injury Bug Takes a Bite”

  1. Mr. Hawk

    The Hawks are 0 – 5 against the Cavs and the Magic. Come on guys step it up!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Hometeam

    Ouch this one hurts. The Magic won again. A win against the Cats and Spurs would be huge. Have to close out games late.

  4. tony

    WOW! This one really hurts but for the most part I think we did some wonderful things last night. I tell you, until this organization bring in some guys who have good court awareness and understanding of the game, this team will continue to falter at crunch time. This is an area I would like to see Jamal Crawford and Joe Johnson incorporate to their game. Crawford should have been aware that AL Horford was dominating down low and should have gotten the ball to him instead of relying on himself in certain situations. I want Crawford to get at least 6 assists a game because it will demonstrate that he’s not only a terrific scorer but also a team player.

    I’ve been evaluating some players who could immensely improve our team next season starting with the draft. Keep in mind, I’m looking for high IQ basketball players ONLY! I would like to draft a pg but this is not a good draft year for pgs so I decided to get the best player available who could come in replace Marvin William.

    Paul George-6’8 In my opinion, I think this kid is the best smartest sf in this year’s draft. I seen him on youtube and I can tell you, he will improve this team immensely. Check out his strength/weakness.

    Strengths: Has great length and athleticism … Smooth player, makes plays look effortless … He has good court vision and is an excellent passer … His length combined with his release point make his jump shot difficult to contest … Can finish around the basket with finesse or power and can do so with either hand … Outstanding three point shooter, shot 44.7 percent from behind the arc as a freshman … His greatest strength may be his ability to play the game with maturity and understanding of someone well beyond his years … Allows the game come to him, does not force plays and rarely takes bad shots … He’s a good rebounder because of his length and timing, and should be even better as he adds weight to his frame … Led Fresno State as a freshman with six double-doubles … His wingspan and basketball IQ allow him to disrupt the game on the defensive end of the court … Has a tremendous basketball frame with huge wingspan and the ability to put a lot of weight on his wide shoulders … He averaged 1.7 steals and 1.0 block per game last season in the Western Athletic Conference.

    Weaknesses: Listed at 6’7″ 185, he’ll need to add weight in order to absorb contact at the NBA level … His first step and overall game is smooth rather than explosive, although strength should help him to become more explosive … Has a tendency to play vertical, looks stiff at times on the court … Good shooting percentages, but may need to speed up the release on his jump shot at the next level … At times he can be unselfish to a fault … Forty percent of his offensive attempts as a freshman were from the three point line, needs to become more adept at putting the ball on the floor … Playing at Fresno State, there will be some criticism about his level of competition …

    There are three pgs in this year’s draft that could have an impact in the nba but their basketball IQ doesn’t impress me too much but I will name them any way.

    1) Armon Johnson is a terrific passer and he reminds me of Mookie Blaylock.
    2) Greivis Vasquez assists are the best but he is not a high IQ guy.
    3) Jimmer Fredette best shooter in the draft.

    Now, I want to sign an high IQ free agent who I think will sign with the hawks.

    1)Dwyane Wade-sg
    2)Dirk Nowitzki-pf
    3)Chris Bosh-pf
    4)Manu Ginobili-sg
    5)Carlos Boozer-pf
    6)Raymond Felton-pg
    7)Chris Duhon-pg