Small Bite from the Injury Bug

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Word is out that Joe Johnson did not travel with the team for tonight’s game in New Jersey, and while it hasn’t officially been ruled out that he could join the team for Wednesday’s game in Toronto, it certainly isn’t likely. Joe is battling a sore Achilles’ and Mike Bibby is also questionable (back).

Three things worth noting:

1) The Hawks have been extremely blessed with good health this season. They have only had 15 games missed due to injury this season (yes, that is a stat), while the second lowest team total at the All-Star break was 32 (Minnesota). Atlanta has only had two games where they missed one of their top-six. Marvin missed a game in December against New Jersey and Jamal missed a February game against Miami.

2) Adversity builds character and creates opportunity for others to “step up” and take on a bigger role. Last season Marvin averaged 26 points and 8.5 rebounds in the two games Joe missed (both Hawks wins). Williams got to the line 34 times in two games as Atlanta used him as the primary option on the offensive end. 

3) If you are going to have issues with injuries, this is pretty good timing. The Nets are 2-8 over their last ten games, while the Raptors are 1-9. It is also safe to say that the Hawks have matched up well with these teams so far this season. They enter tonight 4-0 with and average winning margin of 26.5 points (126.5-100).

Finally, don’t be surprised if Coach Woodson plugs Mo Evans into the starting line-up and keeps Crawford as the spark off the bench. Evans was 18-7 as a starter last season (18-6 if you discount the season finale where many of the regulars rested).

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3 Responses to “Small Bite from the Injury Bug”

  1. Andreas Makris


    I am not so worried about the Nets as i am for the Raptors. The Nets are a good young inexperienced team but they beat the Celtics in Boston and also had other good match ups vs other good teams. The loss of JJ is crucial and i hope it doesn’t end to be fatal.

    I think Jamal and Teague and Zaza will get a lot of time today. Mo Evans has good games and bad games but his decision sometimes with what to do with the basketball are not the most efficient.

    I sure hope JJ will play in Toronto because that game will be hard and tough to win. On the road without your All Star guy and getting his 21 points a night will cost you. I am not saying the HAWKS cant win without JJ because they can and proved it also. The bench has been a big contributing factor this season and congrats.


  2. Andy Raymond

    I kind of see two sides to this.

    Sure it’s great that if we’re without Joe, it’s nice that it comes against the Nets and possibly the Raps…BUT…these are games ATL is expected to win. So the likelihood of a victory or two against these lesser opponents is higher even without JJ, but if they drop one or both of these games, it’ll really sting. (Versus if he were out for lets say a road game at Los Angeles, where the odds of winning even with a full lineup were slimmer.)

    On any given night, anything goes…just look at the Knicks against us, and us against Boston.


  3. fan4life

    Te Hawks will be fine without JJ..He is so deserving of the rest.