Feed The Right Man

Monday, March 29, 2010
By feo_admin

As the end of the regular season approaches, the Hawks want to fine tune their machine as much as they can. Being at full stride as the playoffs begin should be the top priority for this team.  There are a few glitches that show up against good and bad teams that the Hawks should look to correct, and all it takes is getting the ball in the right hands.

Slow starts and losing leads late are among the issues that the team look to resolve. The solution … hit the hot Hawk.

With so many guys that can score, the solutions to the aforementioned problems can be corrected with good recognition and timely passes.  It seems that most of the scoring lulls the team suffers come from missed jump shots and standing around. When the team moves and is active, they can put any team in the league on their heels.

Yesterday was a great example.  Down early Josh Smith got it going in the paint, followed by Jamal scoring 10 points in the blink of an eye, finished off by Al Horford going to work in the third quarter. The team did not settle for just jump shots and mixed things in marvelously.  I saw great passing, unselfish play and activity throughout the game, a great way to see the team perform.

If the team swings the ball and hooks up the Hawk with the hot hand, good things will happen. Let’s see if this recipe can be repeated in the final month of play.


The behind the back passes are becoming a fan favorite from our big man.  You also love the way he “can’t feel his face” after he pulls a great pass off.  I want to see more.


It just has to be the last bad loss of the year … Period. With Detroit two more times (once on the road) and the Wizards once, the Hawks have to use those games to keep pace with the Celtics and to stack road victories. Check out the race for the 3rd seed HERE.