Tonight is Big for 1st Round Match-Ups

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
By Jon Newberry

First thing first… Joe is not with the team on the road trip and will not play tonight in Charlotte or tomorrow in Detroit (full story).

That being said, the Hawks have had remarkable luck when it comes to injuries this season and playing without their leading scorer may be a challenge that allows the other stars or roll players to grow into a bigger piece of the postseason plans. There are only six games left in the regular season, and with just a single game lead over the Celtics for the 3rd seed in the East, this is no time to be making excuses.

The game tonight could determine Atlanta’s first round opponent since the Bobcats are closing in on the Bogut-less Bucks for the 6th seed and the Hawks are fighting to hold off Boston for the 3rd. A Hawks win tonight keeps Charlotte at least two games behind Milwaukee with just five games remaining. The Celtics meanwhile are coming off an emotional home win over the Cavs and begin back-to-back road games of their own with the Knicks and Raptors.

One Response to “Tonight is Big for 1st Round Match-Ups”

  1. tony

    Something is going on between Jamal Crawford, Mike Woodson and certain members on the team. It seems to me that there is no camaraderie between them. Woodson shun and head scratch everytime Jamal approach him……this is something a insensitive humanbeing would do and Josh as usual continues to avoid him when they’re on the floor together. Is Jamal Crawford doing or saying the wrong things to draw negative attention to himself? I wouldn’t know, but I do know that it starts with the coach in terms of how the team plays as a unit.

    The more I watch this team plays the more I realize how obvious a coaching change needs to be made this offseason. This team is not fundamentally sound and they don’t play well as a unit. This team needs organization BAD!

    Rick Sund needs to seriously think about hiring Avery Johnson to be the hawks next hc. Avery will teach our young men how to play fundamental, organize basketball. His coaching record speaks for itself. I really like his demeanor as a hc.

    Coaching Record
    Season Age Lg Tm G W L W-L% W > .500 Finish G Plyf W Plyf L Plyf W-L% Plyf Notes
    2004-05 39 NBA DAL 18 16 2 .889 7.0 2 13 6 7 .462
    2005-06 40 NBA DAL 82 60 22 .732 19.0 2 23 14 9 .609 WC Champions
    2006-07 41 NBA DAL 82 67 15 .817 26.0 1 6 2 4 .333
    2007-08 42 NBA DAL 82 51 31 .622 10.0 4 5 1 4 .200

    Career NBA 264 194 70 .735 62.0 47 23 24 .489

    Season Lg Award
    2005-06 NBA Coach of the Year