The Third Seed is Charming

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
By feo_admin

The trend of getting better every year continues. The Hawks locked up the number three seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs last night after Boston fell to Chicago.  From 13 wins in a season to the third seed in the playoffs in a short spell of time,  the Hawks have continuously givien the fans some great times at the Highlight Factory.

From Joe Johnson breaking the ankles of Leon Powe then draining a a three and Zaza’s headbutt on Kevin Garnett, to sending Miami home in a game 7 at Phillips Arena, the birds have given the city not only memorable moments, but the hope that each year will have more to come.


With Jamal Crawford and a deeper bench, this could be the third straight year in which the Hawks give this city something special to remember, could you imagine knocking of the Magic and going to the Conference Finals?  6 years ago it was pie in the sky, this year … it is not.


Zaza Pachulia does not dwell on the past but believes that the team could have been, and is better than numbers indicate. He was very honest when talking about some of the games that got away this season.  “If we had finished over .500 on the road, we could have been the second seed.  The games you give away, you will feel them at the end of the year.  We have to win on the road in the post season. Nobody is going to give you games on the road so we will have to be prepared.”

The Knicks (3 times), Warriors, Raptors, Detroit, Philadelphia you pick a few. Those are the games that stick out to me. They are water under the bridge now as the bottom line is we have opportunities to win on the road again. Let’s do it.


Having all hands on deck is what all teams want in the second season. Last year in the playoffs, the Hawks had a hurt Joe Johnson and an injured Al Horford. This year we are in pretty good shape as health goes-knock on wood.

Joe still has discomfort in his thumb on his shooting hand, Jamal has a toe injury.  Both men will be better with a few days off before the post season. It was a bit scary when Joe sat down due to injury  but he and the training staff have worked diligently to get him back to full strength and it looks like he has adjusted to the injury which is right on time. Jamal has been waiting his entire career for playoff basketball, he will not be denied his opportunity.