Short Memory & No Excuses

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
By Jon Newberry

“No excuses.”

That was Joe Johnson’s response today after practice when asked if players were tired after being pushed to seven games in the first round. It was an answer to a specific question, but it describes the attitude the players are taking as they move forward from last night’s loss.

Twice in his postgame press conference Coach Woodson stated, “We just gotta go back and regroup.”

Atlanta simply had one of those nights where the ball just didn’t seem to want to go into the basket. This was especially true in the second quarter during a run that turned a 27-27 tie into a 44-27 blowout by the home team.

The fact that the Hawks missed some shots that they normally make was not lost on Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. “I think when we watch film (Wednesday), we’ll look at the good shots that they had that just didn’t go down so that we understand that we’ve still got to get better defensively in this series.”

If anything, the Hawks can be encouraged by their play in the first quarter.

“It was good to see that the game plan does work,” said Johnson. Now it is just a matter of executing the game plan more consistently and eliminating the extended runs by the Magic.

Atlanta does have experience in bouncing back from lopsided defeats. It’s entire first round match-up with the Heat last season was composed of lopsided scores, and the Hawks bounced back from a 107-78 loss in their first road game in that series to win Game 4 on the road, 81-71. Even this season the Hawks lost 8 games by 15 or more points only to bounce back  for a victory in six of the eight follow up games.

Losses by 15 or more (next game)
Lost 124-104 @ Denver (Won 110-98 @ IND)
Lost 93-76 vs ORL (Won 100-86 @ PHI)
Lost 92-75 @ MIA (Won 119-89 vs NJ)
Lost 113-81 @ ORL (Won 102-96 @ BOS)
Lost 105-90 @ SAS (Won 100-91 vs BOS)
Lost 104-86 @ ORL (Lost 106-99 @ OKC)
Lost 94-76 vs MIA (Won 110-92 @ LAC)
Lost 107-89 @ MIL* (Lost 111-104 @ MIL)
*2010 postseason

5 Responses to “Short Memory & No Excuses”

  1. atownhawk23



  2. Jeff Teague

    Awww, all I did was go to Disney World.

  3. Mz. Hawkdafied

    The Hawks beat the Magic once, they can beat them once again. BELIEVE! GO HAWKS!

  4. Sharon Coleman

    One bad game does not define a team or how it wil perform during a series. The only ones the Hawks have to prove anything to is themselves and their fans. Everyone has an opinion. I Love this team and encourage them to do their best and win this game 2. Stick to the game plan like the first quarter of the last game. They will be fine. Orlando can be defeated!!!! It is not like it is impossible.

  5. tony

    I agree itsslomotionbaby, we need to blow up this team BAD! This is Billy Knight’s mess so it’s up to Rick Sund to clean it up. I was totally against giving up 2 1st round picks for Joe Johnson to began with and when Knight took Marvin Williams as the 3rd overall pick I almost had a heart attack!

    What this team need is high IQ basketball players. The Lakers and the Celtics didn’t win all those championships by drafting athletic basketball players….they won championships because they drafted and signed high IQ basketball players and coaches who played on championship caliber teams.

    We must get rid of those low IQ players(Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Marvin Williams)so we can compete against Orlando, Cleveland, LA, San Antonio and the Bucks.

    We need to trade Josh Smith and Marvin Williams for a future 1st round pick rather it be in next year’s draft or the year after. I don’t care when just as long as we get Josh Smith out of Atlanta. I can’t bare it no longer…..that kid most go!

    The players below need to be cut loose in order to make room for those high IQ players:

    Joe Johnson (salary) $14,976,754
    Josh Smith (salary) $10,800,000
    Marvin Williams (salary) $7,700,000
    Mike Bibby (salary) $6,217,617 he just getting old and slowing down.

    We need to replace them with these high IQ basketball players below:

    Dwyane Wade (salary) $15,779,912
    Carlos Boozer (salary) $12,323,900
    Raymond Felton (salary) $5,501,196
    Gordon Hayward-rookie
    Omar Samham-rookie

    Starting Lineup Next Season
    1) Raymond Felton-pg
    2) Dwyane Wade-sg
    3) Carlos Boozer-sf
    4) Al Horford-pf
    5) Omar Samham-C
    New HC Avery Johnson

    Second Unit
    1) Jeff Teague
    2) Jamal Crawford
    3) Gordon Hayward
    4) Joe Smith
    5) ZAZA

    Rick Sund please do not sign or draft anymore low IQ basketball players.