Short and Sweet

Monday, May 10, 2010
By feo_admin

I’ve been to practice, press conferences and post-game interviews looking for the answers.  The Hawks have done the same.  While all in the Hawks community are in shock (trailing 3-0 to the Magic), we all know this team has the talent to beat any team in the NBA, particularly at home, on any night. 

There is no need for pep talks, long blogs or in-depth analysis. Tonight the message is short and sweet. No matter the outcome … PLAY WITH PRIDE.

… and there it is!


9 Responses to “Short and Sweet”

  1. Stotts Era

    we’re terrible, might as well start mario west tonight, he plays with effort

  2. josh

    That’s what i’m hoping as well – that they atleast play with some pride – gonna be there to hopefully see them play some basketball!

  3. Paul

    Adios JOE!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    We need a leader on the court. Joe Johnson is not a leader a leader on the court would help motivate and push these guys to play as a team and play hard.

  5. Anonymous

    Loosing by such a large margin is tolerable if I could say they played hard, chased every loose ball, and made every effort to win. These guys play like they don’t want a championship, they look like they ready to go home.

  6. David Murray

    I am still awaiting an apology from Joe to the fans. His comment on Saturday that he didn’t care whether the fans showed up or not is inexcusable. I’m a true Hawks fan and without season tickets have been to 20 home games this season. What a slap in the face dude!

  7. Jason

    The post-season has certainly shown us we still have serious team building issues, but a comment like “we’re terrible, might as well start mario west tonight, he plays with effort” only proves that Atlanta does not stand behind it’s teams through good and bad. Sure we are blowing our chances at a great post-season, but are we already forgetting the huge improvements we have made over the past 5 seasons since we went 13-69 in ’04-’05, not to mention posting our best regular season record since the ’96-’97 squad.

    Coaches motivate players, players motivate other players, but how can a team stay motivated unless they known their fans are there for them? There are a few teams in the league that seem to excel year over year even with coaching and player changes taking place, but the one thing those teams have in common each year is a fan base that attends their games win or loss and doesn’t take every loss or blown series as a chance to badmouth their own team.

    I have attended countless Hawks games over the past decade and will that change because they have had a bad post-season? No, I’m a fan and fans support their teams year in and year out. Do I want drastic coaching and/or player changes during the off-season? No, there are no quick fixes, we have made progress, and I’d rather not go through the ’99-’07 rebuilding era.

    Stay positive and good things will come, continue to be negative and you’ll always be disappointed.

    Go Hawks!

  8. Jamal

    The hawks need to make cap space for a real superstar may be get rid of old Mike Bibby and that busted call Marvin Williams and hopefully get Bosh to be our home town superstar.

  9. Hawksfanman

    Hawks need to make changes this season first off I heard Jeff Teauge is plannin on working hard this summer good because he has potential, we have two options either start over(trade joe jamal and smoov) and try to rebuild around AL which I dont think is a bad Idea, or work with what we have which isnt my favorite idea but is most likely: first off all current players must work on their game and conditioning this summer, 2nd make a smart draft choice(someone who will immeadiately impact us positively) and 3rd snag whatever good free agents we can find: Im thinking we sign Gilbert Arenas who will probably be bought out, unfortunately resign Josh Childress, sign joe back for cheap(10 mill), then draft solomon alabi, who will struggle but is way better than Jason Collins, then sign back Joe smith and try to sign Tyrus thomas. though idk if we could


    But that line up happening is unlikely and it still has flaws so If we rebuild which I think is a better Idea we will probably be alot better Which means everybody is up for trade except AL i want to say smoov to but he makes it hard for the hawks to get a good center (Because he cant play the three) I like him hes a good guy and all but in the playoffs he was walking down the court when he got mad soooooooooooooooooooo. trade every body get some potential players and DP’s and well Se what happens!
    Go hawks