Important Summer Dates

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Now that the Hawks have been eliminated from the 2010 Playoffs there is plenty to discuss/analyze/look forward to as the team moves into the offseason. To help give you a guide to all the important dates this summer, here is a list of events you won’t want to miss:

May 18th – NBA Draft Lottery
While the Hawks have no ping-pong balls in this year’s lottery, the outcome of next week’s event still demands your attention. The outcome of the lottery has a domino effect that influences team needs, free agent signings, and players under contract who suddenly become expendable.

May 19th-23rd – NBA Draft Combine in Chicago

June 1st or 3rd – Start of the NBA Finals

June 17th – Latest possible date for Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals

June 24th – NBA Draft

July – Summer League Action
Last summer the Hawks did not field a summer league team but instead opted to hold a “rookie camp” in-house. There were rumors that the Rocky Mountain Revue would return this summer, but the Deseret News reported earlier today that it would not.  That leaves the NBA Summer League in Vegas, a league in Orlando run by the Magic, and a possible third league in Chicago as options should the Hawks put together a team.

July 1st – Teams can negotiate with free agents (must wait until the July Moratorium ends on July 8 to sign)


3 Responses to “Important Summer Dates”

  1. tony

    I just hope for everyone’s sake that Rick Sund will make the right decisions in hiring the right coach and bringing the right players to Atlanta. I must say that I’ m a little skeptical concerning his decision making skills. Taking Jeff Teague to play the point guard position just blew me away.

    I’ve been pushing the idea that we should sign and draft high IQ basketball players. Also I believe we need to sign a coach who has been assiciated with a championship team rather as player, coach or assistent coach. Let me give a few examples.

    1)Pat Riley helped the Lakers win a championship as a player and he coached the Lakers and Heats to championship victories.

    2) Phil Jackson helped the Knicks win a championship as a player and coached the Bulls and the Lakers to several championships.

    3) Bill Russell helped the Celtics win several championships as a player and as a coach.

    4) KC Jones helped the Celtics win championships as a player and as a coach.

    5) Gregg Popovich never played in the nba but his resume speaks volume. He played 4 seasons at the US Airforce Academy and was named captain and he was the scoring LEADER on his team. In 1972 he was selected as the team CAPTAIN of the Armed Forces Team which won the Ameteur Athletic Union(AAU)Championship.

    6)Byron Scott help the Lakers win many championships as a player and help the Nets get to the NBA Finals.

    7) Avery Johnson help the Spurs win a championship as a player and helped Dallas get to their 1st NBA Finals.

    Athletes tends to gravitate to success more so than not.

    There are only a few teams with coaches who never played on a championship team as a player but won a championship as a coach.

    I hope Mr Sund hire a coach who has championship written on his resume. Also I hope he draft players who played on championship teams or at least draft those players who have a very high baskekball IQ. I’m keeping my fingers cross. Good luck Mr Sund.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow i cant remember so many teams being swept & blownout like this to where they are being put in a full nelson and noses being pushed in the dirt ( i mean clevlend & orlando have had thier basketball lives punked out of them)now they are looking like the hawks. OH WELL

    AS far as looking towards the draft we really dont have any thing to get excited about ( wow whats the extra 6 wins worth for now)? according to one mock draft SOLOMON ALABI is slated to go a pick b/f us and is said to be worse off than thabet as far as his developement. the SF thats supposed to end up in our lapps, DAMION JAMES is atheletic and supposidly a rebounding force, translation ( we better off keeping marvin) i would rather take a gamble on the guy thats slated togo behind him a shooting guard called LANCE STEPHENSON especially if joe leaves.

  3. tony

    itsslomotionbaby, I agree. Coaches are another intity that makes the game interesting. Without Pat Riley or Phil Jackson the Lakers wouldn’t look all that interesting. I believe Avery Johnson will do a better job in his second time around if given the opportunity. He’s a very interesting young man.