Important Summer Dates

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Now that the Hawks have been eliminated from the 2010 Playoffs there is plenty to discuss/analyze/look forward to as the team moves into the offseason. To help give you a guide to all the important dates this summer, here is a list of events you won’t want to miss:

May 18th – NBA Draft Lottery
While the Hawks have no ping-pong balls in this year’s lottery, the outcome of next week’s event still demands your attention. The outcome of the lottery has a domino effect that influences team needs, free agent signings, and players under contract who suddenly become expendable.

May 19th-23rd – NBA Draft Combine in Chicago

June 1st or 3rd – Start of the NBA Finals

June 17th – Latest possible date for Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals

June 24th – NBA Draft

July – Summer League Action
Last summer the Hawks did not field a summer league team but instead opted to hold a “rookie camp” in-house. There were rumors that the Rocky Mountain Revue would return this summer, but the Deseret News reported earlier today that it would not.  That leaves the NBA Summer League in Vegas, a league in Orlando run by the Magic, and a possible third league in Chicago as options should the Hawks put together a team.

July 1st – Teams can negotiate with free agents (must wait until the July Moratorium ends on July 8 to sign)