Finding Value at 24

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
By Jon Newberry

The Hawks have the 24th pick in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft. There will be 23 picks before them on draft night, which means there will be 23 variables that influence their pick. That being said, I will leave the analysis and player evaluation to Hawks GM Rick Sund and his staff and resist throwing out names of players that could slide in and contribute next season.

While many of you will argue that the best the Hawks can hope for with a pick as late as 24th is a career-long role player, there are countless examples of past diamonds in the rough. In fact, of the 12 Eastern Conference All-Stars this season, three of them were drafted outside of the top-20: Gerald Wallace (25th in 2001), David Lee (30th in 2005) and Rajon Rondo (21st in 2006). Within the Hawks franchise history there are also examples of making the most of later picks.

Hawks All-Stars that were drafted later than 24th overall:

  • Doc Rivers – 31st overall in 1984
    Rivers is the only player in Hawks history to average a double-double with points and assists for an entire season (12.4pts/10.0ast in 1986-87). He was also named to the 1988 All-Star team.
  • Eddie Johnson – 49th overall in 1977
    Johnson was a 2-time All-Star with the Hawks.
  • John Drew – 25th overall in 1974
    Drew was a 2-time All-Star with the Hawks and was ultimately traded along with Freeman Williams for Dominique Wilkins.


  • Lost in NBA history is the fact that the Hawks franchise drafted two of the cornerstones of professional sports greatest dynasty. Both Bob Cousy (1950 by the Tri-Cities Hawks) and Bill Russell (1956 by the St. Louis Hawks) were originally drafted by the franchise. Cousy’s rights were sold to the Chicago Stags who subsequently folded, opening the door for the Celtics to pick up Cousy in the dispersal draft, and Russell was traded to Boston on draft night for future NBA Hall of Famers Cliff Hagan and Ed Macauley.
  • In 1969 the Hawks drafted Butch Beard 10th overall as their first of 20 selections that night. While Beard enjoyed a 10 year career and became an All-Star in 1972 (although he only played the 1969-70 season with Atlanta) he was only one of four members of the Hawks ’69 draft class that saw any NBA action. Atlanta picked up Grady O’Malley in the 19th round and he spent the entire season with the team, appearing in 24 games. Drafted 214th overall, O’Malley will forever be the highest pick to see minutes in a Hawks uniform.


  • Bob Petit – 2nd overall in 1950 by the Milwaukee Hawks
    Petit went on to become the NBA Rookie of the Year, a 10-time All-NBA 1st Team selection, 2-time NBA scoring champion, first recipient of the NBA’s MVP award, and NBA Hall of Famer.
  • Lenny Wilkins – 6th overall in 1960 by the St. Louis Hawks
    Wilkins was twice inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. Once as a player (1989) and once as a coach (1998).
  • Lou Hudson – 4th overall in 1966 by the St. Louis Hawks
    6-time All-Star scored the first points for the Atlanta Hawks after the franchise relocated from St. Louis.
  • “Pistol” Pete Maravich – 3rd overall in 1970 by the Atlanta Hawks
    Hall of Famer played four seasons with the Hawks.
  • Kevin Willis – 11th overall in 1984 by the Atlanta Hawks
    Played in 1424 games during 20 seasons in the NBA. Is currently 22nd on the NBA’s career rebounding list.

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67 Responses to “Finding Value at 24”

  1. Swingman912

    Since Jon wont throw any names out there, i will. Gladly i might add. Paul George. 6’7″ athletic SF/SG with a stroke. In the event that we get a coach that actually runs plays(iso-joe is NOT a play)losing JJ wont be so bad if he’s replaced by someone who can play in a system. If he’s there at 24, get ‘em, because George can. And i feel he can right away if we lose Joe……. I feel JJ was our best player last year. But i feel in part that he was our best player because he had to be. When the coaches bail out plan in give to ball to Joe and everyone clear out for 18 sec until he feels like shooting, then you have no option other that to make shots or miss them. In the reg. season he made some, missed some, but J-Craw made up for a lot of the misses and gave us those 50 wins we longed for. In the playoffs, he missed more than he made, then said some dumb things after a loss, which put a sour taste in the fans mouth, especialy since our “star” wasnt playing like one. Bottom line is, he isnt a star. he’s a great number 2 option, but in a system where he’s the main guy, and all the attention is on him, and we iso for three-fourths of the game, he shows us time and time again he isnt that guy. More screens, more player/ball movement, less switching, and better defense on the PG would’ve led to more wins. If we keep Joe, we need to get completely away from Woody ball. And he has to know that for us to get better someones means he has to pass rather than force bad shots………where my bloggers at………..CHUUUUUUCH

  2. breakdemankles45

    The atlanta hawks desperately need another center that can comtribute to the team now! I suggest Brain Zouebak from Duke because he can pull down reboounds from both sides of the floor and brings an extra post presence in the middle.

  3. hawksfaninlouisiana

    We have 2 picks and should get a center with both picks.

  4. V3

    I agree, i haven’t kept up with the alot of the college players this year but i have seen enough of Brian Zouebak to know he would be great on the Hawks. Granted he needs a fire lit under him at times but definitely would fit in a system run by Avery Johnson. Being a Defensive minded coach, Zouebak would flourish in his system. Besides, I cant say enough how great it would be to see Al Horford at the 4 and Josh at the 3…Both would make an even more impressive impact at those positions. If JJ is gone, you get Avery, bring in an impact player (mainly on rebounding) in Zouebak. But i dont really know what his draft stock is looking like. If he’s in the 2nd round then by all means take him.

    Just a note, NO is looking to trade Chris Paul, I say sign and Trade Joe, might be a good look for us and them considering there looking to develop Collison and keep the pressure of all the scoring off of David West and Marcus Thorton. Just an idea.

  5. Hawksfanman

    I think we need to rebuild our team beccuz if we loose Joe we wont play well anyway, Have you heard that the 6ers are trading their pick to anyone who take EBRAND out of their Hair? I say we make the move -Trade Jamal and Bibby for Elton Brand and the pick. Hey we might even get lucky and walk away with wall and If not Turner is a nice peice to. THen Our Next move is sign and trading Joe trading Joe,I really like him but we need a fresh start, JJ for NENE and future picks then we terminate his contract so he can go back. With #24 Im hoping Avery Bradley is still around that would be good then we pick up dex pittman with our second round. Also teauge has to get better quik, nd we should look at Jeff van Gundy
    we still have some holes to fill but we should do it



  6. Swingman912

    Zoubek isnt slated to go until mid to late second round, so we should not get him with the 24th. Wait till the second round to see if he’s available. If not Pittman should be there, but if Joe leaves, we need to get player to possibly fill that void. I like Stephenson, but he has had character issue, plus his long range game is suspect. Damian James is a beast, but he’s a PF in a SF’s body, so he has no true position. He doesn’t shoot well from distance, and doesn’t make up for it with driving ability, so he wouldn’t be a good wing for us. Paul George is a sleeper. He’s impressing scouts at workouts, and seems to be really more of a SG, even though he played SF in school. He can shoot, penetrate, is long and cagey, so if he commits on defense, he’ll be a problem. Youtube him and see if you can see what i see…………….CHUUUUUUUCH

  7. Devin

    I don’t care who we draft. We need to sign David Lee. He would bring plenty to the team. Sometimes it seemed the team lacked enthusiasm. He brings it every night.

  8. Swingman912

    @Devin he does bring it night in and night out. 1 question, should he play the 4 or the five???

  9. Swingman912

    @BadaBing, I dont think the Suns plan on parting ways Lopez. They see his potential, and honestly, Josh has gotten better and better each season. Even his whining and laziness subsided. Plus you cant argue with production, and Smoove produces. Marvin on the other hand, does not. I think we should keep Josh, and see what we can get for Marvin. Joe isnt a go to guy. We’ve put the team on his shoulders and he’s proven he cant carry it……time to move on, for the team, and for Joe…….CHUUUUUCH

  10. Anonymous

    @BadaBing….Great point. With iso-joe being the only offensive system Woody seemed to know, A lot of player production did suffer, especially Marvin. He has ALL the tools(good shooter, better than good perimeter defender, decent at creating his own shot). Thats why we picked him over the PGs we passed on in ’05. I’m just a little skeptical about trading Josh. I COMPLETELY understand his negatives(never giving 100%, whining, etc.),but i’m not sure than his production can be replace with the roster moves. 3rd in scoring, second in rebounding, 2nd or third in assist. Dont have to mention the blocks. Runner up for DPOY. Only second to D12. What big that we trade for could replace those numbers?…..But i think you might’ve convinced be to consider keeping Joe…..

  11. JJ2 Fan

    I say we keep joe johnson and get another big like dat dude from duke he is really good i dont know what to say about josh smith you cant replace his numbers no where in the nba he is just gonna have 2 understand that winning is better than starting i like josh smith and teague is going to be used more nxt year

  12. JJ2 Fan

    oh yea i also hated that isolation offense it went no where down the stretch of most games we should have been second in the east but does games lost us dat

  13. sean smith

    the hawks need to keep everybody.if joe dont come back let it be and find another superstar.we need to trade bibby and get a PG that can move that ball and shoot and other. HAWKS WE NEED A CENTER 4 DA 50TH TIME .WE WILL NOT GET NO WHERE IF DONT GOT NO CENTER.GET A CENTER AND DEVELOPED IN HIM TO A SHOOTING CENTER.

  14. Devin

    Do some kind of sign and trade with NY for David Lee. Give up M Williams. Have Lee play PF, Smith SF, Horford C, Johnson SG, Bibby PG. Bench-Pachulia, Teague, Mike Miller, Crawford, Joe Smith, a few rookies to round out the line-up.

  15. devin

    all ya sleep yall betta keep josh he block shots do do get rebounds

  16. devin

    get rid of marvin and randolph get amare stoudemire

  17. devin

    mike woodson dont players right. he tire out his players dont never get on joe johnson. joe johnson dribble the bball too much

  18. tony

    This is what I hope Mr Sund will do this off season.

    1) Hire Eddie Johnson(he won a championship as a player)

    2) Sign Raymond Felton(he won a championship as a player)

    3) Draft only high IQ basketball. Here’s 4 of them:
    (Gordon Heyward)he is a very intelligent ball player.
    (Paul George)he’s very smart and athletic.
    (Luke Babbitt)he is a warrior and he’s very court smart.
    (Omar Samhan)he is the best scoring center in the draft and he is another high IQ ball player.

    I’m one of Joe Johnson biggest critics however, I believe if we can sign Raymond Felton, Joe Johnson will be a much better ball player. I say this because Raymond is a floor general and team leader. Raymond’s leadership ability is what helprd the tar heels win a national championship. JJ will respect this young man the way he use to respect Steve Nash.

  19. tony

    I meant to say hire Avery Johnson.

  20. Hawksfanman

    Channing Frye Is Opting out so sign him, the only problem is he has no-post game, no enthusiasm, and no- work ethic, but his 3pt shooting is an upside, Draft Damion James if hes available hell be able to fit into the rotation well, i think, with the second pick we should sifn either Dexter Pittman or Ryan Richards. trade joe smih for brandon bass.
    Teauge Has to really work this summer if we want a championship
    because hes goin up against wall, rose, westbrook, nash, kidd etc.
    so he has alot of work to do. Smoovs gotta get stronger/ quuicker
    Marvin needs to work alot of areas and ZaZa has to get super strong if were not contenders with this line up then we have no choice but to rebuild our team by trading Joe Jamal and Smoov for picks and potential Players
    Hope we can get good enough to win it tho Go Hawks and sign TJ ford

    3:Williams/Damion James (DP)
    4:Smith/Bass/(Pittman or Richards{DP})

  21. tony

    Come on Hawksfanman. Are you serious? I respect your opinions but I can’t agree with your picks and lineups and here’s why. In your first post you have us taking Avery Bradley. Bradley is a liability and a complete waste. He’s too short to play the 2, not a team need, terrible free throw shooter and he is a low IQ basketball player.

    In your last post you have us taking Damion James. He’s another liability, poor free throw shooter and just another(JS) athletic basketball player.

    We will never get past Orlando or Cleveland with your lineups. Teague is not a facilitator and Al Horford is a nature 4.

    We need high IQ basketball players!

  22. Swingman912

    Did Tony just say JJ will respect Felton like he did Nash???? A Raymond Felton/Steve Nash comparison???? UH, no. I have followed Felton since his Tar Heel days, and while he was great in college, his Bobcat days have been less than stellar. Dont know if you watched the first round sweep of Charlotte, but Dwight didnt play much at all(foul trouble). So without D12 how was Orlando able to still sweep ‘em? Two words. Jameer Nelson. He gave it to Felton night in and night out. The Hawks are already having issues with defense at the PG spot. I dont see Felton helping that cause.

    I do agree though, that Teague isn’t a facilitator, but he is a scorer, something we also needed but didnt get much of from the PG spot. Teams knew they didnt have to worry about Bibby penetrating. Sure, he could still spot up and shoot the J, but thats hard to knock down if a man is in your face. And since Bibs legs arent what they used to be, he had know lateral movement, so a man was almost always in his face. It got to a point where most of Bibby’s shots were created by someone else’s penetration. Teague will drive, and that could create opportunities for him to kick out to the shooters. And while his J does need work and isn’t as wet as Bibby’s, its decent enough for guys not to leave him open.

    I also believe that Avery Bradley and Damian James have no true position in the NBA. Bradley’s not a PG at all really, and too small to play the 2. James is high energy, and a rebounding machine, but he doesnt shoot well enough to be a 3, and is too small for the PF spot. I like Paul george(if available)at #24, but the rest of the players Tony suggested will do just fine.

  23. Hawksfanman

    You know what i do like Hayward but the reason I didnt like him was because he is very similar in my opinion to kyle singler, who I wanted us to go for next year. But he would be a very nice pick up maybe we could some how get him.

  24. Hawksfanman

    you know what I just though about something since philly still wants to get rid of brand and are willing to give awaythat pick we could sign and trade Joe to them, and then go for John Salmons idk about cap money and all that but if we could do that and still get frye and ford it would be a smart move……and alot of possibilities.


  25. tony

    Swingman912, thank you for pointing out Felton’s performance against Nelson. Here’s where you and I see things different. I look for consistency in players throughout their nba career whereas you look at certain games to pointout certain criteria to make your final analysis on him.

    Raymond Felton has been pretty consistent throughout his nba career(13.1 ppg, 3.4 reb and 6.5 apg). More importantly he’s a facilitator and team leader. His career in assists are what stands out the most. 6.5 assists = 13 points. This indicates that he is creating scoring opportunties for his team. That is what a point guard supposed to do. If you study todays players or former players with high assists numbers, you will find that their team were very successful. Accourse we all know that you have to put the right combination of players on the floor at the same time to have any success.

    You talk about want Nelson did to Felton but you never said what he did to Rajon Rondo. He average 18 points against Ronda and 24 points against Felton in the playoffs. Nelson is a pesty scoring machine who can score 50 points on you on any giving night. Ok, enough of that.

    I’ve been studing a hundred of college players up to this point to determine which one of them could improve our team the most. There are 2 areas that we really need to focus on in this year’s draft; the point guard and center positions. We got to get a center so that Al Horford can move to PF. We won’t be able to handle Orlando and Cleveland without a true center and that’s a fact.

    Here’s what I think we should do in this year’s draft. We should take Omar Samhan(center) with our first pick. This kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with. The Hawk havn’t had a scoring center since they moved to Atlanta. I won’t count Moses Malone because he was old and past his playing time when we signed him. Omar will create problems for Howard and other centers around the league because of his versatility in the post. He is a top 10 pick in my eyes.

    We should take Brian Zoubek(center) with the 2nd pick. Zoubek is a high energy guy who plays with alot of passion. He will go to war for you.

    There’s a guy out there that no one is talking about who I believe will have a tremendous nbn career if giving the opportunity. His name is Jonathan Jones(true point guard). This kid is a true facilitator and can put some D on you. Here’s his career stats:

    (FG 43%) (3PT 35%) (FT 83%) (Reb 3) (APG 7) (Stl 1.6) (PPG 13.4)

    Again, the assists are what stands out the most for the pg position. Seven assists = 14 points. This kid knows how to create scoring opportunity for his team. In other words, he’s a pass first PG. He will be the steal in undraft free agency if we can get him at that point. If we do, he will evenually become our starting pg in 2011. He’s really worth our 2nd round pick.

  26. Hawksfanman

    Hay Tony I cant find anything about Jonathan Jones can I get a link bro?

    anyway we should draft one of those centers idk which one but we have to decide what we want I think for our center We should take pittman maybe Zoubek but idk if zoubek plays D, we dont need Sahman because tho he has potential we dont need to out score Howard we need to gaurd him and I think pittman is the best option to do that that late in the draft, Ryan Richards is another option but idk if wes nba ready. Any way we need a one on one defender because Marvins the best one and hes terriible, did you see nate robinson go off on us? we need some one who can lock down someone like that because we struggle against guys who are athletic and can score, ex: wade, rose, parker, etc. wwe need a lock down guy idk who it is tho maybe some one can help me out. I like a guy like barnes on orlando but idt well have the money.
    Personally to me he best option is to rebuild, take average Dp’s this draft pittman or Zoubek, Sign and trade Joe for Brand and 2nd pick, trade jamal for some picks and potential players, well never need a big scoring C well only need a big defensive one, becuz josh cant come off the bench, an he CANNOT!!!!!!- play the 3 ever. I say let Al stay at C he can handle it and sign C fry, sure well suck but we’ll get good picks and with all th upcoming talent well be good.
    Josh Selby, Kyle Singler, LaceDarius Dunn etc. We can be good with the team we have now but well never be great, with it,

  27. tony

    Hawksfanman, here’s a link on Johnathon Jones.

    Please don’t give me a heart attack with those picks, I have enough going on trying to keep my business running smoothly. Pittman is a low IQ basketball player and a huge liability. If you do your research on this kid you will find that he has conditioning problems. On top of that he is a terrible free throw shooter.

    To beat Orlando you have to force Howard to play on both ends of the court. Same thing goes for Cleveland. You have to attack those teams from an offensive standpoint to have any chance of defeating them. Defense alone won’t get it done. Also we need to get players with a high basketball IQ because to be successful you have to play smart fundamental baskeball. At all cost we must try to stay away from players who have shooting deficiencies.

  28. V3

    I skimmed through most of these, i meant to reply to few a while back but with that said, down to business. Avery Johnson is THE COACH that will get this team over the hump. DEFENSE, for all of you saying Josh smith cant play the 3, i see where your coming from, but look at this point of view, he played in a Woody type of gameplan where it was just iso when there were plays designed for him, with that being said, name his offensive flaw, THE ONLY defense you have for him is to make him shoot. He is strong, he is tall, he can jump, how many guys in the NBA that play the 3 have qualities to match that (exclude LB James and a few others)? If you put him at the 3 it creates mismatches. No 1 besides guys like LBJ or Melo or stars of that caliber or Kirelinko (however you spell it) can match him strength for strength, and speed for speed. You guys are not thinking of ALL the variables here. You start him at the 3, the other upside to this is by taking out your power forward, putting Josh at the 4 when you NEED HIM 2, it def gonna force your opponent to match up with speed where as I’m sure, if you have like AL at the 4, the opponent is gonna HAVE to take out there power forward for a rest or try and match speed but by that time, Josh is gonna have so many advantages his numbers will continue to go up. A chess game people. The 1 with the most advantages will ultimately win.
    With that defense comment for Josh’s case, imagine him in offense where its not JUST ISO (i.e. Avery Johnson). Its alot more variables to think about because all of you that watch the hawks know, where a play is ran, like the 1 where bibby throws an alley, NO 1 can stop it, no 1 can jump like him and in an Avery Johnson type system you know there will be plays set up to better suit him.
    I also liked the comment about bringing in like Ray Felton, the guy has a keen sense to throw the RIGHT passes, push the tempo etc. And i seen the other comment about Brian Zoubaek being in the 2nd round, That would be excellent if he fell to us. As for the Elton Brand trade situation, its a good look but do we have the cap room to get his contract? He would provide another useful low post scorer but only if we could get Wall. I haven’t seen to much of Turner but i feel like Wall would fit in our system better than Washington. Unless you look at Ed Davis out of UNC. We’d get that pick a little high so kind of trade down and see what we get but thats too much trouble all for a search in the diamond in the rough and a bit a gamble if you ask me. I think i like the David Lee idea more so but the only way they let David Lee go is if there getting two superstars Lebron/Wade and Bosh. By now you guys know CB4 isnt going anywhere without 1 of those guys, maybe somewhere with Joe but i Doubt it. Which leaves Carlos Boozer and Amar’e Stoudamire. I dont know about you but i like Amar’e in this camp better then anyone else. He wants max money, I think we have that since Joe is virtually gone. I might be forgetting someone but thats just my few cents in this.

    Oh and lets not forget about the CP3 deal. Dont know how they feel about it now but maybe there still trying to trade CP3 and develope collison. I still say Sign and Trade Joe if its there. Alotta options here in this offseason. Just gotta be open to what kind of pieces we have and ready to make a strong move and leap of faith.
    All in All, CANT LOSE Josh Smith, Al Horford, and J Crawford (if we can find someone to replace Joe so he wont start).

    From what I gathered I see we ALL can agree to take Zoubaek from Duke with the 2nd pick. Hope he’s there though.

    But hey If you guys have some interesting facts/coaches or players im not considering please im all ears to suggestions to try n figure out whats a good move for our franchise.

  29. V3

    BTW i would really like to see AL play the 4, i think it wud improve his stats n domination alot more. and lets not forget, josh blocks and plays D just as good as marvin

  30. V3

    @BadaBing You make a very good point about 1 of them being dealt with in the near future. What do you think might happen with there contracts? Josh is born here, grew up here and probably wont have a reason to not resign unless someone offers him big money, and which according to your points and flaws about him, he wont get. How well do u know Al to wanna resign with the Hawks if we dont make something happen soon?

    *But I have no idea what there contract years are looking like*

  31. WeWantDraftProspects PLEASE

    Excuse me HAWKS.COM, but who gives a hoot about the a town dancers. The website would be better if there was more stuff on the coming draft like the draft workouts and things like that. What players are the Hawks looking to draft in the first and second round? huhh?

    Okay this would be a good topic, Meet the draft prospects or draft prospects profile. I mean the draft is June 24th. No one really cares who is on the dance team. Okay. Come on. Stop it I say.

  32. V3

    @ BadaBing
    Nice preciate the link. I have to admit, a deal for Josh would bring some firepower, but only if its while his game at the pinnacle of his career. And we’d have to get someone good. Any takers people, who might be worth a Josh Smith….maybe if we have enough good ideas, the Hawks might listen to the people and try and make something happen lol

  33. Swingman912


    I do agree that it does give you great advantage when your 3 man cant shoot, but i DONT agree thats its a nessecity that he be a consistent shooter. If you’re a true fan, we ALL know that we cringe everytime Smoove winds up that jumper. He just isnt a true long range threat. What i will commend him on is, this season he took WAY less perimeter shots, and he did develop a better than average midrange game in the offseason. If he worked at it, his length would make him a decent perimeter defender. We know he can get boards, and even though the majority of his blocks come from weak side help, he gets so many as a trailer that even if he isnt quick enough to keep up with most 3’s, they’ll most definitely be looking over thier shoulder before taking it to the cup. Regardless of the things he doesn’t do well, we know he grabs boards(2nd on the team) blocks shots(no need to explain) and the NBA knows, he plays defense(2nd only to the other homegrown kid, D12, in Defensive POY voting this year). And who doesnt love the high rising rim rocking that he brings to the Highlight Factory. Add in the growing number of assist every year(only player to get a triple-double during regular season play, and was 1 assist shy in the playoffs) he should’ve been an All-Star. As a matter a fact, there’s a player that DID make the All-Star roster that isn’t known for, nor does he have a consistent jumpshot at all, but he is know for grabbing boards, blocking shots, and playing defense, just like Josh. Oh yeah, he’s a SF too.Give up???????? Gerald Wallace. So judging from that, it’s possible………CHUUUUUUCH

  34. devin

    the crowd need da make some damn noise, they quiet thats why the momentum go to the other team

  35. devin

    trade marvin mo evans for mike miller and josh howard

  36. devin

    let go joe and get stoudemire

  37. Hawksfanman

    We need to rebuild using oly AL,Josh,(our draftpick: who should be A potential Center or sherron Collins, )and Teauge. everyone else is up for trade,(sign and trade Joe for elton brand and sixers #2pick and a future pick,) and we should sign frye. Nd Josh Needs to be more versatile hes the only main player who can only play one position well. Crawford 1 and 2, Joe 2 and 3, Marvin 3 and 4, al 4 and 5. He needs to really train hard, get stronger and alo faster, work one his footwork, and blance and he’ll be able to bang with some of the better 5’s. And when we play bad the dp’s will come and next year well be able to sign Kyle Singler whom I know Tony will like cuz hes a very high IQ player and maybe even some other talent. The only problem is signing AL next season because he needs more than what he makes but well be alright and after that Elton Brand will be an FA so well be alright.

  38. Hawksfanman

    Thanks for the link tony, JJ is good but If we do rebuild we should get Sherron Collins the first pick and with the second either Zoubek or Sahman or THe center from Northern Iowa (IDK if I got the name of the skool right the one that knocked of Kansas)
    His name is like Jordan Eglesder or something like that.
    What do yall think?

  39. LiL Rach

    if the hawks were smart they draft a guard and forget about a center it`s not like horford ain`t no good. they should draft devon downey out of S.C, LOOK AT THIS KIDS NUMBERS.with bibby getting washed up a guard would smart considering we got a good center. besides if we don`t sign joe we gon need a guard anyway.if they really want a center wait till next year and get jajuan johnson cuz ain`t nobody good enough in the draft now to even take pachulia spot with the 24th pick.

  40. LiL Rach

    i personally don think that the hawks GMs care about the team if they did they would be tryin to find the best picks in the draft and nobody would have to be discussing who they gon get cuz they would already have it locked down and they would sign joe.

  41. LiL Rach

    a good team don even need the crowd but then again its the hawks and we need all the support we can get O i recommend drafting desean butler out of W.V to help at the forward position.

  42. tony

    Hawksfanman, I really like Sherron Collins but the only thing that makes me shy away from him is his lack of assists production. We probably will get the same out of him that we get out of Teague(Shoot first pass last). I think Greivis Vasquez would be a better fit for us because he is a assist guy and he has great size however, I question his decision making abilities. I don’t like players who force shots. That’s a NO NO! Unfortunately, this is not a good year for pgs and centers but there could be some sleepers(Omar Samhan/Johnathon Jones)out there somewhere.

    At this point I’m more concern about the coach they plan to hire because if they hire the wrong one it really won’t matter who they draft because the whole team will play like garbage.

    I try to stay away from the Josh Smith situation because that young man is pitiful. I MEAN THAT! Who in the world will be dumb enough to take him off our hands? FOR GET ABOUT IT! Check out this link concerning IQ players.

    Concerning the coaching situation, I want someone who has championship written on his resume to coach our young men. I’m hoping Avery Johnson is our guy. I also like Byron Scott.

    I hope we draft Luke Babbitt in the 1st round and I’m hoping like heck that Omar Samhan will be there in the 2nd round. Then after the draft pickup Johnathon Jones(pg) and Matt Bouldin(pg). I’m staying with these young men. I won’t waver.

  43. Al BossChick

    Happy 24th Bday Al

  44. Will

    I really think that the hawks should pick up either terrico white from ole miss, or dominique jones from south florida because they are both guards. If joe doesnt resign, then jamal will take his place, and we will need some backup for him and bibby, since jamal was his backup. I think terrico would be a better choice. In the second round, i think we need to pick up a forward, someone who can really crash the boards. I think Brian Zoubek from Duke if he hasnt been picked yet. or maybe even dexter pittman from texas………

  45. tony

    Will, I really like 2 of your picks(Dominique Jones/Brian Zoubek) but your other 2 picks got to go. Pittman has conditioning issues, terrible free throw shooter and a low basketball IQ. Terrico White as a pg is not a assist player, average free throw shooter.

    I don’t know how I overlook Dominique Jones. MAN! This kid is an outstanding basketball player. He has a very high basketball IQ and he is a very good assist guy that plays the sg position. You won’t find too many sgs that can pull down 6 rpg and he is an outstanding defender. He shoot 74% from the free throw line which isn’t too bad but I’m not concern with that because he does so many other good things in games. He is definately a starter on day 1.

    I said I wasn’t going to waver on my final picks but that’s before I learn about Dominique. If they don’t sign JJ, I hope they take Dominique in the 1st round, but if they keep JJ I hope they take Luke Babbitt in the 1st rd.

  46. atownhawk23

    Oh, I just came on here to say go lakers.

    Maybe the hawks will make it one day. WINK.

  47. tony

    I just can’t get Dominique James off my mind! People People people, Dominique should be the #3 overall pick in the 2010 nba draft and this is why. Although he’s only 6’4 this kid has springs in his legs and he is strong as an OX! Remember Charles Barkley? Well, Charles is only 6’6 but could play the 4 because he to had springs in his legs and he was strong as an OX! This is why both players can score and rebound in bunches.

    Dominique is an all for 1 and 1 for all type player. He can score 40 points a game if he wanted to but he’s a team player. That’s the kind of player we need. I hope his stock doesn’t rise because everytime I talk about high IQ basketball players(Paul George, Gordon Hayward and Luke Babbitt) their stocks keep rising. We should let JJ move on and draft Dominique James(sg). We won’t be sorry if we do trust me.

  48. Hawksfanman

    Tony I do like Domo James But the way u feel about him is how I feel about Sherron Collins Hes just such a tough guy and were not the toughest team (mainly because of josh smith) I feel like in years to come they will both be great players anyway….. Man Sund has alot of Tough Decisions, But he needs to make good ones because teauge was not a smart pick, last year I wanted Budinger of Blair, I hope he makes the right choice, I will be biting my nails on the 24th
    Good Luck Hawks!

  49. Hawksfanman

    And Omar Sahman Offence is good but his scoring average and percentage will probably cut in half even with major playing time when he gets to the leauge

  50. Hawksfanman

    Okay, Iwas just thinking trade Jamal and zaza to philly for elton brand and 2nd pick then draft Demarcus cousins, then sign and trade Joe and cash for Mike Miller and RRandy foye, and number 30 pick, Draft Damonique James at 24 and sherron collins at 30(washingtons pick) and draft Omar Saman or Ryan Richards, and send to D-Leauge, and sign channing frye and Joe Smith. Everyone’s Happy!


    Yeah Its not that good Of a line-up but with develpoment well get there, and next year we draft Kyle Singler and its over!

  51. Hawksfanman

    LOL I forgot Cousins After Horford

  52. tony

    Hey Hawksfanman, do you really believe we can beat Orlando and Cleveland with that lineup? Ok, our current payroll is sitting around 65 million dollars right at the luxury-tax line. They are projecting the salary cap to decrease to 50 million in 2011 which would bring the luxury-tax line down to 61 million dollars. If this holds true, we might not be able to sign a quality free agent unless our stingy owners are willing to spend over the luxury-tax limit line.

    This is what I’m hoping will happen. Resign JJ and sign Brendan Haywood. Since majority of people want to give Jeff Teague a shot at pg I guess I will also. Move JJ to the 3, Al to 4 and Haywood to 5. Let the low IQ players come off the bench. Draft Dominique Jones in the first rd and Omar Samhan in the 2nd rd. After the draft pick up Johnathon Jones.

    1)Jeff Teague-pg……………..Mike Bibby….Johnathon Jones
    2)Dominique Jones(R)-sg……….Jamal Crawford
    3)Joe Johnson-sf……………..Marvin William
    4)Al Horford-pf………………Josh Smith
    5)Brendan Haywood-c…………..Omar Samhan(R)…ZaZa

  53. V3

    @ Tony
    the looks of it looks real nice, you have some good points but we know Josh Smith is not coming off the bench

  54. tony

    Thx V3. I read an article where JJ and DW might team up. I think JJ said he would be willing to move to the 3 to play in Miami. If he can play the 3 there why not here and besides, I don’t think he and JS plays well together.

    Sooner or later they will have to get us a big because without a doubt we cannot challenge Cleveland, Orlando and Milwaukee in the east without a big man. If this happens, JS won’t have a choice but to come off the bench. If JS is a team player, he wouldn’t have a problem making that transition. ITS ABOUT WINNING! Marvin William came off the bench at UNC and he need to come off the bench for the hawks.

    Hawksfanman, your lineup is satisfactory but I think we need a big man if we are going to challenge those teams that I mentioned above. So don’t think that I’m being hard on you.

  55. Hawksfanman

    If we dont rebuild I think we should let Joe go its going to hurt us but Hes not worth as much as would probablly get from us I think at max he deserves about 11 mill.

    To replace him we should either sign Salmons, or draft that uy from Domonique jones, I think signing Haywood is smart but coming off the bench would be the best move in order to keep the peace, we should sign Frye as sort of a Secret weopon and I think that we sould sign matt barnes and make Marvin The “2nd string” PF, hope fully teauge will play well, NOTICE: That most of the key players in this line up are old that means that we literally have a season or two to make a Run for the championship, thats why I think we should rebuild but hey………….

    As far as a coach I think sign Dwayne Casey, But the best option would be to get Jeff Van Gundy and interview and hopefully sign him. Oh and also Resign Joe Smith, or sign theo ratliff and I think with 2nd round pick we should get Will Foster and send him to the D-leauge

    4:Smith/Williams/(Smith or Ratliff)

    Head Coach: Jeff Van Gundy

  56. Hawksfanman

    Tony what do you think about terrico White?

  57. tony

    Hawksfanman, they have Terrico White listed as a pg/sg. I don’t like him as a pg because he is not a assist guy and he is a average free throw shooter. He might do well as a sg and he’s a terrific rebounder.

    You know, I’ve been looking for anwsers as to why a few teams(Celtics, Lakers, Spurs and Bulls) win a lot of championships but the rest of the league do not. During the Celtics championships run Bill Russell was a major contributor. He later became the Celtics hc coach and won championships. KC Jones won championship as a player with the Celtics and won championships as the Celtics hc.

    Jerry West won a championship with the Lakers and later bacame the Lakers gm and built a dynasty. Pat Riley won a championship with Lakers as a player and won championships as the Lakers hc. He also won a championship as Miami hc.

    Phil Jackson won a championship as a player with the Knicks and won championships as a hc with Bulls and Lakers.

    Although Gregg Popovich never played in the nba as a player, he did win a championship as player at the Arm Force Academy and was their teamleader.

    Take Joe Dumar for instance. He won championships with the Pistons and later won a championship as the Pistons gm.

    Danny Ainge won championships with Celtics as a player and won a championship as the Celtics gm.

    Bill Laimbeer won a championship the Pistons and won championships as a hc in the wnba

    Michael Cooper won championships with Lakers as a player and won a championship as a hc in the wnba.

    All the people that I named were formerly associated with a championship team. When you think about it, it really makes sense to hire championship former players because they understand the way they were taught as player. They know what goes on in practices, and more importantly they observed what goes on in the huddle especially during crucial moments during games. If you been there before people will buy into what you have to offer them. This I prefer we hire a championship player.

    Here’s a list of championship coaches:

    1)Mike Budenholzer-he been with Gregg Popovich since their championship run.

    2)Clifford Ray-he won a championship as a player and is currently the assistent coach with the Celtics

    3)Avery Johnson-won a championship as a player.

    4)Bill Laimbeer-won a championship as a player

    5)Byron Scott-won a championship as a player.

    If a coach wasn’t associated with a championship team I do not want him coaching this team unless we have a championship gm calling the shots.

  58. V3

    The thing about the coaches is very nice. I like Avery and Byron..Up to the best of my knowledge, both have had explosive season runs within the past 5 years.

    Btw Looks like Lebron and Wade figured out where they want to go. The other place Joe Johnson could really have spot in is with DWade, and thats if they dont sign like Ray Allen but they lookin for a shooter. Any other place thats looking for a shooter, really depends on if there getting Amar’e, Bosh, or Boozer

  59. Justin


    I have seen him play the last 2yrs, he doesn’t miss!!!
    He will be the big sleeper in the draft.

  60. tony

    I checked out Jamar Smith and he is a pretty good shooter but he is not a assist(3 apg) guy. As a freshman and sophomore at the University of Illinois he average 8 pts a game. He transfered to Southern Indiana where he average 20 pts a games in his 2 seasons there. He didn’t do himself a favor by transfering to a small college from a major university.

    I hope Mr Sund do not take Pittman and if we take another forward I hope he’s either Paul George, Luke Babbitt or Gordon Hayward. If we take a sg I hope Dominique Jones is our guy. We need a high IQ big man(Omar Samhan) who can score in the paint. If we take a assist guy we should pick up Johnathon Jones after the draft.

    Dwane Casey will never get the hawks to the nba finals. Hubie Brown demanded respect from his team but how many times did he get the hawks to the nba finals? Take someone who has championship written on his resume. The players will trust him more.

  61. tony

    On June 15th 2009 he(Bill Laimbeer) resigned as head coach of the Detroit Shock, due to family reasons and the desire to become an NBA head coach.

    Get him to Atlanta Mr.Sund.

  62. tony

    BadaBing, thanks for the post. Like i said in my previous post, Pittman have health conditioning issues. He doesn’t play that many minutes because fatigue becomes a factor. He is also a poor free throw shooter. My main concern with him is limitive playing time due to health issues.

    I believe Avery Johnson will be a better fit for the hawks than Casey. As a matter of fact all the coaches I mentioned in my previous post will be a better fit than Casey. How many nba finals have the Mavericks been back to since they fired Avery Johnson? NONE!

    I prefer a full time championship player to coach my team. I’m glad you brought Doc River into the mix because Danny Ainge hired Doc Rivers. As a championship player Danny Ainge knows what to look for when it comes to selecting the right people to coach their basketball team. I’m sure when he interviewed Doc he saw similarities in Doc that he saw in the coach that coached him.

    You would think spending big money to get the best nba players will win you alot of championships but that’s not case. Take a look at these big spenders oppose to small spenders.

    2001 Salary……………..and 2002 Salary……………….
    Lakers $52,985,249…………..$62,577.317 LA won Titles

    Knicks $85,253,575…………..$93,014.156 No Titles

    2004 Salary
    Lakers $95,067,539…….Pistons $52,942,639 Pistons wins Title

    2005 Salary
    Spurs $47,404,123……..Pistons $49,329,935 Spurs wins Title

    The big salary teams didn’t get to the finals in 2005
    Knicks $94,067,539/Lakers $65,138,975

    I would like for Bill Laimbeer to be the hawks next hc.

  63. tony

    I meant to say the similarities between Doc and the coach who coached Danny Ainge.

  64. tony

    I need to correct myself. The Lakers salary for 2004 was $65,510,147.

    In 2003 the Spurs($52,817,688) defeated the Nets($60,412,919) for the nba title.

  65. Anonymous

    yall crazy all we need is a big man resign Joe Johnson make sure you do that because he is the glue of our team but get a big man

  66. Anonymous

    and get off Josh Smith case without him we are nothing youngest player in NBA history to reach 1000 blocks get off his case man……. I can tell yall dont know nun about basketball…… if he or Joe leave we in trouble