Checking In Overseas

Monday, June 7, 2010
By Jon Newberry

With Josh Childress wrapping up his season last night as Olympiakos was eliminated from the Greek finals, it seemed like a good time to check in on players competing over seas that have ties to the Hawks.

Josh Childress
Childress finished the season averaging 15.2 ppg on 52% shooting and 4.8 rpg against Euroleague opponents and 15.8 ppg on 59% shooting and 5.4 rpg against Greek competition. This was a drastic increase in production from his 8.8 ppg on 47% shooting last year in the Euroleague. His adaptation to the European game may lead people to believe he is most likely to play out the final year of his contract in Greece, economic troubles and overall civil unrest could help push J-Chill back to the States.

The most immediate example took place in last night’s Greek league championship when the game had to be called with just over a minute remaining due to fan violence. Olympiakos was trailing by single-digits, but was not able to finish the game that had already been halted for over an hour in the third period because of objects thrown toward the opponents bench.

Check out this video to see Childress in action last night. Move to the 2:55 mark for the first incident that causes the delay.


Sergiy Gladyr
Gladyr was drafted in the second round last year by the Hawks and participated in the Hawks rookie camp at Philips Arena. This year he made the jump from his Ukranian team to the highly regarded Liga ACB in Spain. There he averaged 10 points and 2 rebounds in 29 games (19.4 minutes per game) for Suzuki Manresa. He scored a season-high 24 points including five 3-pointers in a win over Caja Laboral in November.

Cenk Akyol
Akyol also stepped into a bigger league this season, leaving his old team in Turkey for Air Avellino in the Italian league. The 59th pick of the 2005 draft averaged 11.8 ppg, 2.5 rpg and 1.4 steals, and had a 25 point outburst in a loss to CS Bologna.

Cenk shows you “Yes, they have the seated shot from the bench in Europe too.” –



Garret Siler
One of the bigger (literally and figuratively) stories of last year’s training camp was the possibility of the former NCAA Division II All-American from Augusta State making the Hawks roster. Listed anywhere from 270 – 310 lbs. and as tall as 7’1″, his size is something that many NBA teams can value. After the Hawks cut ties with Silerlast fall he picked up withthe Pacers and played two games in the D-League before signing with the Shanghai Sharks who are owned by Yao Ming.

Siler performed well in China averaging 14.1 points while shooting an incredible 75.7% from the field. He led his team with 9.3 rebounds per game and also blocked 1.6 shots per contest. His most impressive performance was a 34 point night on which he connected on 15-of-16 field goal attempts. For more on his transition to China, check out this article from

While there is nothing official that ties Garret to the Hawks, the Augusta native has made it clear that he would like to play close to friends and family.

3 Responses to “Checking In Overseas”

  1. Antoine

    It would be nice to have J. Chills back with us. If everyone comes back-including Johnson-he could really make a difference with his basketball IQ. When he played for us during our dark ages, it was apparent that he did what the team needed most in every game. Siler would be a big pick up if we can’t get bosh or one of the other superstars this free agency. Since this century, every hawks fan knows that the hawks haven’t done well against the magic. If it had been any other team, Cavs included, we would have won at least three games out of the series. The NBA could potentially change drastically next year and it really depends on if our superstar will stay. Being a long time hawks fan, I was disappointed in hearing that Joe Johnson’s name was in the mix. He seems like a loyal guy, even through our dark ages. If we can get Chills back from Greece, than we should probably trade for a superstar and get rid of Marvin Williams via trade. With him and either-though I hate to say it-Jamal Crawford or Mo Evans, we could potentially get another allstar/superstar on the team. All of that said, we really have a great team if everyone returns. With Mike Woodson gone, the decision of what direction the organization is going really depends on who we hire for a coach next season too. When it comes to the playoffs, the game is not always decided by the talent of the players, but by the preparation before the game. With a great coach and everyone returning/and on the same page, we will have be a tough team to beat. Guess time will tell what direction we’ll be heading with the new gm-forward or backward. The Hawks are my team! Don’t let me down! Go Hawks!:D

  2. nippz

    Antoine…I do agree with you I love the Hawks, there my favorite team in the league. I want really, extremely lik if Josh Childress come back, he’s an explosive player. He is another high flyer along with my man Josh Smith, he would dunk off the big man and not afraid to do so, or shoot with a defender in his face either. I would also like to see the Hawks organization trade for a Guard, like a Point Guard who would drive the ball and be aggressive everytime he is on the court. Secondly, a big man who could block well, rebound and just destroy the paint area; move Al Horford to the PF where he would dominate the other PF’s. (Devin Haarris, Brooke Lopez)a suggestion.

  3. hawks #1 looking you over

    I think josh childress would be extremely welcome back in the atl by all the fan. come home j. chills ware the love is. GO HAWKS GO