Prospect Workouts Announced

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Today the team released a tentative schedule of workouts involving prospects for the 2010 NBA Draft.

Individuals scheduled to workout include:
(Click on name to visit Draft Express Profile)

Monday, June 14
Terrico White – 6’5″ shooting guard from Mississippi
Elliott Williams – 6’4″ shooting guard from Memphis
Dominique Jones – 6’5″ shooting guard from South Florida
Manny Harris – 6’5″ shooting guard from Michigan

Tuesday, June 15
Darington Hobson – 6’7″ forward from New Mexico
Stanley Robinson – 6’8″ forward from Connecticut
Pape Sy – 6’3″ guard from France – No Draft Express profile, but here are his stats from last season overseas

Wednesday, June 16
Mikhail Torrance – 6’5″ point guard from Alabama
Jordan Crawford – 6’4″ guard from Xavier
Chris Kramer – 6’3″ guard from Purdue
J.T. Tiller - 6’3 guard from Missouri
Pape Sy – see above
Greivis Vasquez – 6’6″ shooting guard from Maryland

Thursday, June 17
Gani Lawal – 6’9″ forward from Georgia Tech
Charles Garcia – 6’10” forward from Seattle

Friday, June 18
Devin Ebanks – 6’8″ forward from West Virginia
Quincy Pondexter – 6’7″ forward from Washington
Elijah Millsap – 6’6″ shooting guard from UAB
Kevin Palmer – 6’6″ guard/forward from Texas A&M – CC
Landon Milbourne – 6’7″ forward from Maryland

Saturday, June 19
Trevor Booker - 6’8″ forward from Clemson
Lazar Hayward – 6’6″ forward from Marquette
Tasmin Mitchell – 6’7″ forward from LSU

Sunday, June 20
Craig Brackins – 6’10 forward from Iowa State
Derrick Caracter – 6’10” forward from UTEP
Patrick Sullivan – 6’9″ F/C from SE Louisiana (no Draft Express profile)
Jarvis Varnardo – 6’10” forward from Mississippi State

Tuesday, June 22
Ryan Richards – 7’0″ forward from England
Latavious Williams - 6’8″ forward from the D-League
Solomon Alabi – 7’1″ center from Florida State
Samardo Samuels – 6’8″ forward from Louisville
Tory Jackson – 5’10” point guard from Notre Dame (no Draft Express profile)
Joe Dukes – 6’1″ point guard from Georgia State (no Draft Express profile)

So there you have it. The long list of prospects that the Hawks will take a look at before the draft. The profiles should be more than enough information to get plenty of conversation started.

If you want to read the official release from the Hawks, click here.

25 Responses to “Prospect Workouts Announced”

  1. Hawksfanman

    We need to rebuild trade Jamal and zaza to philly for Elton Brand and the #2 pick and future pick, Then sign and trade Joe to Washington for #30 pick Randy foye and Mike Miller. Sign Channing Frye, and take Domonique Jones with #24, COusins with #2(or Maybe EVan Turner), Sherron Collins With #30, and either Ryan Richards or Omar Sahman with #53 than send him to the D-Leauge, and Trade Bibby


  2. Hawksfanman

    another option would be to draft turner then take Alabi with the 24th pick


  3. Hawksfanman

    that vs

    Neither looks that impressive but with development and godd draft picks and signings we will be a chamionship contendor in 3yrs
    GO hawks

  4. devin

    trade crawford hell na yall crazy if yall trade him

  5. Swingman912

    I say let Joe go, and try to get a future replacement for him in the draft. Let Crawford start at the 2, and draft a TRUE center, not a PF that can play C. See what we can get for Bibby’s contract, and see what J-Chill wants to really do. Get a undrafted free agent PG and accept whatever comes with that. We may not be the team we were, but in 2-3 years we’ll still have our core and we’ll still be young enough to run. How about us getting a coach first so he can have some input in the draft………..CHUUUUUUUUUUCH

  6. J-Mill

    PF-Horford/Smoove/Joe Beast

    Head Coach (if no Avery)- Larry Drew

    Thats about a 55-60 win season team, an upgrade over last seasons squad and a coach (hopefully) that throws JJ isolation out the window to win in the playoffs…very strong bench and a realistic plan, we WON’T make any major trades/moves this off season other than signing Joe and bringing back Chillz.

  7. simon

    man we need alabi and then move horford to the 4 and trade smoove for a shooting guard and keep crawford as a 6th man then well be a championship and definitely start teague who cares what joe does

  8. tony

    Some of you people are either blind or you must be suffering from amnesia. Can someone tell me what Alabi brings to the table? Is it his height? Remember Hasheem Thabeet that 7’4 260lbs center out of UConn?
    Those are Thabeet’s stats when he left UConn.

    Alabi stats:
    If Thabeet couldn’t play at the nba level what make anyone think Alabi will? Heck, if you are looking for a rebounder, why not take Dominique Jones, he can get you 6rpg plus he’s an offensive threat.

    I’m telling you, Omar Samhan(certer) is a smart kid who can give you something from both ends of the court. If we are ever going to turn this franchise around, we have to start drafting smarter young men.

    Samhan stats:

    Oh, by the way Samhan took Thabeet to school his freshman year.

  9. tony

    This is the link where Thabeet almost fouled out the game trying to guard Samhan.

  10. Delo Renzo

    i’m reading a lot about some of these trades and seriously people are getting a little ahead of themselves and going completely nuts with these trades.
    1. do not trade jamal crawford. if you are seriously thinking this, why not trade al horford and j-smoove for a kit kat whilst we’re at it. its a stupid move. end of story.
    2. marvin williams needs to get out of the starting line up. what’s he done? seriously.. he’s lacking a lot. have him come off the bench and he’ll be fine. can provide a second spark off the bench alongside crawford.
    3. Chances are Joe is gonna go, which is pretty heart breaking to be honest. But if we can keep him, move j-smoove to the 3 spot and al horford to the 4 spot. then bring in a big centre. this alabi guy seems like he culd be a good option. draft him or something and also sign on a big back up centre. we can’t keep getting bullied by teams with big centres (i.e Orlando)

    look some of these ideas about trading out all kinds of players to get higher draft picks is just unrealistic and will probably do worse then good (i.e ruins team chemistry big time). throw as much cash as you can at joe and try and get the man to stay then use whatever we have left (including drfat picks) to bring in big centres so al can go back to playing power forward.

    simply as that

  11. AKM

    trade pachulia and willians 8 million a year to the clippers for their 8 th pick. heard they were trying to trade it. maybe we can try to sign and trade joe johnson for jr smith. remember we got joe johnson from phoenix and he was a 3rd option there. its the same thing with jr smith with the nuggets. i think teague will be one of the best point guards in the league next year so i dont see missing the playoffs in the horizon.

  12. tony

    Delo Renzo, I agree with you on a few things however, I don’t think a trade is neccessary to make this team better; maybe a few adjustments in the starting lineup perhaps. If Sund sign a decent center and a quality coach I believe this team has the strenght to get to the nba finals.

    This team have too many low IQ basketball players(Josh Smith and Marvin Williams). We need to draft high IQ basketball players so the fans will appreciate the team more. I remember back in the day when the Celtics had Bird, McHale, Parish, Ainge, and Johnson. I hated that team because they always out smarted their opponents. If you didn’t play smart fundamental basketball from the beginning to the end you had no chance of beating them. They were that good. Magic Johnson and the Lakers were also a very smart basketball team. This is why I want the hawks to draft high IQ basketball players.

    As I mention in one of my post, I think it would be a good move for JJ to move to the 3. He said he would be willing to move to the 3 spot if he and D-Wade ever team up. I believe JJ can create separation against forwards better than he could against a sgs. More importantly he is a much smarter player than Marvin William and Al is a much smarter player than JS.

    I think we should try to sign Brendan Haywood. I think Brendan is a decent center. Now Al can move to the 4. We should draft Dominique Jones(sg) or Jordan Crawford(sg) to play the 2. Draft Samhan in the 2nd round and pick up Johnathon Jones(pg) and hopefully Mikhail Torrance(sg) after the draft.

    Sign Bill Laimbeer to be the next hc.

    1)Jeff Teague-pg……….Mike Bibby…..Johnathon Jones(UDF)
    2)Jordan Crawford(R)……Jamal Crawford (Sund will take Jordan)
    3)Joe Johnson-sf……….Marvin Williams
    4)Al Horford-pf………..Josh Smith
    5)Brendan Haywood-c…….Omar Samhan(R)…ZaZa
    Bill Laimbeer-hc

    I believe we will have the deepest bench in the nba. I also believe this is the cheapest route to take.

  13. millertime

    why not sign two fa for 3year 60mil each sure bosh/wade or some fa would love the offer

  14. al boss chick

    Happy Bday Jeff Teague.

  15. Hawksfanman

    Why does everybody always disagree with my line ups? lol not even one supporter but its cool how about this: Wee sign Haywood and sign back joe, and if we cant get Sahman in the 2nd round in the draft we sign frye as a secret weopon. and draft Dominique Jones

    5:Haywood/Pachulia/(Sahman Or Frye)

  16. AKM

    ya why didnt he sign avery johnson. hopefully we can get byronn scott i think jeff teague can be as good as chris paul and byron coached chris.

  17. tony

    itsslomotionbaby, I can tell you why Mr.Sund pull this one on us and it has something to do with why he hasn’t built a championship team since he became a gm in 1974? 36 years without a nba title! THAT”S CRAZY! That should tell you something about the man and those NO GOOD OWNERS.

    It is really the fans fault because they allow those NO GOOD OWNERS to settle for mediocrity. The fans should have given them HELL for hiring that gm. Oh yeah we got the power to make them do the right things for our team. We have the enternet, the media and a close pocketbooks. When you don’t express your displeasure then you are really supporting their decisions. Without the fans they can’t run a nba franchise.

    Nice Hawksfanman. Do you remember when the hawks played Larry Bird and the Celtics back in the 80s? We had to match them point for point to have a chance to beat those Celtics. Dominique Wilkins and Randy Wittman were the main 2 players who had the biggest impact for us. Without those 2, they had no chance of beating that team.

    I envision JJ and Jordan Crawford(R) the way Dominique and Wittman played together back in the day because JJ and JC are terrific shooters. I believe those two guys can outscore anybody on any given night. The hawks really havn’t had 2 good shooters on the floor at the same time since Dominique and Wittman. I still say they should hire Bill Laimbeer to be the next hc for the hawks.

  18. Mz. Hawkdafied

    Just found out the new coach of the Hawks is Larry Drew. Congrats on filling the spot with someone familiar with the team and organization. Go Hawks! Good luck on draft night. ♥

  19. tony

    Sad day to be a hawks fan. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think Drew is the right hire. I just hope Mr.Sund surround him with high IQ basketball players. If he doesn’t this team absolutely have no shot of getting to the nba finals.

  20. AKM

    Why dont we draft Dasean butler. that guy was unstoppable till he got injured. i thought he was the second best player with evan turner being first.

  21. tony

    There are some positive things about this hire. Drew is a detail guy. As a player fundamental is one of his strong suit. He believe that if you make good passes, become a good dribbler, take appropiate shots and be team oriented you will be successful in the game of basketball. I believe in that philosophy 100%.

    I’m willing to give the man a chance to prove himself. Who knows, he might be able to turn this team around the way Doc Rivers was able to turn the Celtics aound however, Rick Sund have to give him some smart basketball players the way Danny Ainge gave Doc Rivers smart basketball players for him to be successful.

  22. JAnjan

    they really need a true center that can: rebound defend maybe fast

    is therea chance that they can get Couins???