Prospect Workouts (Day 1 & 2)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
By Jon Newberry

The team released the summer league schedule yesterday, so now we just need to fill out a roster. We know Jeff Teague will be leading the team out to Las Vegas, but who else will be running along side him? It is expected that whoever the Hawks select in the upcoming draft will join the summer league team. The Hawks began their prospect workouts on Monday with Terrico White (West Virginia) and Dominique Jones (South Florida) headlining the players in town. Tuesday had Stanley Robinson (UConn), Pape Sy (France) and Darington Hobson (New Mexico) working out in front of the Hawks coaches and front office. Danny Sumner (William & Mary) has also been working out each day with the prospects.

Check out what each guy had to say about their workouts on the Hawks practice court:

7 Responses to “Prospect Workouts (Day 1 & 2)”

  1. atownhawk23

    BadaBing, that’s a good idea.


  2. Mz. Hawkdafied

    What did the French guy mean about short workout? How long are workouts supposed to last? Was it too easy for him? LOL!

    Well at least the consensus was the workouts were a success.

    Good luck on draft night. Twenty four just might turn out to be a lucky number. :-)

  3. Hawksfanman

    Willie Warren is kind of good reminds me of steph curry!!!!

  4. tony

    Hawksfanman, I like Willie Warren also. I notice he missed alot of games. Do you know why? This is what concerns me about Warren:

    Weaknesses: Warren suffers from a poor shot selection, and when asked to be the number 1 scoring option, he struggled making shots … Overly ball-dominant, tends to over-dribble and take his teammates out of the game … Very turnover prone, finds himself out of control frequently after forcing the issue… this past year has not been an effective catch and shooter, shooting a dreadful 30% from downtown … Defensively he is uninspiring, seeming to get his rest on this side of the ball … Poor footwork results in allowing his man to get into the paint way too often … Undisciplined decision maker, with an inconsistent jump shot, negative attitude and troublesome ankle will put a scare in some coaches and GMs … Apparently was at odds with Coach Capel and those close to the team pointed to lack of maturity and selfishness as reasons for Warren’s inability to fill the high expectations in his sophomore year (aside from missing extended time due to having mononucleosis) … There is some concern over whether he’s truly a point guard or even a combo. Shows some solid passing and ball handling skills, but has never proven to be a true floor general that can take over a team and run the show at a high level …

    You pretty much will get the same things(me,me,me) out of Warren that you’re getting from have on the current roster

  5. tony

    I hit the summit bottom by mistake but I was trying to type we will probable get the same thing(all about me) out of Warren that we already have on the team. We need high IQ team players, nothing less.

  6. atownhawk23

    Hawkdafied, the Hawks make everything easy. I think the hawks should get Terrico or Dominique Jones.