Crawford, Cash and Big Pape Sy

Friday, June 25, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Okay, so Pape Sy is only “big” for his position, but it just sounds good.

The Hawks had fans on a roller coaster on draft night this year. First it looked like we took Damion James at 24. The response on the “Live Chat” taking place on was not a positive one…. however…. 

News quickly broke that we had traded his draft rights to New Jersey for the rights to their 27th and 31st picks. The chat was suddenly buzzing with activity as fans minds began to explode with ideas of what steals we could get with these picks. Jordan Crawford (who many liked at 24 and who we will analyze further in the coming days) was taken at 27 and the excitement only grew… however… 

Many questioned the pick of  Tibor Pleiss at 31 because he hadn’t been mentioned in any pre-draft conversations and the fact that ESPN kept showing highlights of him playing in what looked like middle school gymnasiums. Before the confusion set in it was revealed that the Hawks had sent the rights to Pleiss to Oklahoma City for “cash considerations”. The amount of these considerations are never disclosed by the teams. 

With that flurry of activity/emotions in the rear view, most fans probably called it a night and did not stay up to see the Hawks make a pick that they are very optimistic about. Pape Sy played in France last season and paid his own way to visit Atlanta and workout for two days in front of the Hawks staff during prospect workouts. (see interview segments with Pape Sy here). Head Coach Larry Drew hadn’t seen Sy play before and didn’t know much about him before the workouts but was obviously very impressed.

“I had never heard of him,” said Drew before quickly adding, “I was very, very impressed. First of all he has great size… and is a very good defensive player.”

Playing in a league that is not covered very well in terms of statistics and video on the internet, it was hard to find much information on Pape Sy. The page of stats that we found had him listed at 6’3″, while I believe he is closer to 6’7″.

What is certain is that the Hawks feel that they have gotten a steal with the 53rd pick and Pape Sy should be fun to keep an eye on during summer league.