Crawford, Cash and Big Pape Sy

Friday, June 25, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Okay, so Pape Sy is only “big” for his position, but it just sounds good.

The Hawks had fans on a roller coaster on draft night this year. First it looked like we took Damion James at 24. The response on the “Live Chat” taking place on was not a positive one…. however…. 

News quickly broke that we had traded his draft rights to New Jersey for the rights to their 27th and 31st picks. The chat was suddenly buzzing with activity as fans minds began to explode with ideas of what steals we could get with these picks. Jordan Crawford (who many liked at 24 and who we will analyze further in the coming days) was taken at 27 and the excitement only grew… however… 

Many questioned the pick of  Tibor Pleiss at 31 because he hadn’t been mentioned in any pre-draft conversations and the fact that ESPN kept showing highlights of him playing in what looked like middle school gymnasiums. Before the confusion set in it was revealed that the Hawks had sent the rights to Pleiss to Oklahoma City for “cash considerations”. The amount of these considerations are never disclosed by the teams. 

With that flurry of activity/emotions in the rear view, most fans probably called it a night and did not stay up to see the Hawks make a pick that they are very optimistic about. Pape Sy played in France last season and paid his own way to visit Atlanta and workout for two days in front of the Hawks staff during prospect workouts. (see interview segments with Pape Sy here). Head Coach Larry Drew hadn’t seen Sy play before and didn’t know much about him before the workouts but was obviously very impressed.

“I had never heard of him,” said Drew before quickly adding, “I was very, very impressed. First of all he has great size… and is a very good defensive player.”

Playing in a league that is not covered very well in terms of statistics and video on the internet, it was hard to find much information on Pape Sy. The page of stats that we found had him listed at 6’3″, while I believe he is closer to 6’7″.

What is certain is that the Hawks feel that they have gotten a steal with the 53rd pick and Pape Sy should be fun to keep an eye on during summer league.

30 Responses to “Crawford, Cash and Big Pape Sy”

  1. tony

    I am so disappointed!!!! You know I really believe that these people(Sund/Owners) do not like the people in the south. I’m sure Sund is a Bull’s fan and that gives him even more reasons to destroy our team. 36 years as a GM should tell you something about the guy.

    I knew he was going to take Jordan Crawford as I mentioned at another post. I foresee trouble in the making with this pick. The other two picks are garbage. The players whom he choose is an clear indication that this team will never play for an nba title as long as these owners are in control. Sad but true. Fans can send these people packing – just stop purchasing tickets.

  2. Petty b

    Hey man don’t cut your wrist. Let the guys get on the floor before you dub them sewage. It’s a playoff team that’s adding pieces and stacking free agent money to the side. Offseason is jus really kicking off. They sucked for thirteen straight seasons. They’re making playoff appearances again and all you can do is complain. You suck. Real jerk. Guys like you are the reason why Joe is probably leaving. No he’s not Kobe but on most nights he’s the best shooter on the floor period. What we need is to get him help not get rid of him. You probably hate on Domonique too. Jerk

  3. Hawksfanman

    Wow……………. So I guess Joe’s gone huh? man its a sad day in the city.
    5:Horford/ Pachulia

    Sund better have a big trick up his sleeve, either that or hes planning on starting over, well Im not happy but im still supporting my team……….. GO HAWKS!

  4. tony

    Petty b, watch your mouth kid. I am entitle to my opinion. If I do not like the direction they are taking this franchise I will voice my opinion and I can do it with being a derogatory fool.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Jordan Crawford but I believe some of the players on the current roster will not except his style(ball hog). I can say this because they never excepted Jamal Crawford’s style which may have led them to become selfish ball players which created isolation amonst themselves. Dominique Jones woulda been a better fit for the hawks because he is a unselfish player and he would have given you 100% from a defensive standpoint.

    I’ve been lobbying for Omar Samhan to became a Altanta Hawk but when they past on Hassan Whiteside(c), that did it for me. If JJ leaves trust me I will not lose any sleep over his departure.

  5. Hawksfanman

    I think that the hawks front office should be a little more open to what the fans want, Imean we are the ones buying tickets, some of people on here have good opinions, (notice i said SOME) because this teams structure is a little off, with or without joe we still need a good perimeter defender with good size, ex: N Batum, Blazers. And a either a C who has size and Good D and is willing to come of the Bench or A C who is dominant in most aspects (but if we got this we would need to move Smith or Horford). and that is assuming Teauge pans out in time. Personally I wanted to take budinger during last years draft and Avery Bradley during this years draft if we had done that wed be ok rite now but the past is the past, Basically my point is whther or not Joe comes back we wont be title competitors for atleast 4yrs so REBUILD. (and try to get bradley I like him) We need tto do it smart and with good structure like OKC has done or like Sacramento is doing now

    and P.S. Im very srry Sheeron Collins didnt get drafted I wish him luck wiith whatever he deecudes to pursue in life whether it be Basketball or something else.

    P.S.S. TONY TONY TONY Bro promise me that if you do actually manage to become the owner of this team that you will consider the fans options, and make our opinions count, the good ones anyways.

  6. tony

    Hawksfanman, you got it sir. If by chance I ever become the owner I will secrectly inform the newspaper companies in the State of Ga to do a poll on my top two players. The fans will be allowed to choose the player they want to spend their hard earn money to him play.

  7. tony

    My computer is skipping words. It should say without being derogatory.

    The end of last sentence should say hard earn money to watch him play. My bad.

  8. jonathan

    I wouldn’t worry about players not accepting Crawford because he’s a ballhog. pure scorers are ballhogs, look at Joe Johnson. Crawford has unlimited range, good athletic ability and a knack for getting to the basket in transition, all of which fits the hawks style of play. Yes the hawks are still undersized, but if Joe leaves they are going to need scorers and that’s what they got. don’t know about pape sy, but neither does anyone else. they must’ve seen something in him though, supposedly he’s a strong defender and good 3pt shooter.

  9. tony

    I owe Mr.Sund and the two young men whom I called garbbage an apology. They didn’t deserve that. I wish them grand success in their future endeavor.

  10. hawksgirlfan

    Joe had a great scoring average through the season, but 12 point something in the playoffs? We need better than that to get us past being swept in the second round the past two years. I like what I see of Jordan Crawford I think he will be good for the team. Love love love Al Horford he is a talented gutsy player, but is not really big enough for the center position, we need a big man – I here Celtics may trade Perkins – he might cut it. Go Hawks

  11. Fred

    Some teams play regular season basketball (Utah, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, etc.)Some teams play Championship basketball (Lakers,etc)…Move to city or support a team that play for Championsips. It is what it is. Both situations are good. I am aDiehard Hawks fan…but I don’t expect more from what is om the floor.

  12. tony

    It looks like we might have our BIG MAN!

    If this is true. THANK YOU MR.SUND!

    *************OMAR SAMHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Delo Renzo

    I like the fact we got Jordan Crawford but yes we needed a big centre more than anything. However, getting a centre in the draft probably wasn’t going to be the best of things cause it would take some time to fully develop a game and we want to be pushing up the eastern conference rankings now, so getting a centre in the draft wouldn’t have happened. I think our best chances are to look for a big centre whose already developed. i mean he doesn’t have to be an all star. He just needs to have a big body and be able to play defense on other big guys like Dwight Howard. He doesn’t need to go out there and score 20+ points a game. All we need a centre to do is have a presence in the paint. We have a whole bunch of other guys who can score. If we get a centre who can pitch in a few points, grab a decent amount of rebounds, block shots and most of all defend, then I think we’ll be right.

    Looking forward to seeing Pape Sy play in the summer league. Although if he doesn’t show to much, looks like we may have made another mistake with drafting players. Bring Joe back though. We have another shooter so that’s less weight on Joe’s shoulders to carry

  14. Mr. Hawk

    Disappointed, for now. It seems that every club that has to, has made “grown man moves”. For the last couple of years Atlanta has needed a REAL center. What is it that the GM and ownership sees that we dont see. We are trying to free up cash for a player who does not want to be here, who doesnt respect the fans, and really does not have any business in the same conversation as the elite free agents that are trying to get max money. If he is that great why arent any “elite free agents” trying to come and play with Joe Johnson. Im not hearing them say “if i go to Atlanta with Joe we could be unstoppable” He is an above average player, with no heart and desire. I know you only have this window to make this money, but really do you deserve it?

  15. terrytank

    I hope the hawks do not sign JJ to a max contract. We have over paid for him once already let not repeat.

  16. Collison/Samhan/Dominique.J/Siler

    Omar Samhan is a Maverick.

  17. Collison/Samhan/Dominique.J/Siler

    Dallas Mavericks have both Dominique Jones and Omar Samhan. Smart organization.

  18. devin

    stupid get a free agent hurry up stoudemire bosh somebody

  19. Rickman

    We need a Big man in the middle! we really need a big center to play some big mins. Someone that can run the pick and roll and play great D! here are some guys I think would fit well with our team and could really try to sign….(Chris Bosh, carlo boozer, David Lee, leon Powe, Kris Humphries, I also really like Nene Hilario. The reason I really like Nene is that he is a wild card and he can run the floor very well for a big man!!! and he brings a big spark off the bench! But if i had to choose a guy to go after It is no doubt CHRIS BOSH…but if not him BOOZER or NENE!

  20. Rickman

    P.S. I relly hope Joe Joe comes through next year! you have your “elite player” money now Joe! All 120 million of it!! I pay to watch you guys play every year!! Now go play like an elite player in the playoffs and get us to the finals! Atlanta fans are dieing for a championship! we need this Joe! go get us some help too! Go HAWKS!! fan for life

  21. Rickman

    really* lol

  22. pedro

    ya teniamos escoltas de sobra,pero con todo creo que jordan crawford nos puede ayudar…lo que no me gusto fue que vendieramos a tibor pleiss,necesitamos con urgencia un pivot de 7 pies que ayude en el rebote,intimidacion y tenga buena mano.eso sin contar otras carencias en el puesto de base y el de alero…solo espero que ahora traspasemos a marvin williamas y mike bibby.ya no podemos seguir jugando para ganar 50 partidos,hemos de jugar para ganar el campeonato!!!

  23. millertime

    heard we may get shaq is this true

  24. D-Nice35

    The Hawks are doomed!

  25. D-Nice35

    I’m never gonna wear a jersey that say Sy on the back of it! (Sits down and starts crying) “Thats only two letters!” We should’ve picked up a good free agent! Instead we have these guys!

  26. IAC

    Sounds very unappreciative of a franchise that hadn’t heard of success in almost 15 years until Joe Johnson became the cornerstone to help rebuild. What the Hawks needed was an offense that wasn’t “watch Joe”….even Kobe has a set offense where they run plays so the man can score…”watch Kobe” happens in the final minute of the game, not all 48 minutes….so hopefully the new coach Drew will bring some offensive schemes that are more fitting for his team…and hopefully than land a small forward because Marvin Williams is turning out to be a disappointment; and Josh Smith’s wining during games has cost them at least 5 games (last season alone) that I’ve seen.

  27. b

    I luv my home team Hawks but they are really stupid for not picking up a true center.Al is is going to end up getting hurt banging with all the bigs in the conference this season all because the owners and gm’s were stupid enough to get all theese players that play the same position instead of getting Al some help down low where the Hawks really need help.

  28. Hawks Fan

    Sund should bring Shaq and get rid of Horford.

  29. mario

    we need a center very please put al horford power forward because hes not a center who we i think we should have got is demarcus cousin. but regardless we need a center, small forward or for some one to help josh smith with his shooting. I like mike bibby and all but he needs to drive to the hole some more and take the shot when he is open this year he turned down so many shots when he was open GO JOSH SMITH U THE BEST MAN!!!!!!