First Thoughts on Jordan Crawford

Friday, June 25, 2010
By Jon Newberry

And you thought it was confusing having a Joe Smith to go along with Josh Smith…

Last night the Hawks acquired the draft rights to Jordan Crawford (no relation to Jamal Crawford) who was taken with the 27th pick of the 2010 NBA Draft.

Let me put it out their up front, I grew up in Cincinnati and have been a Xavier fan my whole life, so I am a little biased when I say I like this kid. However, “kid” might be a little misleading. While Jordan was technically a sophomore last season, he will turn 22 before the season begins after attending military school for a year and redshirting a year after transferring from Indiana.

Now let’s get down to what he can bring to the court. Jordan is a scorer, first and foremost. He can score in a variety of was with the only common criticism being that he doesn’t get to the charity stripe often enough. He has good range with his shot and is an excellent ball handler. He averaged 20.5 points a game for the season, and increased that average to almost 30 points during Xavier’s run to the sweet-16 in March. He was named an All-American (3rd team) by the Sporting News.  

There was a draft party held in his home town of Detroit last night and Xavier coach Chris Mack posted this twitpic as Jordan’s name was announced.

What they are saying around the web:

Fanhouse: “The Hawks came in with the No. 24 pick, and used it to trade down to pick Jordan Crawfordand some cash. They could have just taken Crawford at 24 and gotten away with it, so good on GM Rick Sund for working to maximize the asset. In the second round, Atlanta took mysterious Senegalese project Pape Sy. The team didn’t address more immediate frontcourt depth issues, but Crawford’s a fine pull given what the team had to work with. Final Grade: B+.”

Bonus: A lot of you probably remember that Jordan first gained notoriety for dunking on LeBron at a camp a couple summer’s ago. Here is Jordan talking about that experience:

10 Responses to “First Thoughts on Jordan Crawford”

  1. woodrow lockett

    Super choice. If Joe leaves, he’ll get into the rotation and help. The kid gan score.

  2. woodrow lockett

    Super choice. If Joe leaves, he’ll get into the rotation and help. The kid can score.

  3. Hawksfanman

    Why did we draft Marvin Williams?

  4. savannahga

    this is a nice blog just stumbled on it
    Hawksfanman has some good Ideas
    Trade Jamal and Teauge to Boston for 1st round, Avery bradley, and Nate Robinson (sign and trade), Then trade Horford or Smoov midway next season for a quality center and a good pick(it has to happen sooner or later) Draft Kyle Singler next season, Get Frye this season sign him for chump change, and Go after Zoubek, and maybe sherron collins, for the D-Leauge, to see if they really should have been drafted, if they are good sign if not keep them there.

    4:(Smoov or Horford)
    5:Frye Pachulia

  5. Mr. Hawk

    Disappointed, for now. It seems that every club that has to, has made “grown man moves”. For the last couple of years Atlanta has needed a REAL center. What is it that the GM and ownership sees that we dont see. We are trying to free up cash for a player who does not want to be here, who doesnt respect the fans, and really does not have any business in the same conversation as the elite free agents that are trying to get max money. If he is that great why arent any “elite free agents” trying to come and play with Joe Johnson. Im not hearing them say “if i go to Atlanta with Joe we could be unstoppable” He is an above average player, with no heart and desire. I know you only have this window to make this money, but really do you deserve it?

  6. Collison/Samhan/Dominique.J/Siler

    Since JJ has been brought into the discussion let the truth be told. The hawks were a sub 500(28-54) team in 05 with JJ. In 06 they won only 2 more games(30-52) than they did the previous year. In 07 we draft Al Horford and signed Mike Bibby. That’s when the team became a contender(37-45).

    Al and Mike Bibby don’t get any credit because some fans are not willing to admit that JJ is not the main reason why the hawks are a playoff team. Somebody need to speak up for those guys.

  7. Jarod S

    Pretty pumped about the new season. I believe he is gonna be huge for when joe leaves. Wish that wouldnt happen but its business. As a HUGE hawks fan, I believe the hawks should consider trading josh smith and marvin to free up money and get Melo. Put Melo at the 3 guard and move Horford to Power forward and sign Amare as our center with the money that were not gonna give joe. I mean think about it, Bibby running the point with Crawford at 2, Melo at 3, Horford at 4 (not to mention that is his real position and although he as amazing a center, moving him to power forward i think would make him one of the most dominate players in the league with Amare backing him up at center…. Pretty dominate team that will sell out the stadium every night. This could be a huge off season for the hawks!!

  8. Hawksfanman

    @Jarod S Your plan makes no sense at all, its oretty dumb carmelo wont be FA until 2013 and Amare signing a contract this year so he wont be FA till at least 2013…… oh and theres no such thung as a 3 guard bruh

  9. Jarod S

    Hawksfanman- what up BRUH. first of all if u have listened to anything, IF melo declines his extension with denver then they said they would consider trading him. So wait, that does make sense. 2nd, Amare is still able to sign with another team..thats why the knicks are trying to sign him to a 5 year deal. And my fault on calling it the 3 guard, i should have said small forward because i guess it threw u off a little. Either way, were going for the same team so u getting on here to talk sh.t is pretty funny. I mean i dont know the behind the scenes stuff with how much money the hawks have, but knowing that our owner said he would be willing to go into luxury tax to get lebron means were willing to spend some. So idk how the IDEA i threw out there was dumb. Maybe you can explain better. If not, turn a TV on and watch Sports Center. Its on ESPN haha