Jordan Crawford Makes the Rounds on Local Sports Talk

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
By Jon Newberry

On Monday the 27th pick of the 2010 NBA Draft made the rounds on Atlanta’s Sports Talk Radio. Jordan Crawford first chatted with 680 the Fan’s Buck and Kincade before switching over to 790 the Zone’s Pollack and Bell Show. Follow the links below to listen to the full conversations:

680 the Fan  |  790 the Zone

Interesting portions of the interviews include Jordan using the word “aggressive” when asked to describe his game on 680, and telling 790 that the first thing he buys with will have to be for his mom and dad for “everything he’s put them through”.

Jordan also talked to 790 about his attitude coming straight into camp and his excitement about playing with Jeff Teague in the backcourt in Las Vegas.

“I always play with a chip on my shoulder,” he said. “I want to win every game and leave Vegas undefeated.”

Interestingly enough, Crawford seemed familiar with Teague’s game and likely played against each other in various AAU tournaments when they were younger. Teague is just 4 months older than Crawford and they both are from the same region of the country (Teague is from Indianapolis and Crawford is from Detroit).

Here is a photo gallery and a video from Jordan’s draft party in Detroit courtesy of the Xavier athletics website: Photos | Video