What is Your Favorite JJ Moment?

Thursday, July 8, 2010
By Jon Newberry

Joe Johnson has given Hawks fans plenty of special moments over the years, and today it was officially announced that he will continue to punch the clock at the Highlight Factory.

It got me to thinking about Joe’s “All-Time Greatest” moments in a Hawks uniform. There have been dramatic buzzer-beaters (see 3/19/10 vs. Charlotte), regular season domination (see 40 pts on 12/19/09 @ Chicago), and long-distance barrages in the playoffs (see Rd 1, Game 7 vs. Miami in ’09). Still, my favorite Joe moment has to be Game 4 of the 2008 series against the Celtics. Joe scored 20 in the fourth quarter alone as Hawks fans were reminded what post-season basketball felt like. I still get chills every time I watch this video:

April 28, 2008 – NBA Playoffs – Round 1, Game 4

<br/> <font FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="#000000">You need to have Windows Media Player in order to view this performance. Download it from <a HREF="http://www.windowsmedia.com/" TARGET="_blank">http://www.windowsmedia.com/</a></font><br/>

You need to have Windows Media Player in order to view this performance. Download it from http://www.windowsmedia.com/

Do you have a favorite Joe moment or game? Weigh in below and let us know.


17 Responses to “What is Your Favorite JJ Moment?”

  1. Anonymous

    So many big shots to choose from…I like the one against philly that he shot from the time-line because Joe showed some personality after the shot and we rarely see that(Need more of it)LETS GO HAWKS…LETS GO HAWKS

  2. MB

    The one where he said he didnt care if the fans showed up.

  3. imtmac

    Agreed MB, I will never forgive Joe for the comments he made about the fans during the playoffs last year. We should have got rid of him, and in the long run this will be the demise of our team again for a few years. People around the league are laughing at our decision, and you all are trying to sell it to us, very sad. I am a season ticket holder, but will be coming to see the other team now. My goodness, what a shame, I sure hope we get some other new players off the free agent market too. Joe is good but not that good. SORRY

  4. atownhawk23 aka I Love JJ


    @hawksfanman omg, welcome to the bandwagon, my friend.

  5. atownhawk23 aka I Love JJ

    oh yeah, btw the hawks should sell these shirts that say eff the HEAT. Have y’all notice in the Heat name there’s the word HATE in it. lol.

    I would burn lebron jerseys too. Trader.

  6. BASH

    I’m with MB. When Joe made that erratic comment after being one of the worst performers on the floor, it spoke leaps and bounds. It’s okay to be frustrated but when you’re making Mega Million and Powerball money, you should know when to bridle your tongue.

    Overall it’s a bad PR move to resign Joe Johnson because of his comment towards the fans as well as his performance. Apparently the GM wasn’t in attendance at the last game of the playoffs against Orlando. He would have clearly heard the fans Booing Johnson’s performance. I wish Joe the best this year but definitely won’t be purchasing a ticket to any of the games. As a management decision to retain Joe, you guys told us how you truly feel about your fans!

  7. Kofi

    my favotie joe johnson moment was when he signed the dotted line to play for us 6 yrs longer for 120mil dollars. Wait that was my most hated moment

  8. classicone

    My favorite Joe Moment Could Of Been A Press Conference So He can Answer Some Questions About His Comments To The Fans, And How He Felt About the Direction Of This Organization. NO PRESS CONFERENCE? This Organization Sucks If They Don’t Have One. Lebron Made His Decision Yesterday and They Have Had A Rally, Press Conference and a Barmisfa!! HAWKS CMON MAAAAAANNNNNN!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Y’all gone have to get over those comments he mad either your a fan of the Hawks or not.

  10. Anonymous



    Last year against cavs when JJ had a drive then dunked the ball

  12. Swingman912

    This game, Joe made them pay attention to us, Smoove did too. Bibby even came thru wit 18 this game……….Leon Powe cross….Hands Down……CHUUUUUUUUUCH

  13. Hawksfanman

    Did you guys here hawks are working on a trade with cavs childress and bibby for Mo williams! If that goes through imight start repecting the managements commitment to winning. After that try to sign Shaq and, sign or reisgn a PF to backup smoov maybe sign Matt Barnes as our perimeter defender and its wrap, we might actually have a shot at beating the Heat!


  14. Swingman912

    I’m a little on the fence about picking up Mo Williams. He is a good scoring guard, not great but good, but a lot of his stellar play came form being on a team with a guy who required so much attention(LBJ). Also, i’m ready to see a G we draft make some noise. It’s Teagues time. LD said it himself. Our last few Guard from the draft haven’t worked out. I feel Teague can, and will given the chance…….Follow MEEEE…………..@hawksisout912

  15. tony

    The fans in the ATL got railroaded. If 95% of the fans were white folks there is no way on God’s green earth these owners would have signed JJ to a max contract especially after what he said about the fans.

    Also, if 95% of the fans were white folks they wouldn’t put up with mediocrity performance. White folks would have gotten something done where as black folks will continue to settle for mediocrity just because they get a chance to go a NBA game.

    Signing JJ to a max contract was ridiculous and disrespectful to the fans in the ATL. When over 80% of the fans doesn’t agree with this signing for whatever reason it’s the owner’s responsibility to meet the fans expectations.

    I can’t stand to watch a bunch of millionaires who perform like high school athletes. I got more satisfaction watching Eddie Johnson, Armond Hill, John Drew, Dan Roundfield and Tree Rollins back in the day. Those guys were very professional ball players and they fought hard every night despite who they played against.

    I am one who will never accept mediocrity. I will never spend my hard earn money to watch a mediocre team just to go to a NBA game. NEVER!