Jordan Crawford Turning Heads

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
By Jon Newberry

First off, let’s cut to the chase. This kid needs a nickname, and I don’t think JC2 is going to cut it. Unfortunately, J.C., J-Craw, Crawdaddy, etc. don’t eliminate the confusion with Jamal, so feel free to list any suggestions in the comments below.

Jordan Crawford showed off his entire arsenal during Wednesday night’s Summer League loss to the Spurs on his way to 20 points on 6-of-11 shooting. He pulled from 5-feet off the line with two defenders lunging at him to no avail. He put it on the floor, spun left and finished with a fancy scoop shot, off glass with his left hand. He also continued to show a lot of skill as a playmaker, connecting on a few nice passes.

Two Summer League games into his professional career and there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that Jordan could end up being a steal as the 27th pick in this year’s draft.

That is not to say that there have not been some rough spots along the way. He had a costly turnover in the final minute of Wednesday’s loss (and four total in the game). Still, it’s Summer League, where the action is fast and the turnovers and fouls are as plentiful as (insert Vegas stereotype here). It is also where rookies like Crawford get their first taste of NBA rules and officiating.

Crawford’s numbers alone are encouraging, but it is his overall game and presence on the court that lead many to be so optimistic about his potential. He has been aggressive since the opening tip. He didn’t waiver after a stretch early in the first game where he seemed to be rushing and missing shots badly, showing a lot of confidence in his own ability as an offensive weapon.

As it has been well documented, the Hawks are very deep at Jordan’s natural position, with both Joe and Jamal anchored on the depth chart at shooting guard. Still, if Jordan keeps playing like this and progresses his skills through training camp, Coach Drew will be forced to find minutes for the rookie. Don’t feel too bad for Drew, as most coaches would gladly welcome the problem of having too many options or too many scorers.

It is early, it is a small sample size, and above all it is Summer League, but Jordan Crawford (still need a nickname) is starting to make people take notice.

26 Responses to “Jordan Crawford Turning Heads”

  1. mike

    JoCraw? also, please visit the spearmint rhino for me while you are out in vegas..

  2. neon cowboy

    Heir Jordan

  3. BMAC

    Xavier fan here. Will Jordan be wearing #55 for the Hawks? He wore 55 at XU and my favorite nickname for him was Mr. Nickels. Just a thought.

  4. WRONGboi

    “Lebron’s worst fear”….”King Killer”….yea, i like “King Killer”…hahahaha

  5. D.S.G.B.

    i like bmac’s “mr. nickles” but what about “goose” because he makes goosenecks out of spectators, since they’re turning their heads to see his game.

  6. red

    “GOOSE,” i like that

  7. Romans829

    How about ‘C-Raw’, or ‘Craw-Fizzle’?

  8. dapluva!

    The X-factor since he’s from Xavier should be his name let Stinger Mike Glenn and Dominique Wilkins hear that its official then.

  9. fred everett

    I like…”Stinger”

  10. Edin

    J-Flame or the highlight machine just a few suggestions o maybe the kings assasin

  11. Hawks Fan

    His nickname should be Sir Shoots threes a lot.

  12. ♥Mz. Hawkdafied♥


  13. Muskiefan82

    Since you already have one JC…

    …how about “The Second Coming” as his nickname

  14. atownhawk23 aka i love jordan

    sigh. you hawks fans are so corny. Let him pick his own name. gosh.


  15. Hawksfanman

    LMAO @ Hawks Fan Sir Shoot threes allot? Classic!

  16. BeeCee

    He did play his college ball in Cincy… Cinco Cinco

  17. DPhenomenal1

    How about J Swish.

  18. J-SmOOvE

    jordan’s nickname should be “Air Jordan”

  19. mule

    you can’t pick you’re own nickname. that’s like starting your own encore chant at a concert

  20. mario

    man u people sure no how to pick a nickname but hey i cant talk i cant think of one i bad with nicknames. HAWKS FAN EVEN WHEN IM SIX FEET UNDER.

  21. Anonymous Hawks Guy

    X-factor it is!

  22. tim


  23. tim


  24. Darrell

    Sir shoot threes a lot was Mookie.

  25. youngchamp

    How about J-Crew. Similar to Josh Smith’s J-Smooth.

  26. Anonymous

    crawfish cause his shot is all fluid like water