Bibby's Newest Pair of Air Jordans

Thursday, July 22, 2010
By Jon Newberry

 Mike Bibby has been a member of Nike’s “Team Jordan” since he first entered the league with the Vancouver Grizzlies in 1998. Since then he has sported dozens of Brand Jordan shoes throughout his career, and recently pictures of his latest personalized model began to appear online.

(Check out this page on that features a sample of some of the older versions of his shoes.)

The latest shoe, called the “Air Jordan XX3 Low Mike Bibby Atlanta Hawks Away PE,” is said to be Bibby’s newest model, but he rotates through a number of different pairs throughout the season.

Air Jordan XX3 Low Mike Bibby Atlanta Hawks Away PE
(photo from – see more photos here)

Before the playoffs last year, Nike came out with the “Jordan One6One7 Mike Bibby Playoff PE” for Bibby to rock during the postseason.

(photo from – see more photos here)

Just to show how these personalized shoes have evolved through the years, check out one of Mike’s first customized pairs of Jordan’s from the 1999-2000 season with the Grizzlies.

Mike Bibby Air Jordan XV
(photo from – see more photos here)

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7 Responses to “Bibby's Newest Pair of Air Jordans”

  1. Hawksfanman

    WHOCARES! Well anyway Chris Paul wants to be traded!!!! its on espn

  2. Mr. Hawk

    Thank you hawksfanman, how is that going to get us a serviceable big man!!!or A Chris Paul TYPE (hint hint) point guard. Can anyone HELP?!

  3. Hawksfanman

    Zach if you post your email-ill email you bro.

    Mr. Hawk!

    The trade i keep posting is sign Al to an extension (around 4 yr 40 million) and then send him (or Josh Smith if we cant get Al to sign an extension) Pachulia and Bibby to the hornets for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor (I tried it, it works on the trade machine), then i just read Iguodala is up for trade, Trade Marvin,Mo Williams, and Teauge(Tear!), for Iguodala, AND WERE ONEALS ONLY SUITOR SO SIGN HIM for cheap, and fill roster spots with undrafted scrubs who play D and have potential, and I heard you can just sign undrafted players so go for Sahman.

    4:Smith(or Al)/Aminu(or Augustine)

    We’ll Move to number 2 in the east and finally be contenders.

    Okafor is 6’10 255, 10.4 pts, 9rebs, and 1.6 Blocks. Is that “serviceable” enough for you Mr. Hawk?

  4. Hawksfanman

    Oh I was wondering why what you were saying we have powell, thats good lets Make him back up and then sign Augustine incase of injury go hawks.

    4:Smith(or Al)/Powell/Augustine

  5. savannahga

    Lakes signe barnes and theo ratliff, Miami Better Step up tere not better than the lakers yet

  6. Hawksfanman

    Im done with this blg man, Sund’s not goin to isten to us we hd a shot at being the Leaugs Elite but were not going to make it if we say the same. Prediction Next years line up:
    And next year well be 3rd in southeast and 5th or 6th in Easern CON. Im not going to a single game next year

  7. Mr. Hawk

    Send Marvin Williams, Pachulia(one of my favorite)and Mike Bibby to the Hornets for Chris Paul.


    G- Paul
    G- Johnson
    F- Horford
    F- Smith
    C- O’Neal


    G- Teague (Crawford)R
    G- Crawford
    F- Powell
    F- Smith, Joe (Augustine)
    C- Okafor (Collins)

    Rick Sund, thats 4 potential All- Stars in the starting line up. Plus, sign Augustine. Collins- (Player coach)